All I Want is to Live to See the Collapse

I'm so tired of waiting, preparing, talking to people, not talking to people, peiople not listening to me.  I just want to live long enough to be vindicative of the collapse at this point.  WHEN it happens I can hardly doubt anyone will give me credit for being right and nor would I gloat the same like gloating of someone who had gotten cancer that you told would get it if they kept smoking.

I stopped talking to people about preparing as time has grown nearer in my oppinion because I don't want any of those people to come looking for me when already have too many people around me not prepared that I can't escape.

I gave up everything on this when the first social infowars site came to be on line and started getting interested in getting Ron Paul elected for president.

I had sat and watched video after video after video and read everything I could about the New World Order and then overnight...poof, no more Keisha lol.

Its like being a band teacher in elementry school where you haf to teach everyone a instrument but you yourself haf to learn ALL the instruments.

I changed my college major over this what has turned out to be a very good thing actually so good job me not going into Credit and Finance and focusing on Nursing.  It has been very hard but now I can treat gunshot wounds lol.  I remember when I hated guns now I just pretend to hate them.

I maxed out 6,000 dollar credit card on silver thinking this was it when silver hit 12 a ounce a couple years ago but settled for 60 percent of the debt so in my mind that worked out although i kind of ripped off the bank so like i said that worked out lol, what else...hmm would like to have had my own family but little sisters keep getting pregnant so I can live vicarious through them at least.  at one point i threw caution into the wind about gaining weight thinking the collapse was near so that was suky for a while.  anyway, on and on.

I tried every idea then tried every idea again about prepping as i realized no idea was completely realistic or a cure all (my room full of toilet paper idea not very good), and now I have is the idea that I might have the satisfaction of knowing I was right about there being a real bad economic meltdown all along.

It's cool thogh, Id rather be right and stand alone then wrong and with the group.

Anyway...keepin the faith,


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Comment by Less Prone on March 25, 2017 at 10:03pm

Time of showdown the sooner the better. The globalist scum hasn't got the balls for a honest fight.

Comment by Less Prone on March 13, 2017 at 7:05pm

It may well be that mankind as a whole is a failed experiment with it's genetic mixture having too much of the greedy nonempathetic sociopath DNA in the genetic pool. One of our biggest strengths, adaptability, has been abused by TPTB and we are yielding more and more to the abyss of the coming NWO hell on earth.  If the mankind is to survive and throw out the abusers we need to get up and revolt.

Comment by Deep Space on January 15, 2017 at 6:51pm

I SO wanted the global economic crash to occur to prove that I was right. I really wanted to prove them all wrong, including my mom. She died 2 1/2 months ago. I still may end up being right, but what a waste of energy to say the least...

Comment by Anti Everything on January 15, 2017 at 2:00pm

I appreciate your frustrations, Keisha. DS made an interesting point about not investing in 'being right'. I think we may take a chance of turning our egos loose and loosing sight of reality,... unless of course you are right! To the best on my knowledge, every civilization has collapsed. Fiat currency has an average life of 40 year before collapsing, Fed note is over due. Silver and gold have maintained their value through out history - until recently, when The Wall Street people went out of control. I personally don't think they can continue to succeed as the fiat will collapse.

It seems to be the 'when' that is bothering me, and you, too. Over the years I have simply changed my reasons from 'prepping' and being community to a attitude my grand parent had of being prepared and preparing one to two years out. I don't talk to folks that watch Tv, and believe it; that think a politicians will save them, or call a cop for any reason short of a murder.

Mostly, I live all day and accomplish as many cool things as I can during the moments of that day. Regardless of the corruption and perversions of this country, world, I am having a good life.

Or as I recently read, "Or it could be just a time to have a dance party and forget about all of life's many troubles."  - Burbia

Comment by Burbia on January 15, 2017 at 6:00am
Well, it was reported what ever is coming, the money Trump has won't save him, which is why he is aligning himself with the 'deplorables'. There is resistance to Trump as president being fueled by Soros, the Deep State and left wing supporters. The endless war on terrorism is receiving blowback in the western countries. Duterte is shifting power in the Pacific by eliminating CIA drug trade and now aligning itself with Russia. Hungary is stepping out of the order by kicking out the globalist Soros. Bitcoin is eliminating manipulation by bankers, acing out the Federal Reserve thus the Rothschilds. Venezuela is in the collapse right now. Chavez resisted the Rothschilds and the country is in turmoil. By way of the internet, people are keeping real time observation on the criminal elite, exposing them for what they are. Essentially doing what the estabished media was supposed to do, watchdog corruption in the estabishment. We know global warming is pushing carbon taxes. Talk of entering a mini ice age was expected in contrast to global warming. This is the second time I've noticed the northern hemisphere covered in snow and ice in the last few years. I guess sunspots have something to do with how warm it gets, which has not been present for a while. Will an asteroid devastate the majority of the planet? Is Project Blue Beam able to simulate an asteroid impacting earth. Obama flooding the US with immigrants and commuting prison terms for inmates is unprecedented. We ultimately found out he is Muslim, a religion incompatible with anyone else not adhering to its beliefs, Shariah law. Then there's the Talmud which mirrors the Koran with fanaticism and suspect practices of pedophila. Christianity is suffering from this degeneracy as well, but its targeting is more evident than the other two major religions. All of this is a mixture for chaos which has been the objective of elites. We certainly are closer to a collapse than we were 10 years ago. It's not going to be pretty when the US collapse goes live and world wide. Or it could be just a time to have a dance party and forget about all of life's many troubles.
Comment by Deep Space on January 13, 2017 at 5:01pm

Investing in 'bout being 'right' is a poor investment. But I didn't used to think so years ago. Now I'm like, 'Leave 'em alone. I don't know what it is that makes some more 'awake' than others, but it certainly has nothing to do with my input or how many links I share on social media. I respect everyone's right to choose. Even if they choose what I think, is ignorance. Now I mostly just focus on what I think & what I feel & ask myself "Who Am I?" a lot. Maybe it's just natural at my age to let go of the outer & nurture the inner...



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