NIST FOIA Release Video Dump

Freedom of Information Act release on 911, release 10 WTCI-329-I-# 11

Published on Jan 31, 2015 NIST release 10 just as it is downloaded with no editing,no conversion. This is a high quality AVI file, this is the beginning of a major drop that begins with this video which is WTCI-329-I-#11. There are 27 video of this length in this release. I can't even begin to stress how important it is to download this history before it is completely unavailable to the masses. Hindsight is 20/20, do some critical thinking as you watch. If the quality is good there will be a continuous flow for a few days, there is no reason everyone shouldn't have this in their hands if only just for history's sake, and the Truth. I am on my second run through the release in a more thorough fashion, what I have discovered is that no one has it right, not even the truth movement who were fed misinformation right from the start. You will see as you watch there is sometimes no rhyme or reason for the way things are put together.

I am in the process of uploading release 10 from the 911 FOIA material to my you tube site. The CNN folder which is massive, is being done now.. The William Cirone video is the trailer on my site which if you have not seen, would floor you.I knew from day 1 this was a Lie and avoided the media entirely until the FOIA dump was released. Now watching it with hindsight the Lies are so obvious, you can hear them planting the official story before the buildings even exploded. There is video that was shown once, or never was aired on live TV that is also stunning. I am like a bulldog on this,quitting has never been an option. I feel the same fire I did  on September 12, 2001 when everyone around me began to change. If you watched the news coverage at the time of the event you were programmed with repetitive statements about accepting the loss of liberty for security, and pinning the whole thing on the evil Muslims led by the elusive Bin Laden. They sold this war on terror in the churches as a holy war, like we are Gods instrument. It took Iraq to really jump start the Truth movement which exploded with web sites and questionable videos. Nothing can replace intimate knowledge of what happened that day on the ground, or examining how they got this country to accept preemptive war, which is naked aggression. Pointing out the Lying media is very effective at getting people to understand they were hoodwinked. Most people are too proud to admit they are wrong about the smallest of things, this was huge. Never forget 911 means not letting them indoctrinate an entire generation with lies. We are all historians in our own right, each of is responsible for history.This recent history called 911 continues to be used as a pretext for every Unconstitutional act imaginable. Time to end the nonsense. Sooner or later we are All going to have to stand together publicly or they will pick us off separately like they are right now. What does it take anyway, another catastrophic event....which they have programmed everyone to expect, using the so called alternative news also. One thing we all have to face, we are at Ground Zero our selves. The Link provided will take you to the playlist on my site. Other 911 material is in another playlist on the site. Including my always insightful commentary.

Take care     FOIA 911 raw video


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Comment by Aka Anonymous on February 4, 2015 at 11:29pm

evil muslims, in time you will see a different truth, all though two wrongs do not make a right.


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