Mexico has stronger immigration laws than the United States. Crossover into Mexico, like millions have done in America, one is likely spend months/years in a Mexican prison awaiting trial.

Traveling through Mexico in an automobile is dangerous enough. However, walking through Mexico is downright suicidal without help. Help that would come from either the government or from the cartels or both. And the travel with a large group, that is growing by the day, especially a group with women and children, it would be impossible to proceed without assistance, official assistance. Yet this is exactly what we see in Mexico.

Here is a tweet from the immigrants’ leader, Adolfo Flores from March 30, 2018. By the way, and quite unbelievably, Adolfo Flores is a national security correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles. He focuses on immigration. Contact Adolfo Flores at Buzzfeed doesn’t even attempt to hide its ultra-liberal bias.

Adolfo Flores


The municipality we’re at now is offering buses to get us to the next town. It’s been happening at several stops, I imagine they’re more interested in getting people out of their public squares.

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Please note that the size of the group, just from this cross-section from the Flores’ tweet. Also, it is very notable that the tweet says that buses are being made available to transport the so-called refugees to the next location. Buses just don’t appear out of thin air. Gasoline is not free and drivers don’t magically teleport to their buses. This is a well-coordinated event that is clearly on a timetable. Please also take note that the Flores tweet does not identify the location or the next stop on this migration.


Migrants practice boarding "La Bestia," the infamously dangerous train that will carry them toward the US border.

Luc Forsyth for BuzzFeed News covering the immigrants practicing on the notorious train that will complete the journey of transporting these immigrants to the United States. This Beast train if you will, was made infamous by the 2014 Central American invasion which ostensibly brought children to the United States from Central America. It also brought a lot of MS-13 and drug cartel members as well. 


Trump Is Taking Action Against the Parties That Are Instigating This Invasion

Look at the first picture contained in this tweet, listed above. You will see a man in a uniform. This is an official Mexican government event. It is easy to figure out what President Trump has already noted. Trump is prepared to take action against the government of Mexico and he is taking away a centerpiece jewel of the Democratic Party in retaliation for this action. However, before the story relating how Trump is retaliating against the groups responsible for this invasion, it is important to point out that Youtube censors were immediately censoring the free flow of information to the public.

The Liberals At Youtube Understand What Is Going On

Before MY related videos were fully uploaded and HOURS before they were to be released, Youtube’s liberal censors swept in and demonitied these two related videos before they could even be published

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