NYPD Manhattan Precincts 1-23 and Citywide 1-3 Live Scanner Audio Feed #occupywallst #ows


Pressure mounts to kill #NYPD Scanner Feed


Girl manhandled - cops pulling girl by her hair. People starting yelling that it was police brutality

#policescanner #OWS " #n17

'Occupy Wall Street' Protest Watch Live Stream + IRC Chat


#Info: New York City Police Department (#NYPD) Radio Signal Codes #OccupyWallStreet #TakeWallStreet

Common Codes:


   10-1    Call Your Command
   10-2    Return To Your Command
   10-3    Call Dispatcher By Telephone
   10-4    Acknowledgment
   10-5    Repeat Message  
   10-6    Standby
   10-7    Verify Address
   10-10   Possible Crime (prowler, suspicious person/vehicle, shots fired, etc.)
   10-11   Alarm (specify type)
   10-12   Police Officer/Security Holding Suspect
   10-13   Assist Police Officer
   10-14   License Plate Check - Occupied & Suspicious - Verify If Stolen
   10-15   License Plate Check - Verify If Is Stolen - Occupied or Not
   10-16   Vehicle is Reported Stolen
   10-17   Vehicle is Not Reported Stolen
   10-18   Warrant Check Shows An Active Warrant
   10-19   Warrant Check Negative
   Past /In progress       Crime:
   10-20/10-30             Robbery
   10-21/10-31             Burglary
   10-22/10-32             Larceny (specify: auto, from person, other)
        /10-33             Explosive Device or Threat
   10-24/10-34             Assault (specify)
   10-25/10-35             Child Abuse
   10-29/10-39             Other Crime (specify)
   10-44   Suspicious Substance Reported (Bio/Chem/etc.)
[L-Letter, P-Package, S-Substance]
   Non Crime Incidents:
   10-50   Disorderly Person/Group or Noise
   10-51   Roving band (specify direction of travel & number in group)
   10-52   Dispute (specify)
   10-53   Vehicle Accident 
H-Hit by Auto,
P-Property only,
X-Person Pinned
   10-54   Ambulance Case
D4-Person in Water,
H-Heavy Bleeder,
L-Severed Limb,
      Any Can Use:(1=Inside, 2=Outside,
6=Family, 7=Child Abuse, 9=Transit)]
   10-55   Ambulance Case No RMP required
   10-56   Verify if Ambulance Needed
   10-56 O Outstretched Person (used in transit condition needing verification)
   10-57   2nd Call for Ambulance - verify
   10-58   Assist Ambulance (specify type of assist)
   10-59   Alarm of Fire (specify type)
   10-60 H Research (disabled vehicle)
   10-60 I Broadcast (chase/pursuit)
   Administrative Codes:
   10-61   Precinct Assignment/Not Available (give condition and location)
   10-62   Out of Service - Mechanical (give condition and location)
   10-63   Out of Service - Meal
   10-64   Quality of Life Incident  [A-Animal,
B-Blocking Driveway,
I-Hazardous Location
K-Lewd Acts,
M-Posting Advertisements,
Q-Foul Odor,
   Other Conditions:
   10-65   Utility Trouble (specify nature and if ESU responding or not)
   10-66   Unusual Incident (train derailment/collision,
plane crash, building collapse)
   10-67   Traffic/Parking Condition (specify)
   10-68   See Complainant re: (specify)
   10-69   Other Non-Crime Incident (specify)
   10-69 N Narcotics - refer to PDU
   10-69 S Refer to out of city agency (specify)
   10-75 C Community Visit
   10-75 D Directed Patrol
   10-75 F Family/Home Visit for Domestic Violence Officers
   10-75 P Park, Walk, Talk
   10-75 V Vertical Patrol
   10-75 W Warrant Check (on another channel)
   Assignment Status (interim):
   10-80   Cancel (specify unneeded service)
   10-82   Verificaton/Arrest (give number detained)
   10-83   Report/Notification at Station House
   10-84   Arrived at Scene
   10-85   Need Additional Unit (specify type & reason)
   10-86   Female In/Female Out of Vehicle (indicate time)
   10-87   Unit to Hospital (specify hospital)
   10-88   Vehicle Pursuit as a result of another assignment
   10-89   Other Interim Status (specify)
   Final Dispositions:
   10-90 F1 Domestic Incident Report (no offense of domestic violence is alleged)
         F2 Domestic Incident Report (unfounded report of domestic violence)
         J1 Domestic Incident Report (no offense of child abuse is alleged)
         J2 Domestic Incident Report (offense of reported child abuse is unfounded)
          N Unfounded or Unnecessary Alarm
   N3 Unfounded or Unnecessary Alarm/Deferred Service
          U Unable to gain entrance
   V2 Unsuccesful Home Visit
          X Unfounded
          Y Unnecessary
          Z Gone on arrival
   10-91  Non-crime corrected
   V Successful Home Visit
   10-92  Arrest
          C Crime Arrest (felony/misdemeanor, include number arrested)
          F Family Offense Arrest Made
          J Child Abuse Arrest Affected
          Q Other Arrest (specify type)
   10-93  C Complaint Report prepared for a crime
          F Complaint Report/Domestic Incident (for Family Offense)
          J Complaint Report/Domestic Incident (for Child Abuse)
          Q Other report prepared (no arrest)
   10-94  Handled by previous tour
   10-95  Non-crime referred by another agency (specify)
   10-96  Summons served
   10-97  H Patient removed to hospital
          R Patient refused medical aide
         E1 EDP admitted to hospital
         E2 EDP released from hospital
   10-98  Resuming patrol/available (not acceptable from final unit on scene)
   10-99  Other final disposition (must include remarks)
         T4 Vehicle Accident - no tow truck required
         T5 Vehicle Accident - DARP tow required
         T6 Vehicle Accident - other tow service
         T7 Vehicle Accident - DARP and other tow service
         T8 Vehicle Accident - authorized tow service
   T9 Vehicle Accident - DARP requested
   Level One    Responding Borough Task Force
   Level Two    Task Force - City Wide
   Level Three  Local Borough Precinct Personnel
   Level Four   Precinct Personnel - City Wide

taken from http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?feedId=8905


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