Published: July 22, 2018

(Support Free Thought) - Native American Jorden Stevens, a member of the Cocopah Indian Tribe, died on February 15, 2017, while in the custody of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) Adult Detention Center. Even though his death was ruled a homicide, not a single corrections officer has been charged with his murder.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office conducted an internal investigation but the details of their findings have not yet been made public. Now, Stevens’ family—after more than a year of not getting any answers and having only the Sheriff’s Office to blame—is planning on filing a lawsuit again the department for the death of their loved one.

Stevens was arrested for “disorderly conduct” and was taken to jail, but as he was leaving, a dispute between the 29-year-old and officers led to an escalation of force involving at least 10 YCSO officers. In newly released video footage of the attack, which lasted over 10 minutes, a gaggle of officers can be seen appearing to kick and punch Stevens, who reportedly suffered a traumatic brain injury possibly leading to his death.

According to the claim filed by Stevens’ family, the young man suffered red marks associated with taser burns, as well as bruises, abrasions and blunt force trauma from a closed fist. Cornelius “Candy” Camarena is representing Winona Stevens, Jorden Stevens’ mother in a wrongful death lawsuit against YCSO. Camarena said that Jordan Stevens was being discharged and released from the jail when the incident occurred.

In the process of him being released, he was assaulted by numerous Yuma County Sheriff detention officers.

It is important to put the attack into perspective. Without regard to the fact that the attackers were wearing badges and uniforms, if a gang of 10 identifiable individuals had given a beat down to the Native American on the street, someone would have been arrested. But because the gang of individuals who beat Stevens to death were law enforcement officers, no one to date has been arrested for what the medical examiner determined was a “homicide.” Camarena says he is left with only one alternative, to sue the County and the Sheriff’s Office.


Our next step is to file a lawsuit. We’ll be filing a lawsuit in Federal district court, alleging a violation of Mr. Jorden Steven’s civil rights.

Local reporters attempted to get the YCSO or the District Attorney to respond, but neither would speak to the correspondent, citing the ongoing investigation. Predictably, police apologists were quick to blame the victim in comments made to the story that aired on Yuma’s KYMA News 11. One man, Joe Whittle, pointed out the obvious. He wrote:

There was not a single moment where those cops did not have the upper hand and overwhelming physical force. They murdered him…I have a hard time understanding why you think disorderly conduct and resisting arrest is a death sentence worthy crime? Wake up and get your life together if you think men scuffling/fighting means one of them should die. You need to get a clue about what real life is like.

Unfortunately, as has been our experience at The Free Thought Project, just as in the high-profile NYC case of Eric Garner, not one police officer has been tried for the homicide of Jorden Stevens. In fact, as TFTP has reported, the only person to ever see the inside of a jail cell in Garner’s homicide was the man who was filming the incident.


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Comment by Old Denmark on July 27, 2018 at 8:02am
Comment by Sam Nelson on July 23, 2018 at 2:58pm

The Police are hired, according to and by family association, and/or, political involvement.  If there is any 'job' requiring a thorough look at the potential candidate, it is, the Police department.  Talk about putting a person through a thorough examination before allowing them to have a gun to defend their home, how about these guys, with guns, and, badges? 

Hiring a person, because, of a family member already being in on the scam of government employment, or, because, he or she stood outside a polling place a few times with a sign, sure doesn't qualify that person to be a Police officer or a Sheriff officer. 

Yes, they do swear oaths to stand by each other, these men and women with guns, these Police, they do, and will always, like the Politicians and Judges, the Hillary Clinton's, of this world, stand by each other, no matter what.  This fraternity till death, to death, the Police and Sheriffs have, something enforced, something terribly wrong and more Communist, than China or the USSR.  This, comrade, I got your back, rabbit hole, is really deep and deadly.  It is, only going to get worse as more and more the big government in the district of Columbia starts tightening the screws on us people, tightening the screws about free speech and owning a gun, for our families protection.

The nation being divided, half of the people have some sort of government job, one third have a government check they depend on, the other precious few, have to get out there and negotiate their way to and fro, as they do what they need to do, to feed their family.  Red light cameras, just something to spice it up a bit, until you take half a paycheck to pay the fine and hey, the light was yellow when I was in the intersection, the guy ahead of me texting, no matter I pay the price.  I, being you and me.  Gotta have that police pension money though, the Suits, don't want to, will not, the people be damned, lose their gang.

First thing the people need to know is the Police are not here to protect and serve them though they do pay a lot of the cost of the Police, property taxes, red light cameras, etc., the Police, are here to protect and serve the Corporations and the big shots running the Corporations.  Segregation, sure, you go into their, the big shots, neighborhoods, see just how fast the bubble gum machines start flashing and the sirens go off.  Running your mouth at a Police officer is like Russian roulette, just so happens this Indian caught a lot of Police officers, on a bad day, and he paid the terrible price of being murdered, by them. 

Sure the Police, can be murderers, in their hearts, in real life, we had one in our home town, he killed five people before he was 'let go,' this was back in the sixties, things are a lot different now, they, don't get, let go, anymore.    Police, are trained to not have empathy, they can kill a stray dog, big eyes pleading,  or a stray Indian, or, a stray whatever, go home, put it out of their mind and think about how they are going to get into the pants of the female they arrested earlier.  It really is, worse, than you think and getting worse, every single day. 

The Police, are being trained for their big day, the day they take down a nation and become neighborhood gods, with the right to decide rather a person lives or dies, really.  Like England, the early hundreds, Dickens time and before. In all the nation’s not having a white majority society, white people in charge, in all of these nations the Police run the show and they get away with murder every day of their lives, the people, just targets, or, holes.

Trump, could and should demand every police and sheriff office be under a review, every officer reviewed to see if they really are qualified to be the Police.  These government jobs have been scoped out and bought up, the people with these good paying government jobs, steady employment, good health benefits, great pension, jobs, are too often not even near qualified to have that job.

Democracy, has run its course, the scam artist have figured it out and turned it into a money maker for the chosen few, the rest of us, left out.  The rest of us, victims.  Rather it is a person at one of the government offices, raising a person’s property taxes to get them back or someone in the D.A's office putting someone in the pokey to make a point, or, ten police officers beating a man to death, the nation is a swamp that really needs cleaned up and filled in.  

"Destroying the New World Order"


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