The Conspiracy - Registered 5/12 : Adam arrested 5/18

5/12/13: registered 5/18/13: Adam arrested in Philly on Saturday 5/19/13: Day one protest at Fed detention center 5/20/13: Court hearing on Monday But his arrest was unplanned and not a pr stunt for DC. Mkay. Whoops.
5/12/13: registered
5/18/13: Adam arrested in Philly on Saturday


My first thought of course, would the feds be this dumb, to register in advance?


I clicked the whois, saw name was private, proceded to the site and immediately found the contact name via twitter.

Messages via twitter


TO IanCioffi : conspiracy theorist want to know how you registered your free adam site before he was arrested. thanks


TO 12160mhz : purchased it for when I thought he'd be arrested on July 4th. Did not know he was getting kidnapped on Saturday

Searched for info on Ian Cioffi, and found numerous liberty group postings and connections to Adam Kokesh:


Also found he owned a chat site I have visited over last  years via dailypaul.

My Conclusion:  This is a Coincidence, perpetrated by a keen and web savvy web activist and / or entrepreneurial  opportunist.

This is the official legal fund and site!

official legal fund has been set up by Adam's team, friends, & public relations agent Shield Mutual. The funds will be put towards a lawyer, with the goal being to raise 5k. Please donate if you can, and if not help spread the word.

Research time consumed, 5 mins.



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Comment by Curtis on May 28, 2013 at 7:13pm

Laser FUK talking shit posting no counter facts AND only talking shit to me when  there are numerous who agree with me MAKES him a troll and a BOITCH. 

Comment by truth on May 28, 2013 at 3:37pm


just because one has a contrary view, does not, should not make them a troll. 12160 members strive for open discussion and takes no sides. We the members report, you decide

Comment by Burbia on May 28, 2013 at 12:38pm
This is a link of Charles Kokesh as reported by Bloomberg...
Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 28, 2013 at 10:50am

Thank you truth hurts.  I appreciate it.  I put it up on the blog with the first 2, so all I have to do is add the part about helping Obama.  that one should seal it.  I just don't know if he is on payroll or if this is related to saving his father.  I guess time will tell. 

Comment by Curtis on May 28, 2013 at 2:22am

Another New Mexican newspaper article.

Santa Fe venture capitalist Charles Kokesh's financial empire continues to founder while his son, Adam Kokesh, looks to run for the U.S. House of Representatives.

So far this year, two foreclosure lawsuits have been filed on the senior Kokesh's horse park and private residence, another lender has tried to repossess his motor home, and a credit card company is demanding payments from his wife.

But Kokesh maintains some of those cases are in error, that he is doing well financially after selling his South Dakota arms-manufacturing firm, and looks forward to settling all claims against him.

In a telephone interview Friday, Kokesh said he believes previous stories about his financial troubles are part of a "vendetta" against him by a New Mexican reporter.

"You like to emphasize the negative?" he asked. "You could put a much more positive spin on it: Local venture capitalist succeeds in selling one of the remaining portfolio companies, is flush with cash, does not see a problem working through any of the issues."

Last week, the city of Santa Fe brought a lawsuit against Kokesh, demanding he pay $100,391 owed for sewage effluent to irrigate the fields of the Santa Fe Horse Park.

Kokesh maintains the city complaint omits the "offset" of water he let the city use from the Hagerman Well, which the park owns with Santa Fe County, to irrigate its recreational fields during the drought a few years ago.

"I think they've made a serious mistake," he said. "We've tried resolution in a number of ways."

Only last month, Kokesh said, state District Judge Daniel Sanchez declared valid water rights for the well that the Santa Fe Horse Park and the county acquired from Public Service Company of New Mexico — a transfer the city had opposed before the state engineer.

So far, Charles and Marla Kokesh have been able to stave off Thornburg Mortgage's effort to foreclose on their Camino Corrales home to satisfy a debt of about $4.3 million.

A foreclosure sale for the house, valued for taxes at about $2.2 million, was originally scheduled in front of the Judge Steve Herrera Judicial Complex on April 28 but was postponed until Tuesday. Last week, it was postponed again until 12:15 p.m. Aug. 4.

Kokesh said the postponements are because he is trying to renegotiate his mortgage with Thornburg, which filed for bankruptcy in March.

In March, GEMB Lending filed a complaint seeking to take possession of Kokesh's 1996 custom motor home, valued at $180,000, to satisfy a debt for $227,418. Kokesh said he stopped payments on the motor home because he is not satisfied with its quality and wants to return it.

