By Anna Von Reitz

I was watching video clips of a meeting at which leaders of the current Municipal Regime were discussing how they could use the trust of employees in their corporate CEO's and the trust people place in their religious leaders as a means to enforce our compliance with their Regime and submit ourselves to whatever often deadly experiments and manipulations they want to foist off on us, including self-sterilization by "voluntary" vaccination.
These Monsters know that we no longer trust them or take anything the government corporations say for granted.  They know we no longer trust the Lame Stream Media.  They can clock that via the abysmal readership and viewer statistics.
They know that our trust in science is now at an all-time ebb, since the whole carbon dioxide, carbon credit, and "Greenhouse Gases" furor has been shown up as an obvious Big Lie that is easily debunked with just a couple salient facts (like the fact that CO2 makes up a whopping .035 of one percent of our atmosphere) and the knowledge that The Greenhouse Gas Theory was proposed 196 years ago and rejected because it violates The Second Law of Thermodynamics -- yet, all these scientists piled on board for the money, and lied their rumps off in public in support of this nonsense.
Shame on them, but after all, science is really just another religion that is supposed to follow rules of honesty and logic ----and which was perverted by the jingle of university tenure, department chairmanships, prestigious institutional appointments, and money, money, money. 
The whole idea of carbon dioxide being a threat has been overturned, the Paris Accords have been debunked along with the Carbon Tax Scheme, the panicking housewives and ignorant teenagers have been put to rest.  But, oh, what a global embarrassment!  All these supposedly educated people and respectable scientists with their pants down around their knees!
So, Plan B,  they are actively, consciously figuring out who and what we still trust, so that they can pervert those avenues of information and use them to continue to secretively promote their own agendas using the CEO's at our workplaces and the religious leaders of our synagogues, mosques, and churches to mislead us. 
Well, let me point out that the leaders of the world scientific community are just the most recent religious leaders to betray their trust.
Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all share scripture in common.  That scripture forbids idolatry, usury, and personage --- yet all three major western religions have ignored their shared scripture and just shoved that part of it under the proverbial rug, shrugged, and said, "Nothing to see here, folks, just move along...." And all three have condoned, used, tacitly supported, and certainly failed to condemn or demand changes in the world monetary systems. 
If they wanted a cause, a reason for a jihad, or a crusade, the scriptural basis has been there in front of all their faces (and ours) for thousands of years, silently crying out and being ignored.
My husband sent a letter to the King of Spain detailing the Great Fraud and how people have been redefined as "persons" and securitized as assets and traded like commodities by these usurping "governmental services corporations" --- and he also gave the Most Catholic King of Spain the scriptural basis forbidding such personage, on the page, in black and white, tenet by tenet. 
We received back the Return Receipt confirming that the letter was delivered, but no reply.  It seems that the King of Spain doesn't really care about the scripture, despite being Most Catholic. 
And neither do the rabbis, priest, or mullahs, because the scriptural instruction about all these evils -- idolatry (which includes money), usury, and personage -- is very clear. 
By ignoring this part of the scripture these religions have led all men astray and allowed the promotion and proliferation of the profane and venal "religion" of false idols to gain control of much of the world again, and once again, we are all suffering the results. 
So, unavoidably, factually, yes, religion has failed us and so has the "religion" of science fallen short.  Be forewarned that these Vermin intend to use the CEO's of the companies you work for to force you to accept vaccination intended to either kill or sterilize you and be forewarned that they intend to use the leaders of your various congregations to shame and coerce you to the same ends. 
It's time for everyone to learn a lesson from Donald Trump's old TV Show and practice saying, "You're fired!"  and "No!"  to all the pundits that have been telling us what to believe and what to do with our lives.
The best comeback yet was from Dana Ashlie --- "My body, my choice."

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Comment by cheeki kea on February 26, 2020 at 4:38am

They are behind the times If they think for a second that there is Any public trust left to be had in CEO governance. Just look at the huge numbers sacked or stood down in disgrace. The banking and finance industry fraud started the ball rolling down the slippery slope to the point of No Return for Them. Exposure of corruption in full view sends them all off down the plug hole - from statistics to transport and everything else in-between. All those smart asses gone- burger and any ounce of trust left went right along with them. Good bye, bad try.

Comment by stormtruther on February 26, 2020 at 3:32am

hydrogen peroxide works for dacca

Comment by James Roberts on February 26, 2020 at 1:51am

Wow, is that ever something that needs to be said. I would add that the failure of the Christian religion has something to do with the seeming 100% emphasis on punishment. I am a Christian (and a British Israelist), but how long can someone continue to do that to themselves once weekly, as long as it's optional? It is heartening that people didn't do what the celebrities told them to in the last presidential election. I have yet to vote, however, as I've been disappointed too many times. And this time is no different.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on February 26, 2020 at 1:13am

My take on RBT, " Nobody puts anything in my mouth without my consent."

"Destroying the New World Order"


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