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Prepare, Don’t Despair! - sponsored blog


Prepare, Don’t Despair!


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Live Streaming Eagle Cams

Decorah Eagles

Welcome to World to all THREE Decorah Eaglets! 

D23 arrived at 9:43 AM CDT 4/2/2015. See the actual hatch up close. 

D22 arrived at 8:16 AM CDT 3/29/15. See our first peek..

D21 arrived at 6:52 PM CDT 3/27/15. See this video with our first…


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Enhanced Driver’s Licenses can be Scanned by up to 30 Feet

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses can be Scanned by up to 30 Feet

 HotBedInfo, 11/08/2011

An episode on Global TV aired Sunday, January 25, 2011 about the dangers of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)…


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Alex Jones - I can feel the freedom!

An oldie but a real goodie.

Alex Jones preachin' my soul right here!

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Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson is scheming to "Fix the Debt,"

but if he wins, we lose.

George Soros! Pete Peterson is "the most influential billionaire in America," says the LA Times.



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Judge Rejects Strauss-Kahn's Claim of Diplomatic Immunity - Maid's lawsuit can go forward

Dominique Strauss-Kahn outside a polling station in Sarcelles, France 22 April 2012 Criminal charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn were dropped in August

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Four valuable "second" passports that almost any American can get


The idea of international diversification is a simple one – if you live, work, hold investments, own property, structure your business, store gold, etc. in the same country as your citizenship, then you truly have all of your eggs in one very fragile basket.

If just one little thing goes wrong, whether it's a court case, divorce settlement, political instability, government agency "administrative error," or some noxious bureaucrat who's out to get you, all of those…


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Homeland Security to Hold Secret Meeting on Domestic “Extremist” Threats

Kurt Nimmo

December 28, 2011

The Federal Register published a notice of December 28 providing a brief overview on a behind closed doors Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) meeting to be held at TSA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, on January 9, 2012.

The HSAC was created by executive order on March 19,…


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Ian R Crane...THE SHIFT..Portsmouth/Waterlooville

Saturday, November-19th-2011, 7:30pm-10pm

Former oilfield…


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Victims of improper foreclosure practices can submit claims

Victims of improper foreclosure practices can submit claims

Fourteen mortgage servicers have begun mailing out 4.3 million letters to potential victims of robo-signing. The letters will invite borrowers to submit their cases for a free review by independent consultants.


Aggrieved homeowners ensnared by a foreclosure system riddled with misconduct and error are set to get their first shot at winning some cash back from the banks.

Under orders from federal…


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Bill O'Reilly: Only Barack Obama more powerful than me

“I have more power than anybody other than the president, in the sense that I can get things changed, quickly,” he told Newsweek for a profile out this week.

The Newsweek story paints the picture of a successful - if self-satisfied - television host whose ratings…


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Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

>>>>> MARKLAR: Holy crap, now THAT's funny.This should be posted six times on every web site. Radio telescopes should be beaming this into space to make first contact. Satellites should be beaming it directly into the brains of government mind control subjects. New cities and a new religion should be built around it. Also, best dance moves…

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Executive Order 13375, Anyone violating a quarantine order can be punished by a $250,000 fine and a one-year prison term.

From Columbia Broadcasting

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has sent a memo to some health care providers noting procedures to be followed if the swine flu outbreak eventually makes quarantines necessary.

DHS Assistant Secretary Bridger McGaw circulated the swine flu memo, which was obtained by, on Monday night. It says: "The Department of Justice has… Continue

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Meet the Careful Gambler,I will be posting his articles here from now on but you can find his page at TLS anytime.

The Careful Gambler

February 14, 2009

An Anniversary Celebration!

Scene of death from Chicago St. Valentine's Day massacre 80 years ago today

Our beloved and popular President Bush declared several times during his two term presidency that “justice shall be served”. And with respect to the eventual fate of Saddam Hussein and his band of fascist…


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