In June, Citibank sued Marla Kokesh for what it said was an unpaid $9,054 debt. Charles Kokesh said he is unaware of that lawsuit, but believes it may be connected to "a massive embezzlement and credit card fraud involving a former employee" in 2007.

Also still unresolved is the first foreclosure lawsuit brought against Kokesh's Santa Fe Horse Park in February by Los Alamos National Bank for default on a $2.25 million mortgage. That case is set for trial early next year.

Like all of the local lawsuits, Kokesh said he hopes to resolve this and to retain his ownership of the park, which he purchased a decade ago. He said the park is still in business and there are seven other owners, whom he declined to identify.

 Kokesh said his financial situation has improved since selling Dakota Arms in Sturgis, S.D., to Remington recently. Dakota Arms, which Kokesh had been running, makes sporting arms for big game as well as sniper and counter-sniper weapons for the military and government agencies. He said he also is close to selling other companies in his portfolio

Comment by Curtis on May 28, 2013 at 2:14am

In October 2008, Adam Kokesh’s father, Charles Kokesh, was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with misappropriating $45 million dollars from 21,000 investors in four business development companies (BDCs) through “a variety of schemes and contrivances.”

The SEC complaint alleged that the elder Kokesh controlled two now-defunct investment advisory firms from 1995 through July 2007, which in turn controlled and provided investment advice to his BDC’s. (BDCs are similar to venture capital funds that allow investors to invest in startups and other companies.) The complaint alleges that:

# Acting by and through the Advisers, Kokesh misappropriated approximately $45 million of investor funds by causing the BDCs to pay illegal distributions, performance fees, and expense reimbursements to the Advisers.
# To conceal the scheme, Kokesh caused the Advisers to distribute misleading proxy statements to BDC investors and to file false Commission reports on behalf of the BDCs.

Comment by Curtis on May 28, 2013 at 2:09am

Kokesh's father is in deep shit with the SEC for a $45 million law suit.

The more I see how this guy has acted over the course of the last few years, the more I believe that Kokesh is a COINTELPRO shill trying to get his father out of trouble.

In October 2008, Adam Kokesh’s father, Charles Kokesh, was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with misappropriating $45 million dollars from 21,000 investors in four business development companies.

Comment by Truth Hurts on May 27, 2013 at 3:55pm

Kokesh 'Organizing for Action' FB Posting!

The proof of his web site is at the top of this page (hit the (home key)

5/12/13: registered 5/18/13: Adam arrested in Philly on Saturday 5/19/13: Day one protest at Fed detention center 5/20/13: Court hearing on Monday But his arrest was unplanned and not a pr stunt for DC. Mkay. Whoops. <a href=" height="398" width="318" />

Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 27, 2013 at 3:43pm

Truth hurts, I found the info on the father and its verifiable.... so all I need now is the proof of the date of his website set up and his strange "organizing for Action' FB Posting.  If you can give  me those, i would appreciate it.  Thanks.

Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 27, 2013 at 3:10pm

Truth hurts do you have links to those last three ?  since we don't have the fathers name, we can't access it th rough google, even if they let us.  Which is unlikely.   Same with the 2. and 3.   I need it.  thanks.   i love the way exposure is happening in almost real time where it can make a difference.   They had been trying every way possible to get us to come out violently and in mass so they could declare martial law and we did not do it, so now they are trying to set a bogus one up.  I want to get this out as soon as possible, so please respond, or email me the info, but I think everyone on here would like it as well.  I can't go forward without it.  Thanks again.

Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 27, 2013 at 3:00pm

OH, thank you and bless you "Truth Hurts" for finding the truth and sharing it.  Now we get to see if the posters ragging on us who thought something wasn't right, are trolls for the other side or truly fooled by the "By deception, we will conduct war" crowd. 

Comment by Truth Hurts on May 27, 2013 at 2:51pm

This is all for show. His father is a multi millionaire venture capitalist ( and race track owner) who was charged by the SEC in a $45 mill law suit.  This is something Adam has never mentioned, ever.

If you research the time line, you'll see that Adam entered the scene right about the time the Feds were wrapping up their case against his father. I can find no resolution to the case after almost 5 years.

And, of course, the more recent revelation that Kokesh has now implicated himself as being associated with Obama's 'Organizing for Action' via his weird "now you see it, now you don't", FB post. Some say it was a joke, but Kokesh never explained why it was on his page. He never said it was a joke. He never said that it was hacked.

