Nick Berg Murder - Beheaded on Tape : Unanswered Questions

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I deplore this brutal act. It is just as bad as Iraqi prisoners being beaten to death.
My hearts go out to the Berg family and Nicks friends..

UPDATED ! >> NEW links added here. May 17, 2004.

Berg Files ............................................ARCHIVED FOR YOUR PROTECTION">"During his time in Iraq, he struggled with the Arabic language
and worked at night on a tower in Abu Ghraib,
a site of repeated attacks on U.S. convoys and the location
of the notorious prison where U.S. soldiers abused Iraqi inmates."


E-mail says Berg was in U.S. hands

FBI investigated man's contacts in Oklahoma

State has no records of Berg's firm

Beheaded on Tape : The words uttered by President Bush
are dripping with hypocrisy, however, coming as they do
from a president who has signed more execution warrants
as Governor of Texas than any other governor in recent history

Who is Abu Musab Zarqawi? - the beheading leads one to
believe that Abu Musab Zarqawi, a man wanted by Iraqi and
U.S. authorities for having ties with Al-Qaeda and considered
behind most attacks on civilians in Iraq

Alleged Statement Says Extremist Killed -
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the Sulaimaniya mountains
of northern Iraq "during the American bombing there," according
to a statement circulated in Fallujah this week and signed by the
"Leadership of the Allahu Akbar Mujahedeen."

Alex Jones Presents - Berg archive
LINKS AND INFO BOMBS !!">Is Zarqawi Really the Culprit?
Evidence tying an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist to the latest
Iraqi bombings is murkier than U.S. officials are letting on

FBI told police to hold Berg

Beheading Dominates Media Worldwide


Fishy Circumstances and Flawed Timelines
Surround American's Beheading -
U.S. spokesman says decapitated American
was never held by U.S. forces

Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead

NBC News : Bush administration had several chances to wipe out
Zarqawi terrorist operation and perhaps kill hims- but never pulled the trigger.

Details of Berg's detention remain murky

Pictures of beheading of Nick Berg in Iraq - Caution: Very Graphic Violence">VIDEO IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING.

Letters to What Really Happened reguarding Nick Berg



A throng of media surround Bruce Hauser, a neighbor and spokesperson for the Berg family
as he gives a statement in front of the Berg home in West Chester, Pa., Friday, May 14, 2004.
The decapitated body of Nicholas Berg, was found Saturday in Baghdad.
A private memorial service will be held for Berg today. (AP Photo/Douglas M. Bovitt)

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press

Berg Family Statements

Police thought beheaded man a spy

Berg's Father and Firm Were on a Right-Wing Enemies List

Octavia Nasr debunks Washington's Al-Zarqawi & Al Qaeda
claims in Berg Beheading Case

Diplomat's E-Mails Show Berg in Custody

Friend: Berg said he was in U.S. custody comments and story links

Berg 'never under US custody'">White House Grand Slam on the Nick Berg Murder
John Rappoport

Berg took risks around the world

Did Freepers Kill Nick Berg?">Bizarre New Link In Berg Murder
Decapitated American Linked To Al Qaeda

Operative Moussaou bizarre mystery with a connection to 9/11.

Nicholas Berg: A life of adventure

"CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon"--NBC reporter

body found on Monday by US military patrol along a roadside
over the weekend was
identified as Berg's."ALJAZEERA

Expert: Al-Zarqawi 'more important than bin Laden

The Merciless Killing of Nicholas Berg

FBI Interviewed Berg on Possible Moussaoui Link

US Gov't Disavows E-Mails About Berg's Detention">15 Anomalies Surrounding
Death Of Nick Berg

What Really Letters

Questions surround young American shown decapitated in video

U.S. spokesman says decapitated American was never held by U.S. forces

Was Berg in U.S. custody? Answers conflict

Berg linked passport stamp to arrest

Americans deny holding Berg despite claims by family; body returns home

Berg Had Koran, 'Anti-Semitic' Book

Beheading of Nicholas Berg: Unanswered Questions">The man who beheaded American captive Nicholas Berg was likely
al Qaeda associate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a
CIA official said Thursday." height="410" width="300">">Behind the Masks
Clues From Graphic Tape of Beheading Could Help Identify Killers

Death of Nick Berg: Bush-Cheney-Pentagon PsyOps?

