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In a Coup in Honduras, Ghosts of Past U.S. Policies


Published: June 29, 2009

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Monday strongly condemned the ouster of Honduras’s president as an illegal coup that set a “terrible precedent” for the region, as the country’s new government defied international calls to return the toppled president to power and clashed with thousands of protesters.

“We do not want to go back to a dark past,” Mr. Obama said, in which military coups override elections. “We always want… Continue

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Nation Ready To Be Lied To About Economy Again

This is just a little comedy relief in the midst of all the craziness!


WASHINGTON—After nearly four months of frank, honest, and open dialogue about the failing economy, a weary U.S. populace announced this week that it is once again ready to be lied to about the current state of the financial system.

Tired of hearing the grim truth about their economic future, Americans demanded that the bald-faced lies resume immediately, particularly… Continue

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Some Speech Is More Free Than Others


Published: June 28, 2009

It is presumably an accident of timing, but in the documentary “Shouting Fire,” boy, do the scenes of protesters being arrested during the 2004 Republican convention in New York call to mind recent images coming out of Iran.

That will only add to the film’s leftward lean, at least in the eyes of any conservative types who happen to tune in, making them more inclined to dismiss it. Too bad, because the film, Monday on HBO, explores… Continue

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The Divinity of Organized Labor...

Wow, I'm thinking that we're definitely living in an episode of the twilight zone! I'm not a religious person but me thinks that they have created a New World Religion, you think?



The Divinity of Organized… Continue

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Ahmadinejad calls Obama meddler, likens him to Bush

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday called the U.S. president inexperienced, compared him unfavorably to President George W. Bush and suggested he apologize for "interfering in Iran's affairs."


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashed out at President Obama on… Continue

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A Beautiful Poem about Freedom by Khalil Gibran



Khalil Gibran

And an orator said, "Speak to us of Freedom."

And he answered:

At the city gate and by your fireside I have seen you prostrate yourself and worship your own freedom,

Even as slaves humble themselves before a tyrant and praise him though he slays them.

Ay, in the grove of the temple and in the shadow of the citadel I have seen the freest among you wear their freedom as a yoke and a… Continue

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FTC plans to monitor blogs for claims, payments

Deborah Yao

Associated Press — 6/22/2009 10:11 am

Savvy consumers often go online for independent consumer reviews of products and services, scouring through comments from everyday Joes and Janes to help them find a gem or shun a lemon.

What some fail to realize, though, is that such reviews can be tainted: Many bloggers have accepted perks such as free laptops, trips to Europe, $500 gift cards or even thousands of dollars for a 200-word post. Bloggers vary in how… Continue

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KFC No Longer Permitted To Use Word 'Eat' In Advertisements

This is too funny! Kernel Sanders must be rolling in his grave right now.


WASHINGTON—Issuing a condemnation of Kentucky Fried Chicken's recent Boneless Variety Bucket commercials, the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday fined the fast food giant $600,000 and ordered it to discontinue all broadcasts containing "false and misleading suggestions" that its heated chicken products are… Continue

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Does Congress have guts to investigate 'Walpingate'?

Posted: June 22, 2009

9:09 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Former AmeriCorps watchdog Gerald Walpin is only the first – yet still the most controversial – of three inspectors general to leave their posts prematurely since President Obama took office, and now he's asking for a congressional hearing into his suspicious firing by the White House.

As WND has reported, inspectors general are supposed to be protected from political… Continue

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Climate change bill's effect on Midwest debated

Some see states suffering, others see economic benefit

By Diana Marrero of the Journal Sentinel

Posted: Jun. 21, 2009

Washington - As members of Congress debate a measure aimed at slowing the effects of global warming, Midwestern lawmakers, manufacturers and farmers are warning that the legislation could be costly to the heartland at a time when families and businesses are already struggling financially.

States in the Midwest, including Wisconsin, get much… Continue

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Wanted: College-Aged Spies

Is there any intelligence on our nation's campuses? The White House hopes so—according to the Washington Post, the Obama administration is looking to recruit spies in colleges and universities around the country by creating a training program for future intelligence officers. The program, a sort of ROTC for spies, seeks first and second-generation Americans with valuable language skills and will provide participants with tuition assistance and paid summer internships at intelligence agencies.… Continue

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EU agrees Irish treaty compromise

EU leaders have agreed a deal they hope will secure the Lisbon Treaty a "Yes" vote in a second Irish referendum.

Ireland won legally-binding assurances that Lisbon would not affect Irish policies on military neutrality, taxes and abortion, diplomats said.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said leaders had agreed to Irish demands that the guarantees would be given the status of a treaty "protocol".

But he stressed it would not affect the other 26 member… Continue

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Clones of 9/11 hero dog unveiled in Los Angeles

This is just too spooky, they talk about this as if it is the norm now. Talk about messing with the natural order of things! It reminds me of the movie Pet Cemetary or something, lol.


2 hrs 35 mins ago

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Five clones of a search and rescue dog which helped locate people trapped in the rubble of the 9/11 attacks were formally presented to their ancestor's former handler.

James… Continue

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Campaign to stop IMF and war funding

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Carter 'holds back tears' on Gaza

Former US president Jimmy Carter expresses extreme dismay over the damage inflicted by Israeli forces using state-of-the-art US made weaponry on Gaza.

While touring the war-ravaged strip, Carter said Tuesday that he was deeply concerned about the damage Israeli war planes deliberately inflicted on the people of Gaza using US bombs.

"I have to hold back tears when I see the deliberate destruction that has been wracked against your people," Carter said.

Carter… Continue

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Paul McCartney Calls for Meat-Free Mondays to Curb Animal Gas

By Alex Morales

June 15 (Bloomberg) -- Paul McCartney, the former Beatle and vegetarian pop star, asked fans to go meatless on Mondays to help slow global warming by reducing the amount of gaseous emissions from farm animals.

Cows, pigs and sheep bred for human consumption discharge millions of tons of methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Livestock emissions account for about 18 percent of greenhouse gases, more than all the world’s cars, the United… Continue

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US al-Qaeda man acknowledges Jewish descent

An American al-Qaeda member and militant spokesman has told on an internet video of his descent from a Jewish background.

On Saturday, the American-born al-Qaeda operative, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, said he had "Jews in his ancestry, the last of whom was his grandfather," confirming the genealogy for the first time, CNN reported.

He made the remarks in a video posted Saturday on the website of al-Qaeda's media wing al-Sahab. He has appeared in such postings before voicing… Continue

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Dog Gets High on Pot in Park......THIS IS TOO FUNNY

02:32 PM PDT on Thursday, June 11, 2009


SEATTLE - It could be said that Jack, an 11-year-old black Lab mix, has learned to say no to drugs.

"He was just... stoned," said owner Jen Nestor Waddell.

Jack ran off the main trail during a visit May 12 to Seward Park on the southeast end of Lake Washington, said Nestor Waddell, but he came back in about 3 minutes.

About 3 hours later at home, Jack started exhibiting,… Continue

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Elderly Gunman kills Guard at Holocaust Museum

By NAFEESA SYEED, Associated Press Writer Nafeesa Syeed, Associated Press Writer – 5 mins ago

WASHINGTON – An elderly gunman opened fire with a rifle inside the crowded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, killing a security guard before being shot. Authorities said they were investigating a white supremacist as the suspect. The assailant was hospitalized in critical condition, Washington, D.C., Mayor Adrian Fenty said.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the gunman was… Continue

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