Preparing America and the World for the Coming Apocalypse Pt. 2

When speaking in terms of preparing the world for a cataclysmic event that could end civilization as we know it, I am not referring to being ready for or surviving such. I am talking about how the powers that be have been accelerating the mindset of the people of the world to accept the unacceptable, in other words, how to be so desensitized and so oblivious to the distinct possibility as to not see it coming and as to not being able to react in an organized way because the general population has been stupefied with embedded propaganda in the form of media and entertainment manipulation. This is necessary in order for a mass false flag operation to work.

Deadly agenda

For decades we have seen how such conditioning has effected political elections and how the global elite own certain parties such as the Democrats in America, and the Green Party in Taiwan began during President Jimmy Carter’s era by the Democrats with their very same goals. In Russia and China still Communism prevails in a more clandestine form where the hardliners keep a low profile while driving policy and the concentration camps are renamed as reorientation centers! Communism is the preferred form of government that the globalists are committed toward and easier for a totalitarian government to use in suppressing free thinkers.

The Big Lie

We are seeing leftist donor funded organizations all around and advertised on TV as goodwill type operations that bring people of all cultures, nations, and ideologies together in a common melting pot campaign of fair weather platitudes when, in truth, they are orienting the thought of the viewing audience into a global citizen consciousness. Does this really sound profound? Actually, it means having no borders and removing the sovereignty of every individual country who owns a right to its own heritage and culture to bow to the whim of a worldwide government! Yet, the sheep can’t see the trap being set. A former Chinese citizen came to America to escape oppression and crack downs on individual freedom and explained it this way. He said in Communism it’s like laying down corn for the wild pigs who are free to roam so the corn is scattered for them to eat as a fence is gradually built. This goes on until there is only a small entrance that the pigs have to enter in order to feast on the corn that has now rendered them dependent instead of self-sufficient. In the final stage they enter, they feed, and the door is slammed shut! They are now prisoners and never realized the process that they were seduced by.

Transition stage

This is an analogy of what big government, a motive of socialism, and the preconditioning of a population that must be subjected to the overthrow of their society to work smoothly with a minimum of violent resistance. I think for some time the “Baby Boomer” generation distinguished itself from the Millennials and Snowflakes because they were self-made, expected no hand-outs, and had the discipline to endure hardship! In the modern day world this kind of toughness is almost non-existent! The choices for not only ineffective politicians as leaders but ruthless traitors such as Barack Obama elected  by low information voters who were played like a piano by the American leftist Democrat supporting media which is quite demonstrative!

One aspect

Yet, this is merely social media and the propaganda portion of the threats that are not nearly as sinister as other very disturbing developments that have been taking place on a grand scale for decades. Much of which has gone unnoticed! The left and the Democrats will continually denying these findings as merely right wing paranoia left over from the cold war, but think again they are already under the globalist umbrella of deception and influence. They will never reveal the truth!

History of spying

So what has been going on that is so disconcerting? Technology has made surveillance virtually unnoticeable! The new drone will not just be a flying platform that can pick up and carry items or be used as a children’s toy. The new drone will appear as an insect with incredible noise detection and stealth. It could become a human robot made to look like a taxi cab driver or chauffeur sitting in a car. It could be the new smart city light poles that can listen in on conversations on the street using facial recognition software. In Los Angeles in the early 1970’s the police began using high tech surveillance military style helicopters that could use penetrating electronics to listen in on conversations inside of houses as they hovered in quiet mode. Many experts believe that cattle mutilations were performed by these same unmarked choppers, fast, low noise level, and bristling with electronic detection gear! A particular rock band known as “Spirit” released a song influenced by George Orwell’s “1984”. It was a big hit due to the music but little were the lyrics analyzed for what the band was trying to get across. And, this is usually the case whenever anything controversial is introduced. It is denounced, dismissed, or hidden with more distraction such as loud accompanying music.

Survival of the chosen few?