Strange Audio picked on Berg video.

Berg Pictures contacts DFU over Free Republics's role in murder of Nick Berg

Collected stories on Nick Berg from Jeff">

Notice the white chair in the lower left corner. Now - look
at the chair Nicholas Berg is sitting in !! It's the same (edited) chair!!
The walls are the same yellow color and the baseboard
is the same color as Abu Ghraib prison." border="0">" border="0">

Sites of Interest:


Sen. Paul Wellstone Plane Crash Archive
10/25/2002 Anti-war Senator Paul Wellstone dies in plane crash .">Documents in National Archives Prove George W. Bush's
Grandfather Traded with Nazis - Even After Pearl Harbor

The Power

James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.


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Stories About Anthrax


Stories About Batelle Labs


Stories About Israeli Spies and Politics






more here


Photos: Memorial Weekend 2003

the Terror Threats, Military on our streets,

& Homeland Security.




SEE other sites that question the "official " 9/11 story.



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Four arrested over US man's beheading

I deplore this brutal act. It is just as bad as Iraqi prisoners being beaten to death.
My hearts go out to the Berg family and Nicks friends..

Berg Files ............................................ARCHIVED FOR YOUR PROTECTION

Nick Berg, who was in Baghdad from late December to Feb. 1, returned to Iraq in March.
He didn't find any work and planned again to return home on March 30, but his daily
communications home stopped on March 24. He later told his parents he was jailed
by Iraqi officials at a checkpoint in Mosul. "He was arrested and held without due process,"
his father, Michael Berg, told the Daily Local News of West Chester recently.
"By the time he got out the whole area was inflamed with violence. The FBI on March 31
interviewed Berg's parents in West Chester. Jerri Williams, a spokeswoman for the
Philadelphia FBI office, told The Philadelphia Inquirer the agency had been "asked to
interview the parents regarding Mr. Berg's purpose in Iraq." On April 5, the Bergs filed
suit in federal court in Philadelphia, contending that their son was being held illegally
by the U.S. military. The next day Berg was released." height="410" width="300">


UPDATED ! May 17, 2004.

-The grisly tape was released just hours after U.S. authorities confirmed that a
beheaded body found hanging from a bridge near coalition headquarters Saturday
was that of Berg...His severed head was left underneath the body, officials said.

Audio Discrepancies Suggest Berg Video Doctored

US Gov't Disavows E-Mails About Berg's Detention

Reference Compilation of Nicholas Berg Articles on PDX IMC

Hannity Defends Airing Berg Audio

Letters to What Really Happened

Why Is Nick Berg Wearing An Orange Prison Jump Suit?

Nick Berg: Profile is changing
More oddities about the "profile" of Berg.

Two More VERY Suspicious Berg Video Anomalies">From: "Mark Humphrey" <mark@y...>
Remembering Nick (was Why was Nick in Iraq?)
The tragic news about Nick Berg's murder hit very close to home, as I
had known him for about two years and we hired him for several
recent projects -- in fact, he installed an auxiliary antenna for WPLY in
February, just before heading back to Iraq. Perhaps I can shed some
light on this situation.( also includes a susposed email message from Nick
in early January)">
Berg met with Iraqi brother-in-law in Mosul" height="278" width="409">

Nick Berg Had Ties To Vermont


Deliberate Anomalies

Bush Says Zarqawi Killed Berg, Cites Saddam 'Ties'

The Beheading of a Torture Scandal

The Terrible and Strange Death of Nick Berg

Observation found on American Patriot Friends Network

Cover-up: Why Was Berg's (a civilian) Body Flown to Dover AFB?

Could N. Berg's execution be fake?

Man Beheaded by Militants Is Laid to Rest">Berg Video Uploaded
From London, Not Iraq


Nullifying Torturegate? The Case Nick Berg

APFN-Analysis by Doctor Raul Castro Guevara

Berg Video: "Someone with U.S. military cap seen in frame"

Nick Berg Video : detailed breakdown

Powell: Arab Response to Berg Insufficient

The Terrible and Strange Death of Nick Berg
The terrible death of Nick Berg in Iraq — beheaded in front of a video camera
— has taken place in such strange and suspicious circumstances that it raises
deeply troubling questions. Among them is whether American agencies had a
direct or indirect hand in the young man’s murder.

