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Could Iceland be a model for debt-ridden Europe? Iceland effectively said "stuff you" to the banks' creditors

Nearly three years after the Icelandic economy imploded, the country appears to be recovering, and some believe its approach may offer a possible solution to Europe's debt problems.


Iceland does not seem like a country in the grip of a crisis.


On my first day the sun was shining brightly and out in Reykjavik's main shopping area the shops and boutiques, the cafes and restaurants were busy. Indeed, Reykjavik seemed pretty much like any other…


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[PDF] Read the Infowarrior Manual Today!- Posted by Krypke

Read the Infowarrior Manual Today!

Everything you need to wake up the sleeping giant of liberty world wide! It is all right here!…


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Military Contractors Funded #NDAA Detention Bill

Military Contractors Funded Detention Bill


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I Talked With an Algerian Last Night About #NDAA, He Said Expect People to Start Disappearing

By Ralph Lopez

I recently engaged in a friendly but rather unsettling conversation with a man from Algeria who became visibly upset when I told him about NDAA, the new law allowing indefinite military detention of US citizens without charge or trial. He said he had come here to get away from that sort of thing, which had happened in his country and was fresh in his mind. His description of what happened in Algeria during its equivalent of Argentina's "Dirty War"…


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Ron Paul Salutes Veterans, Says He Plans to Bring the Troops Home

Ron Paul told a room full of veterans Wednesday night that he plans to drastically cut overseas spending.

“It would mean that we would bring the troops home,” Paul slowly said, smiling as he touted the economic benefit during a salute to veterans rally in Des Moines, Iowa.

Earlier in the day, Paul again questioned…


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DHS Creates Accounts Solely to Monitor Social Networks

If your a fed on 12160, please notify your admin :)

DHS Creates Accounts Solely to Monitor Social Networks

An online privacy group is suing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security accusing it of not releasing records from the agency's covert surveillance of Facebook, Twitter and other social media…


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Happy B-Day 12160

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MoveYourDomain Day - Dec 29, 2011 - Exercise your right and unite against SOPA!



MoveYourDomain Day

Exercise your right and unite against SOPA!


SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a proposed bill that would allow…


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Ron Paul: Town crier for radical ideas now taken seriously

Ron Paul

Born:1935, in Pittsburgh

Family:Married, five children

Education:B.A., GettysburgCollege, M.D., Duke University

Early career: Physician, U.S. Air Force, 1963-68; obstetrician…


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16 yr old girl from Iowa charged as terrorist


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CIA's watchdog: No problem with NYPD partnership



WASHINGTON (AP) – The CIA said Friday its internal watchdog found nothing wrong with the spy agency's close partnership with the New York Police Department.




An internal CIA investigation found nothing improper with the agency's partnership with police…


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Exclusive: Military to Designate U.S. Citizens as Enemy During Collapse

FEMA Continuity of Government Plans Prep Total Takeover of Society, Dispatching Military Domestically Under Economic Collapse Emergency

Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones

December 21, 2011



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“President Obama Just Stated That He Can Have ANY American Citizen Killed!” Jonathon Turley . Constitutional law expert on CSPAN

Keep part of video 14mins in

Jonathan Turley talked about his recent Washington Post piece looking at the issues of surveillance and privacy and U.S. citizens' loss of privacy protections. He responded to telephone calls and electronic…


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Boehner’s office cuts off C-SPAN cameras as GOP takes verbal beating

A Republican officer abruptly adjourns the House of Representatives. Image: Screenshot via C-SPAN.

A strange thing happened Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill.

As Rep. Stenny Hoyer…


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“China Will Not Hesitate To Protect Iran With A Third World War”

UPDATE: December 1, 2011; 10:00AM

Amid the tensions in Iran and the destruction of a second nuclear facility (which is detailed in the original story below), we find it necessary to present our readers with an update made available via The Daily Crux and Zero Hedge, in which Major General Zhang…


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Vegas police: Officer fired 7 shots into unarmed Gulf War veteran's car

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Las Vegas police had a plan to end an hour-long standoff with an unarmed Gulf War veteran: One officer would fire a non-lethal beanbag shell at the window of the man's Cadillac, and another officer would follow-up with pepper spray to force the man from the car.


But that plan went awry when another officer fired a military-style assault rifle into the car, killing 43-year-old…


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Iowa GOP worried by hacker threat to caucus vote


IOWA CITY, Iowa – With two weeks remaining before Iowa kicks off the 2012 campaign with its first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses, the state Republican Party is taking steps to secure its electronic vote collection system after receiving a mysterious threat to its computers.

A video claiming to be from a collective of computer hackers has jolted party officials with a worst-case scenario: an Iowa caucus marred by…


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Who Is Jen or why do you think she was banned here?

There seems to be many conspiracy theories going on involving the departure and banning of a former 12160 admin.

The simplest of facts is that this person has unauthorized  access to 3000+ of our members' names and email addresses she took with her . We do not know who or what is going on with that list or whom else may have access to it. She used this list to start another network, with our members as her only source for recruitment.

With this list many…


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Reflections and Warnings - An Interview with Aaron Russo -new Alex Jones Movie

12.160 MHz SOCIAL NETWORK - Resisting the New World Order

Join this network

In a historic final interview, filmmaker and music promoter Aaron Russo goes in depth on the insider-knowledge given to him by a member of the Rockefeller…


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