Adam Kokesh sells out? Tells viewers to be smart and not resist gun confiscation.

First off I like Adam Kokesh and I agree with most of what he says although I sometimes think what he doesn't say is the problem like "9-11 was an inside job" or that "the global elite do have real power and control many world events". That being said I think this video I posted below shows a major misunderstanding he has with the movement when it comes to the importance of being armed and never allowing ourselves to be disarmed. I honestly don't think he sold out because if he had saying something like this would just be WAY to obvious! We are left with the possibility that Adam got some bad weed and went on camera and said some stupid shit that he's going to be taking back, I hope.

Adam seems to be so caught up in this statism v.s. volunteerism fight that he's really lost perspective of the greater battle field. It's like he has blinders on and is either ignoring or dismissing much of the research that makes up the core of this movement. He has become one dimensional in a three dimensional battle space. I guess he wants us all to survive so that we can all join him in getting kettled into a "free speech zone" when we protest the disarmament. I'm sure after they have all of our guns the cops will be so much more pleasant. In fact I'll bet they go out of their way to make us more comfortable after we're arrested that they will have renovated an old base just for us with nice fences and concrete floors... After we become disarmed slaves the voting system will function again to!! By then Adam's anti-state message will have gotten to all the sheeple, they'll of course accept it with out pause and in unison they will demand an end to the state! No need to resist people Adams got this one figured out! Just lay down and show your belly tyrants hate that the most! (obvious sarcasm)

#1 They're not going to casually come for our guns with a cop or two, let alone a man with a clipboard it will be like Katrina in New Orleans and it would have to occur during a nation wide crisis as it would never be accepted otherwise. #2 When/ if they do come and you acquiesce it's not going to be "ok thanks for cooperating your free to go have a nice life"... Adam needs to take a step back and go over the research of WHO exactly has the power in this world and WHAT they have said in their own books and white papers they would like to do. Alex Jones isn't saying they want to KILL US because he thinks it sounds radical and wants more listeners (for the most part lol) he's saying that because of the REAL research he and others have done. When/ if they come for the guns that's just going to be the opening scene to a larger act as they know it will start a war right off the bat. The patriot movement is smart enough to know when this government comes for our guns it's because they have bad intentions in mind and I for one WILL NOT BE DISARMED LIKE A PATHETIC SLAVE when they put their plans into action.

It's good to see over a third of the ratings are DISLIKE on that video and the overwhelming majority of the comments are in total disagreement with Adam Kokesh. Go read the comments for yourself It will be interesting to see how he handles the blowback. That will determine whether I continue to watch and promote his videos. Adam is still growing in the movement as we ALL are but this was a MAJOR screw up, also making fun of the militia, total class act dude really loved that part about the twinkies!? Hope Kokesh gets his head out of his ass before it's to late and the movement disowns him.

by TheLasersShadow

Ready, Aim... Submit! - Why They Will Take Your Guns From Your Cold Dead Hands


The greatest amount of responses were from what we would call neo-connish types.  They told us we were cowards and they accused of us "running" away from a fight - which they are correct... we did.  Both Jim Karger and myself left years ago - both to Mexico.  We saw this fight coming and wanted no part of it.  But, if you call us cowards then you have to also call your ancestors cowards.  Human history has been one of fleeing oppression.  It is highly likely that your great, great grandfather at one point looked around in a place like Europe and said, "well, that's enough of that!  I'm outta here."

Definitely not the response I was looking for from Kokesh but hey maybe this movement likes the message, stand down and see what happens. To stand down you must have enormous faith in your ability to persuade people and that the system is going to play fair with you. We're talking about persuading the same people your calling useless sheeple zombies whom couldn't give a shit less about whats going on as long as the powers on, the waters is running, food is in the fridge and the ball games are still on TV. Yeah great plan, it seems your taking more of a chance than me as at least I know I have a chance.

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Comment by Nancy Oakley on August 2, 2012 at 1:04am

Troy, I agree with you. Gun confiscation is a symptom of a larger disease. If we don't attack the actual disease, if we just treat the symptoms, we won't wipe out the disease that caused it. We will just prolong the pain.

Comment by suzie on August 2, 2012 at 12:20am

Patrick Henry is rolling over in his grave at that pathetic rant !!

I love you too Troy but we have different ears i guess ..

i cannot set you straight i hear what i hear .. you hear something else

~~very curious ~

Comment by Maas on August 1, 2012 at 11:49pm

Jew telling you to submit and give up, what a shock.