Americans deny holding Berg despite claims by family; body returns home

Berg Had Koran, 'Anti-Semitic' Book

E-mail from consul confirms Berg was in U.S. military hands

Behind the Masks: FBI, CIA Study Clues From Beheading Tape

Police thought beheaded man a spy;article=54893;title=APFN">NBC trying to keep lid on theory that Nuck Berg murder carried
out to take heat off of the Pentagon over torture scandal

...the CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon"--NBC
reporter stated tonight prime time news, continuing, "...a
story that will not die easily here in the Arab world".
NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, May 12th Thus said
the reporter from NBC News already "innoculating" the
public against this reasonable "conspiracy theory" being
promulgated by more questioning minds in both America
and overseas.

West Chester contractor missing in Iraq
Nick Berg was on his way out of Iraq. He had been released from the prison where he had been held for 13 days by Iraqi police for reasons he said he did not know. He had made his way from Mosul to his Baghdad hotel. He was finished with being an independent civilian contractor and was coming home to West Chester.

From the net -
We are supposed to believe that the reporter has
already found some of Nick's unnamed "associates" in
Baghdad to fill in with some biographical details.
Essentially Nick Berg was unusually reckless, a naive
risk taker. .

The Post also says that he started a company in West
Chester, PA called Prometheus Methods Tower Service.
A check of the business index "ReferenceUSA" reveals
no such company in Pennsylvania.
Washington Post, has a new article
about Nick:


Nick Berg Beheading Video and Death Conspiracy
Posted on February 21, 2009 by Vincit Omnia Veritas

Nick Berg Beheading Video and Death Conspiracy

Nick Berg Beheading Video is one of the most controversial death videos related to War in Iraq. Was Nicholas Evan Berg really beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi terrorists or was his death a conspiracy, a CIA insider job? The official story surrounding the beheading of Nick Berg has some serious holes, to say the least, but let’s not be premature and let’s take a look at his death from the beginning. If you can’t be assed to read, scroll all the way down to watch the video of Nick Berg’s decapitation.

Nick Berg Beheading video was allegedly the response to prisoner abuse of Iraqi captives at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.
Nick Berg Biography and Wiki

Nicholas Berg was an American freelance contractor from West Chester, Pa who was in Iraq looking for work in telecommunications. While he was in Mosul, he was detained by the Iraqi police who contacted US officials and let them know of his detention. FBI came to visit imprisoned Nick Berg three times to find out what the purpose of his stay in Iraq was.

The family of Nick Berg claims that Iraqi police returned him over to the US military who kept him detained for 13 days without access to legal counsel. The family filed lawsuit against US officials for illegally holding Nick Berg after which he was released from prison. US officials however claim that he has never been in their custody, only in custody of the Iraqi police.
Nick Berg Beheading Video

The beheading video of Nick Berg begins with the shot of Nick Berg sitting in a white plastic chair. He’s wearing orange overalls, the type prisoners in Guantanamo Bay wear. He mentions briefly that his name was Nick Berg, that he had a father named Michael, mother named Suzanne and that he was from Philadelphia. He also mentions his brother and sister – David and Sarah.

The video then continues with footage of Nick Berg sitting on the ground of an empty room with five masked men behind him. Masked men aka terrorists hold automatic weapons, the one in the middle reads a statement in Arabic language which addresses “satanic degradation” of prisoners in Abu Ghraib. This pre-execution reading takes the biggest chunk of the video.

The decapitation begins towards the end of video. One of the terrorists pulls out a large knife, forces Nick Berg on the side and begins with execution. There is an editing cut in the video right before the actual beheading begins. Right before knife starts cutting his head off. After the cut, a body in orange jail suit is seen lying on the floor and as the head is severed from the body. Video is of very low quality, very grainy with little detail.

The killing reportedly took place on May 8, 2004. The body of Nick Berg was found few days later near a highway overpass in Baghdad.
Nick Berg Conspiracy – Fake Video or Not?

