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3 Ebooks on Freemasons and their RELIGION !

I went to my local library yesterday to see if I could find some literature on Freemasonry. I found "The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge : A Christian Perspective by John Ankerberg and John Weldon. I tried finding the ebook today to post here but didn't find it yet. I am half way through the book and have found it to be an amazing composition, using quotes straight from the horse's mouth so to say. I did, however, find these 3 free ebooks…


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Oh Canada - Our Bought and Sold Out Land ( Parts 1-12 )

Oh Canada - Our Bought and Sold Out Land ( Parts 1-12 )


While listening to some of these financial geniuses from various government parties and eras, keep in mind these people are supposed to be so knowledgable as to be worthy of leeding us all to financial independance and freedom. Remember, for instance, that Mason Paul Martin was not only a…


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PDF from the Minerals Management Service from 2005

8,956 BILLION CUBIC FEET OF GAS etimated to be in Mississippi Canyon Block 252!!!!!!!!!!!!



I just found this PDF from the Minerals Management Service from 2005 which estimates the size of the reserve into which the Deepwater Horizon was drilling:


3,528 million barrels of oil (at 60 degrees F)

8,956 billion cubic feet of gas (at 60 derees F and 15.025 psia)





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Top US Spy Chief Quits After Obama Orders 2 Americans Assassinated (Part 1)

But first, I , luggnutz, must tell you this. I received this email on Sunday May 23 2010. The picture of the boy on the ground caught my eye. I had just seen this picture. This is the email.

Subject: 2 American officers killed by Mexican Drug Cartels in Middle America

Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 19:02:20 -0400

Obama has been encouraging Mexicans…

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Canada Government Bureaucrats Scan Net To Chastise-Misinform !

Tell me they are not getting bold about this!

The next time you post an opinion in an online forum or a Facebook group message board, don't be surprised if you get a rebuttal from a federal employee.

The government is looking for ways to monitor online chatter about political issues and correct what it perceives as misinformation.

The move started recently with a pilot project on the East Coast seal hunt. A Toronto-based company called Social…


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Green totalitarianism

No One Has to Die Tomorrow

By Melanie Phillips


Lord Lawson was right to call in today’s Times for an inquiry into the global warming scandal. As noted below, through a set of hacked emails a group of some of the most influential scientific proponents of anthropogenic global warming have been revealed to have been… Continue

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