Comment by suzie on August 1, 2012 at 11:35pm

@Troy speak for yourself i know exactly where my balls are .. and i am not full of false Bravado! Maybe some will fold but many will not. When all of the rebels are dead then maybe he will have a point but until then ... i did not like his insinuation that were all full of hot air .. no one in there right mind wants violence! The point is they do! He was scolding who? it sounded to me like he was calling our bluff almost inciting us to violence .. fuk him yes.. my knee jerk reaction was to his jerkdumn assclown attitude .. who was he talking to?  Not me,  If were all warm when they drag us away fine.. my position is >his position was one of who are we fooling scolding who exactly?  kinda saying  we are all a bunch of bull sh*t artist,  maybe there are many who will fall from fear or battle but that kind of defeat talk is not productive .. there are guys like Roy who say they would rather die and take a few with him IF IT COMES TO THAT ..  That is a big IF.. IF THEY DO  house to house slow nazi like brutal take over of our lives and DENY US our right to defend ourselves .. i am with Roy.  This is a scenario no one wants .. preferably we could work within a peaceful solution..MANY ARE doing the best they can to STARVE THE MACHINE .. It may be a little to late for that .. That would take an entire nation waking up!  at least enough to shut down that MACHINE!   We have been warned by many about secret societies and the industrial complex .. if a peaceful resolution is not possible we will be forced to make a choice to Comply or Die ..  Adam is suggesting we will fold .. he is insulting our Patriotism and Bravery he suggest that we are cowards at the core .. or do i owe him and you an apology .. that is what i heard from him ~ i am an emotional creature i guess all the crap like flouride, Prozac, chem trails and whatever else i have ingested didn't work on me ..   Those of us who know we have been funding our own demise do what we can to stop it! but you would literally have to live on an island and grow your own food and go without all the comforts of modern life including the internet to get away from the MACHINE.  Or we could all FILE EXEMPT ON AN APPOINTED DAY AND STOP IT ALL IN ONE DAY .. i love my sista's and brotha's who are desperately fighting the new world order but we will all be tested and i have heard it said there will be a time when we will be forced to chose a side .. FREEDOM OR SLAVERY ~ our forefather's said the tree of Liberty will be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots ~ romantic? not really~ a real reality soon? most people think so ~ not by choice~ but by a duty you cannot scold people into  ~ peace preferably ~

Comment by Roy Patterson on August 1, 2012 at 9:19pm

My Moto is LIVE FREE OR DIE. I'm 70 years old and in good health and have lived a good life.. I have to be dead before they get any of my guns. I be happy to go if I can take a few of the bastards with me.

Comment by suzie on August 1, 2012 at 7:02pm

WHAT A piece of SH*T .. the closer we get to a real battle the ture colors of all people ypu may have once loved will change MINE JUST CHANGED ABOUT THIS BAD ASS PRICK.. MUSCLE MAN WHAT is he gonna do give up and give in? he was trained by the government ..  this rap pisses me off big time..  he sounds like a rat bastard troll ..   tell all the to these guys you trash ass motha .. see you in HELL ADAM .. i pray on my knees .. i STAND WITH MY BROTHERS ..~~ yes ASSHOLE I WOULD RATHER DIE STANDING UP WITH MY RIGHTS IN TACT AND MY DESTINATION SOUND ~ loyalist like you are going DOWN..

Comment by Sweettina2 on August 1, 2012 at 5:46pm

He needs the business end of one!

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 1, 2012 at 1:07pm

Yea dude is way to stoned to be dealing with reality. I don't agree with any of this really. Bottom line is if you're home when they come for your guns they are either going to take them or they are going to take YOU. Trick is, when this starts going down, to NOT be home.

Comment by truth on August 1, 2012 at 10:16am


Comment by J. Patriot on August 1, 2012 at 7:51am

Adam talks about these highly trained police! LOL! I use to be one of them and I can tell you they cant shoot any better than most people! One Deputy I worked with had to qualify three times before passing. True, we did train alot, but there are people like me that know there tactics and would share are knowledge with other Patriots. Does Adam know about Agenda 21 where these crazy power control freaks want to kill most of the World's population. If I'm going to die no matter what I do I prefer to choose how and when, and not on my knees! I swore an oath to defend the US Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, and I intend on doing exactly that! Adam if you think you can persuade evil control freaks who have been working all their lives to create this New World Order your living in a matrix of your own making! I hope you read up on what we are against, and realize once we give our gun's up it's over, and I mean OVER! I worked for years in Law Enforcement, and I saw corruption on the local level. These people feed on having power over you and me, and they will not give it up without a fight!

"Destroying the New World Order"


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