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REPROBATE MINDS: What do Roman Emperor Nero and American Usuper and Chief Obama/Soetoro have in common?

Nero Fiddled while Rome burned (a false flag operation designed to frame an innocent group of people resulting in their mass murder by the mentally sick population and government). Obama/Soetoro parties with Lucifer worshiper Paul McCartney while: (mutiple choice - must have at least 1st grade education)

A. Copius amounts of oil spewing from earth's crust under the Caribbean Sea threatens all forms of life in western hemisphere.…


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Defending Our Neighbors from Tyranny - A CALL TO ARMS !

According to a a recent article in the Washington times, The Department of Homeland Security is threatening a family owned dairy farm in Franklin, Vermont. DHS is demanding that the Rainville Dairy Farm sell a few acres to the federal government so that a Canadian/US border crossing can be enhansed; a border crossing that is so remote that an average of 3 cars per hour utilize it. The family owned dairy desperately needs that land to grow feed for their dailry cows. DHS is…


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HUMANE SOCIETY: Data Collection on People, Enforcement on MicroChipping All Pets

Colorado Springs, CO 4/6/10.

We used to live in downtown Colorado Springs on the same block as the Homeless Shelter. Our son is raised and gone from home, so we began a private home cat rescue and from our own earnings we paid for veterinary expenses, food litter, etc. In a period of 7 years, we laid out apx. TEN THOUSAND dollars for spays, neuters, surgeries, treating illnesses, ect. and placed about 100 animals into loving homes - never receiving a dime from anyone.…

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RFID MicroChip Implanted inside body part of House and Senate HealthCare Bill

According to the Derry Brownfield Show this morning (Mon. 4-5-10, Genesis Communications Network, Listening Resources: ON DEMAND if you want to hear the show), an implantable MicroChip is part of the BI-PARTISAN HealthCare Bill (pgs. 1001 thru 1008 of the bill). No one in my household will be cooperating/obedience to the Beast System (worship is obedience and vice versa).

Folks, we must band together with others who refuse to comply with the Beast System. Obama is…

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"Destroying the New World Order"


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