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It's the grim scenario of a morbid comedy when international markets and diplomatic relations can be manipulated by clandestine acts. Coincidences such as Communist China losing badly to the US in the trade wars, a billionaire in the IT industry financing the laboratory creation of a designer flu virus, and political adversaries who would welcome the shut down of the US economy with the massive scale scare tactics of a compliant US media politically dedicated to ousting a US president.

Worthy of Machiavelli

Supposedly Covid 19 was released from a germ warfare lab in Wuhan, China. In a matter of weeks whistle blowers in mainland China were releasing reports of families being pad locked into their apartments unable to leave, citizens collapsing in the streets, bodies being brought to collection points to funeral pyres! Worst of all was the finding that the Communists knew weeks before warning the west of the outbreak and its contagious properties. Was this not intentional as was the escape of a flue virus from a known germ warfare facility? The more ominous question was why would a US laboratory receive a reward for fabricating a manmade virus strain with unprecedented communicable aspects?

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Why was this necessary?

Bill Bates, who awarded 5 million to a clinical firm who originated a weaponizeable virus strain? Is this the diabolical scheme to push foreign relations closer to a global government by making individual governments vulnerable to a common threat that infiltrates all borders? A common foe that unites all involved in a supposed untimely catastrophe that just happens to paralyze financial markets, employment levels, and scheduled public events? Does this not seem a bit too advantageous for those who stand to profit from such a twist of fate when the Chinese for the first time in decades are getting badly beaten at their own game of trade deficits, when the Democrats just can't seem to find a way to unseat President Trump, and the US media is chomping at the bit for another shot at creating another false narrative against a President they can neither find a candidate to challenge or has a list of achievements that guarantee re-election!

It Begins

In weeks since the non-dramatic announcement of an unknown contagion from China that travel bans and non-panic driven measures can be used to contain now we have a US media that is dead set upon creating a panic! We have outbreaks in areas of the United States regionally unrelated to the supposed contact sites reported widely by the news outlets. The sudden intensity and fear mongering of the press seems to have been in response to President Trump's addresses and reassurances to the public that all possible steps were being taken by a national health care system that could have possibly been ready for a sudden and unexpected pandemic! It all seems much too coincidental to have been simply a random event that suddenly decided to manifest itself!

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A matter of timing?

Like most false flag operations, the coronavirus seems to have been articulated at a time and under circumstances that would benefit those opposed to the success of the President, the welfare of the rapidly expanding US economy, and to the wildest hopes of the Democrat Party, the left, and the US press corps who could have asked for a better way to undermine the current presidency! It seems that this scenario is some obvious that many self deluded multitudes could not bear to comprehend such transparency!

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Purposeful misreporting

Ask yourself why there is no distinction by the media between Covid 19 and the regularly occurring cold flu inherent in Americas already that kills more than 30 thousand US patients a year. We are not hearing one word of that! Much less the fact that if Covid 19 had reached the number of deaths we see among the normal flu cases that it would seem even more drastic measures would be taking place yet we are presented with questionable evidence, an orchestrated overreaction planned to paralyze normal movement, work place attendance, market trading, and public gatherings! It could not be considered to be anymore than an ingenious way to hurt the American way of life much less warn of a 2nd wave of virus cases and perhaps as much as 5 years of implications stemming from this new enemy form of contagion from very questionable origins! Why is no one asking these questions! This, in itself seems to be an obvious ploy to sabotage the economy of the west!

Intentional threat detection

Ask yourself how many cases of normal flu could be easily identified by design as the coronavirus in order to support the allegations of a growing pandemic? Ask yourself how this scenario could be used a future template for more insidious health scares that used to convince the general population to be vaccinated with questionable sources of antibody producing genetic material, potentially deadly pathogens supposedly dead or weakened, perhaps the deliberate introduction of a depopulating scourge the world has not seen in centuries!

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Comment by Doc Vega on April 8, 2020 at 3:44am

Thanks Chris!

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