What about rumors of DUMBS? (Deep Underground Military Bases) said to be elaborate undetectable, and having been built for a diabolical purpose? Reportedly having as many as 46 levels, artificial sunlight, all the modern conveniences of a luxurious lifestyle with pools and fine hotel type accommodations for the elite. The perfect haven against a asteroid strike or an intentional nuclear winter! Below some major military bases it is believed that tunnels interconnect between installations running for hundreds of miles! What collaborates such allegations? One might recall the MX underground mobile missile defense developed during the Nixon Administration and then discontinued in negotiations between Henry Kissinger and the Soviet Union during the infamous SALT talks! Kissinger compromised much of the superior arsenal capabilities of the US in order to take credit for his supposedly successful diplomatic agreements with the Russians. It is said that these same types of installations are in China and Russia too.

The means to implement

There are books that corroborate the efficient and fast tunneling technology using machines that can liquefy soil and rock converting it to magma with lasers and then moved aside or compressed into ceramic outer walls for the tunnel as the apparatus moves through the underground forming its concealed passageway. Why would there be such a need for these networks of underground systems unless there was a plot afoot that did not favor surface dwellers? Is there an imminent threat being planned that we don’t know about? Could it really be that governments with their confiscated tax revenue and fiat currencies could be doing something on a classified massive scale that is not in our best interests? Gosh, I wonder.

Fine tuning technology

By the early 1960’s the F-106 fighter jet could be remotely navigated to the target to deliver a nuclear weapon whether the pilot refused, had a mental breakdown, or was incapacitated by flying through radioactive fallout! By 1960, the first orbital defense system was developed project “Saint”. At the same time the US Army submitted a proposal to establish a military base on the lunar surface of the moon under code name “Horizon”. By the early 1970’s the HARP program was created with a phased array of microwave antennas aimed at the upper atmosphere under the aegis of being an arctic weather and ozone monitoring facility. We now know it is part of a high energy topographical penetration radar system and perhaps weather weaponizing apparatus! In 1974 the NSA already had 24 acres of underground mainframe computers capable of recording and analyzing all forms of communications within the US and between the US and all other nations! The implication here is that if these feats of technology were available then, God only knows what unknown capability is possible now!

International threats

These developments seem amazing for their time, for the fact that little did the public realize what was going on, and how many decades it took for even rumors to finally surface! This demonstrates the level of sophisticated secrecy that has operated successfully up to the present, that is, until under the Obama Administration, a virtually intentional breakdown of cyber security owned by the federal government began as foreign hackers from Russia and China penetrated US military communications while President Obama pardoned a number of treasonous individuals who passed top secret documents to our enemies. Could these events be the trigger that could begin a doomsday scenario? Remember, all it took was a virus that penetrated the centrifuge facility in Iran that once it infected the online computer command system to begin a catastrophic failure of the plant destroying it completely!


These historic events have obviously paved the pathway to a non-existent right to privacy for all citizens, a violation of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights under the aegis of illegal search and seizure. Yet, thanks to a number of clandestine terrorist attacks by questionable perpetrators, the conditions were now seemingly right to nullify the rights of citizens due to the new world of the terrorist threat even if that threat was staged from within! The “Brave New World” we all are becoming unwilling participants in is overtaking us!

In Part III we will further discuss what may be the inescapable apocalypse that man has created for himself!





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Comment by Doc Vega on Thursday

Diana, I have found that people are so dependent upon the latest high tech devices generally are empty and shallow people that you wouldn't want to know anyway.

Comment by Doc Vega on Thursday

Les Prone, Agreed and Huawei is producing electronic components for US defense contractors as they actually make a play to acquire another US cell phone provider and corner the market Yet the fuckers are part of the Chinese fucking military! How stupid is that?

Comment by Less Prone on Thursday

My telecom operator just called and offered me a new Huawei tablet for €4 per month and their entertainment package, one month for free. I said I'm not interested of neither. Smart technology is for stupid people who don't realize the consequences of having a spy with them 24/7. And the entertainment, pure propaganda and mind control. 

Comment by Diana on Wednesday

People run out and buy Smart devices and never give a thought to how crazy it is to pay so others can infringe on  their privacy.  

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