Nick Berg beheading video was initially released on Islamic militant website under the title “Abu Musab al-Zarqawi shown slaughtering an American”. Shortly after, the conspiracy theories began to surface. CNN was first to question legitimacy of the video, saying that experts did not believe the voice in the video belongs to al-Zarqawi.

The more the video was analyzed, the more it was believed that his death was a hoax. The timing for a hoax could not be better – US military needed something to distract from scandalous news regarding Abu Ghraib torture of Iraqi prisoners of war, plus they needed an atrocity that would reignite hatred of average American towards Arabs. Truth be told, if you take a closer look at the video, it does seem rather fishy.
Nick Berg Hoax

First of all – Nick Berg barely moves. You would think he’d be nervous, realizing he’s just about to get executed. Eugene Armstrong was obviously nervous prior to his beheading and even during beheading, he struggled. Nick Berg doesn’t seem to display this type of behavior during his execution. To remain this bloody cold, one would have to be either extremely strong spiritually, heavily sedated, or already dead. Little movement given to the figure of Nick Berg is believed by many to be a digital manipulation, rather than natural movement of a sitting body.

Perhaps the biggest reason to believe the video is a hoax and beheading is fake, is the lack of blood. The video is purposefully of low quality, but when neck arteries are cut right through, there is crap loads of blood that leaks from the wound. This beheading video appears to have no blood flowing through Nick Berg’s neck and his body is not covered with blood after the decapitation.

It is also questionable why Nick Berg is wearing orange jumpsuit – exactly the type that is given to prisoners in US military prisons. Perhaps terrorists got a hold of it and used it to taunt the US some more with their own outfit. Or maybe he’s wearing it, because first part of the beheading video seems to contain footage that could have been filmed during interrogation while in US custody. That would explain why Nick Berg is seen unrestrained in this part of the video and appears calm, nothing like you would expect from a man who is about to be beheaded. It’s also worth mention, that when Nick berg states facts about himself in the beginning of the video, those few seconds of him still alive are composed of two shots, each at a different angle and if you notice the time stamp – they are 12 hours apart from each other. Would terrorists really invest all that time into video editing and recording his brief intro over 12 hours period? It just makes no sense. Could it be that this intro was put together from recordings of two individual interrogation sessions conducted by US military while Nick berg was in their custody?

The man in the video who is cutting the head off – official story has it that it’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – wears a gold ring. According to Islamic law, this is prohibited. Masked men in the video also appear chunkier than any underground militants who would have spent most of their time hiding since US invasion of Iraq would normally look. The hands of the terrorists are much paler than complexion of people from Middle East, making it looks as though those people were Caucasians, rather than locals. There are countless other reasons to believe that the video is fake and many websites all over the net have quite detailed analysis on it. We’re not gonna go this much into detail, but at one point towards the end of the video there is a man wearing a military cap who pokes his head into the video, the masked man appearing in the video on the right is wearing clean tennis shoes (Al Qaeda fighters would not wear that), the weapons masked men carry are Israeli Uzi rifles, walls in the video are same color as walls in Abu Ghraib prison, Nick Berg’s scream as he’s being beheaded is clearly dubbed in, guy who lifts up decapitated head of Nick Berg at the end of video is wearing white scarf and no vest – the only masked man out of five who was wearing white scarf is also wearing green vest during statement reading, and it just goes on and on like that…

It is believed by many, that none of the masked men in the video were Arabs. Nick Berg beheading is believed by many to be fake. But if Arabs did not behead Nick Berg, then who did? Well, one of conspiracy theories speculates that it was a CIA insider job. If Americans were presented with a video (albeit hoax) showing gruesome beheading of another American, it would certainly spark a new wave of hatred towards Muslims and that would be accompanied with new wave of support for waNick Berg Beheading Videor in Iraq. Could you think of a better way to counteract the international media pressure over Abu Ghraib, then by showing a high profile terrorist atrocity executed on an innocent civilian?

Nick Berg Beheading Video is below. Even though there is a good chance this video is fake, many could still find it disturbing. Just as all other content on Best Gore, exercise maximum caution and do not take the warning lightly.

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nick berg beheading
Nick berg
nick berg video
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beheading of nick berg
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nick berg beheading video
nick berg decapitation video


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