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(TMU— Tammie Hedges, a woman who runs a North Carolina nonprofit called Crazy’s Claws n Paw saved over two dozen pets during Hurricane Florence, but now she is facing charges because she didn’t have a permit. Hedges was in the process of building a shelter when Florence hit the coast, so she offered the space to pet owners in the area.

“The goal was to make sure they were not out there drowning. We had an elderly couple, they were evacuating that afternoon, and there was no way they could take 18 animals with them,” Hedges explained.

“We were trying to help abandoned animals. We knew North Carolina didn’t have any regulations or laws regarding shelters for animals. So a group of us got together to do something to help those animals is why we opened our building to them so they’d have a safe dry place to go until their owners returned to get them. I had not gone out and gotten any animals, but a couple of independent rescuers had gotten some from flooded areas and brought them to me,” she added.

They offered their services free of charge and housed 17 cats and 10 dogs throughout the duration of the hurricane.


After the storm passed and the trouble was over, Hedges received a call from Wayne County’s animal services manager Frank Sauls, who threatened to get a warrant to take the animals.

“You can voluntarily hand over the animals, or I can go get a warrant,” they allegedly told her.

She complied with the order, and the pets were all taken to the Wayne County Animal Adoption and Education Center.

Volunteer Kathie Davidson said that animal control officers called Hedges a lawbreaker.


“One officer specifically told me that Tammie was operating a shelter without a permit,” she said. “I think it’s really sad that when someone tries to do the right thing, they’re punished for it. I’m hoping they don’t file charges. We’d like to see him reach out to her and push the reset button,” she added.

The government hates it when people come together and help each other without permission, and this is especially true in the midst of natural disasters as well.

By John Vibes / Republished with permission / The Mind Unleashed / Report a typo


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Comment by Diana on September 24, 2018 at 5:59pm

A nonprofit animal rescue cannot help animals in an emergency situation without a permit from the county?   What a pile of crap.

Comment by Boris Badenov on September 24, 2018 at 9:03am

file under wtf 2018

Comment by richard J Lacy on September 23, 2018 at 1:53pm

She should counter sue - the gubment were asleep at the wheel so I took up the slack. Also no gubment worker should be paid unless they can prove they were actually working - which would mean helping this woman who was doing their job - she should charge them for her services rendered, then give back any award!

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on September 22, 2018 at 11:03pm
Trouble is we don't have a government anymore, just privately owned companies giving us orders. All are subject to consent. In common law fines are void without court sentences. There are no courts of law, either. Another company running for profit. I don't have a time for those corporate stooges.
Comment by skip barker on September 22, 2018 at 10:43pm

I would have told him go get the warrant, God told me to save as many as I can, and I did. He has not told me to release them to you yet so I'm going to continue to care for them. If you think you are better then God do what it is satan would have you do and bring the warrant. I often wonder what people did long before there was a permit for everything and anything. I often wonder how mankind survived for so long without the help of governments. When you do the will of God, like feeding the homeless, or caring for animals, and the government tells you, that is not allowed, then they are telling you and others there is no God. I say to them fuck you and the turd you rode in on. And they wonder why most people today with any common sense or decency have little if any respect for the public servant key here public servant, I have a burning desire to say that one more time public servants. It seems as if every person in public servant capacity needs to flex their muscles and make you jump when the speak or act. I say again fuck you govt. fuck you public servant. I tip my hat to these people that did what God almighty would have them do, I applaud them and respect them and admire them. I cannot say the same thing for government, to be honest I would not piss on the govt. if it was on fire, or one of its employees that thought they had to flex their muscles. However if I had just drank some turpentine, or gasoline, I would hope I would never run out of piss, as I tried to put out that fire for them. Now some may wonder just how I feel about government and those out of control servants, and one day I might just elaborate on such and eliminate that wonder you have. Now I hope I have been politically correct and have not offended the weak. I hope that I have pissed off that government that thinks they own me and or control me. Now let me elaborate on the God talking to them, through their soul, heart and conscience, he does so daily to true believers. Oh he may not agree with some of my word choices but I think he likes me fighting for him.




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