I always thought he was a "loose cannon". But I now realize he's COINTELPRO. So was that Dip Shit who was bull horning the fed prison in Philly.

BTW, where does he get the money to travel all over the place to make it to all sorts of "Patriot/Libertarian" events. He's obviously spending a lot time in the gym and doing all sorts of drugs Steroids too).

He's a Poster Child for dangerous behavior. Hallucinogenic drugs and guns. Can you think of anything that would scare people more?  He's looking to make 2nd amendment advocates look as dangerous as possible.

To anyone who thinks all this

  1. The fathers SEC case
  2. the freeadam early web site setup
  3. His strange 'Organizing for Action' FB posting

is coincidence: "I have a bridge to sell you".

Comment by Cryptocurrency on May 27, 2013 at 1:13pm

Ohh nah ya diint! Cant help it I slurrs meh speech boy! Lissen wipper-sssnapper. I bin roun fir too long fir u tillen me son. Jokes aside, I hear you mo fo. Ya punkass. It's all good though man just puff and be high peace and love bullsht. Hahahahaha I'm crazy man, no really, I'm straight up insane like a churcher boy.

Hey man, I'm double kidding. Trust me strange internet person, I'm paying attention more than most people and I'm smarter than most special ed kids. I've seen videos of our own military doin things just as horrible. I've seen it all really, to be cliche and boring. But it's true.  I know all about NATO, Israeli use of civilians as human shields, I've written articles on it. Unfortunately for myself and the rest of you, I am now completely insane and have lost my mind and now you have to put up with me till James our lord and savior god almighty stalker collaborator bans me.

Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 27, 2013 at 12:57pm

Well, Krypto, you are not paying attention.   Our Western military, (includes NATO) infiltrated by the dual Zionist satanic  citizens have fully trained our military into looking and acting exactly like the IDF or Israeli military taking on unarmed kids in Palestine.   Don't believe me????  Here check it out  and you think this will be some kind of cake walk?   LOL  You can use all the slurs you want and it won't make any difference to anyone who has a brain and can "think" and see.   We know exactly what will happen given time and again,  the false flags we have been experiencing at their hands.   Even our military has said that Mossad and Israel are a direct threat to our Constitutional republic and that is why these military heads were cleaned out and purged from the Pentagon.  Now there is no one to act like real Americans in our military.  Our people would never have brutalized those teens.  They would have over powered them and arrested them and hauled them into jail.

You need to catch up on what is going on right in front of your face.

Comment by Citizen Quasar on May 27, 2013 at 12:56pm

It is a scam to send money for Adam Kokesh's legal defense. This money will just be paid to some slick shyster attorney who will charge thousands of dollars for filing one or two pieces of paper and some motions and then likely lose the case and charge thousands more for the appeal.

Instead, for a couple or three hundred bucks, Adam Kokesh could buy a copy of Jurisdictionary, spend as many hours in a law library as he was in jail, and do it himself for less than $500. Surely a man as capable and outspoken as Adam Kokesh can do this himself.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on May 27, 2013 at 11:58am

Wan merr thang yuh girlymen jooo haters!

Comment by Cryptocurrency on May 27, 2013 at 11:53am

Oh and for the smart ass that's like, "But Krypto, he wasn't smoking weed so how yuh splain dat mr smertie pants uh hutt!" Easy. He was the organizer and the POLITICAL target. Another no brainer.

I'm going to be living in the moment over here, in this place called reality, when the rest of you decide to join me. See you soon?

Comment by Cryptocurrency on May 27, 2013 at 11:49am

I say march. March right into the capitol buildings nation wide and kick all their asses out. Make sure you bring pink slips to pass out.

There's no conspiracy here. Only fear and paranoia. Enough is enough. MARCH damn it. And stop actin like a bunch of damn sissies n git errr dun!

I'm sure the Kokesh page was created ahead of time anticipating he would get arrested. People act as if it's some BIG surprise he got arrested. They were smoking weed on government property. Of course HE got arrested and so did a lot of other people.

Kind of a no brainer guys.

Comment by Chuck Davis on May 27, 2013 at 7:40am

There is no conspiracy here.              

A. Adam is leading an armed march on Washington D.C. on July 4th.                    

B. Adam knew he was gonna be on Federal property in Philly.                                   

He was ready ahead of time,just in case. that's all there is to it.

Comment by Curtis on May 27, 2013 at 12:47am

arresting him is a confidence scheme/scam. look past his code pink 2.0 tactics 

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