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A Map of Racist Tweets About President Obama's Re-election (Mississippi & Alabama Lead the Pack)

During the day after the 2012 presidential election we took note of  a spike in hate speech on Twitter referring to President Obama's re-election, as chronicled by Jezebel  (thanks to Chris Van Dyke for bringing this our attention). It is a useful reminder that technology…


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Watch Mitt Romney Explain How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He Returns, in Jerusalem... and Missouri

Watch Mitt Romney get in a heated exchange with a radio host  from a radio interview in 2008 about where Jesus will reign and rule over the Earth for 1,000 years -- in Jerusalem and Missouri. Romney displays deep familiarity with the thinking of a Mormon hermit-conspiracy theorist Cleon Skousen, who was also Glenn Beck's great inspiration .

Background from Prisoner…


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12-Year-Old Rape Victim Called "Negligent" and "Careless" by School District in Legal Papers



A sign from Slutwalk NYC.

Photo Credit: Sarah Seltzer


The recent spate of GOP callousness towards…


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New Weapons Systems Could Give Pentagon Unprecedented Power Over the Planet ... or Lead to Future Military Disaster

It’s 2025 and an American “triple canopy” of advanced surveillance and armed drones fills the heavens from the lower- to the exo-atmosphere.  A wonder of the modern age, it can deliver its weaponry anywhere on the planet with staggering speed, knock out an enemy’s satellite communications system, or follow individuals biometrically for great distances.  Along with the country’s advanced cyberwar capacity, it’s also the most sophisticated militarized information system ever created and an…


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Obama Sends Up Trial Balloon on Social Security Cuts Through Lying Citigroup Bankster



The Obama victory was less than 24 hours old when the Rubinite faction of the Democratic party was out full bore selling “reforming” Social Security as the adult solution to the coming…


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Cynthia Brim, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Previously Deemed 'Legally Insane,' Reelected

A Cook County Circuit Court judge was handily reelected Tuesday a matter of hours before she was due to appear in court for allegedly assaulting a deputy sheriff this spring, an attack her attorney previously blamed on the fact that the judge was "legally insane" at the time.

Judge Cynthia Brim appeared in court Wednesday and told the Chicago Tribune…


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Let There Be Light (Full Version)

The final entry in a trilogy of films produced for the U.S. government by John Huston. This documentary film follows 75 U.S. soldiers who have sustained debilitating emotional trauma and depression. A series of scenes chronicle their entry into a psychiatric hospital, their treatment and eventual recovery. This film was banned from public viewing for 30+ years.

Watch here: …


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May I Present a Reminder about our President?...

Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro: World Citizen

He answered it by suggesting the United States is headed toward a diminished economic future. This was his next sentence: “Because the fact of the matter is, that for most of my lifetime – I’ll turn 50 next year – for most of my lifetime, the United States was such a dominant economic power, we were such a large market, our industry, our technology, our manufacturing was so significant that we always met the…


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Red Pill Documentaries

I liked these and some of you may too.

Here is the link: http://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/red-pill-documentaries/

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Who Is Valerie Jarrett? “Valerie Jarret After We Win This Election, Its Our Turn. Payback Time.

Who Is Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born November 14, 1956)  She is a Senior Advisor to the President of the United States and Assistant to the President for…


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China Think Tank Recommends End to Brutal One-Child Policy

A think tank in Communist China is recommending that the government do away with its 30-year policy that has limited most Chinese couples to having but one child. The China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) is suggesting that by 2015 the government segue into allowing families the luxury of two children, according to…


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Gross Misconceptions About Jobs and Unemployment

This country is at an historic crossroads, and the path we choose can determine our future far beyond the next four years. Our children and grandchildren may someday bless us or curse us for what we did this Tuesday. Against that background, it is painful to see the petty talking points and gross misconceptions that seem to dominate this year's election campaign.

Take the question of jobs. How many times have we heard about how many jobs have been added during the Obama…


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College Lets “Transgendered” Man Expose Self to Girls in Locker Room

Officials at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, said that state law renders them powerless to prevent a "transgender" man from using the women's locker room at the school because he supposedly identifies as a woman. The 45-year-old man, who calls himself Colleen Francis, reportedly exposed himself on several occasions to young girls who were using the locker room as part of swimming clubs. But instead of having the man arrested, school officials have insisted that a state…


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Texas Border With Mexico Secured by Deer Cameras

Texas has a problem. It is incumbent on the Lone Star State, along with New Mexico, Arizona, and California, to secure the nation’s southern border when federal resources fail. Of these states, Texas has the lion’s share — over 1,200 of the border’s total of nearly 2,000 miles. It is the most frequently crossed border in the world with nearly 350 million annual crossings. Protection of the border…


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Johnson, Stein Warn of Growing Police State

With most of the viewers watching and listening online, Johnson made the Internet itself an issue by asking Stein if she is in favor of a government takeover of the medium. Stein said she would support a policy of "net neutrality" to preserve the Internet as a "fair, open accessible marketplace, a real underpinning of democracy ... Absolutely, I oppose the government stepping in as the tool of private corporations," she said. Johnson espoused a hands off policy, arguing that net neutrality…


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Martial Law Officially Declared in Parts of New Jersey As Hurricane Sandy Brings Massive Damage, Flooding

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, made famous by the hit MTV Show Jersey Shore, is under a complete state of lockdown with residents who evacuated before the storm being denied reentry to the island.

When the police chief was asked about citizens who had ignored the evacuation orders and were still in their homes as well as those who wanted to get back onto the island to check the damage to their homes, he had this to say:

“We know people are there, we’re…


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Assessing Foreign Technology Development in Human Performance Modification

Coming this Fall...Human Performance Modification.

Read here:  http://www8.nationalacademies.org/cp/projectview.aspx?key=49430

I would like to bring this to the page:  The Committee will exclude conventional pharmaceuticals and exoskeletons per the sponsor’s direction.

Well at least we know there won't be any hopped up Mecha's running…


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Study Bankrolled by U.S. Treasury to Tie Taxes to Carbon Emissions

If you do anything that causes GHG, and I mean even fart, this concerns you.

The committee will first determine the most appropriate analytical framework and methodology to use in examining the effects of the tax code on greenhouse gas emissions. It will consider both provisions that may increase emission rates as well as those having the effect of lowering them over specific periods, and both direct (e.g., fuel-related provisions) and indirect measures (e.g., the home mortgage…


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Homeschoolers Flee Persecution in Germany and Sweden

When will this be coming here?

BERLIN — Two leaders in the European home education movement, a father from Sweden and a German mother, drew tears from the audience as they told a packed conference room about life in exile and the heart-rending decision to flee abroad. While each of their stories was unique, both parents were forced to escape from their homelands due to relentless government persecution when they refused to stop homeschooling.

The presentations were made during…


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Before There was the Internet There was Amateur Radio

Before there was the Internet there was amateur radio. After the Internet there will be amateur radio.

We live in a time where the powers that shouldn’t be are trying to control the flow of information.

Anyone that has been around long enough and paying attention has noticed how the official media sources spin everything to fit agendas that are contrary to the best interest of the public.

When there is anything going on that is damaging to their agenda it is glossed over…


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