All politics is staged ‘reality’

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Politics is not what the people assume it to be.


American voters these days are actively working to elect someone who will right the sinking ship of state. They go to the polls in good faith. They vote in good faith. They caucus and they volunteer to work for campaigns in good faith.


But they believe a lie.


Politics is staged. It’s not reality. To the establishment, politics is both a game and a livelihood. Politicians, consultants, pollsters and campaign operatives are in the game for the money and power and prestige. They have no core values. This applies to the political hacks, especially, who will go from one politician to the next at the drop of a hat.


Just watch, as one candidate after the other drops out, how the consulting-class political operatives who worked to smear one candidate on behalf another jump to the team of the candidate they were smearing just the week before.


The voting people watch town hall events and what passes today for political debates and see crowds and hear cheers, or alternatively, boos, and presume the crowds are passionate supporters or detractors, reacting based on their political beliefs.


It’s all fake. Talent agencies and acting pools supply people for the crowds based on whatever criteria is needed to drive a particular narrative. Need a Hispanic to agitate and make this candidate look like he hates brown people? There’s an ad for that, and an actor to fill the role. Need a black person or two in order to dilute a white crowd and make that candidate look like a champion for black causes – whatever those are? The talent pool has some willing black actors on hand.


A company called Crowds on Demand  is one such “talent agency.” Others include Crowds for Rent and Extra Mile Casting. They provide actors with assignments and scripts and have been doing so for several years.


“I have worked with dozens of campaigns for state officials, and 2016 presidential candidates,” Crowds on Demand CEO Adam Swart told NBC4, adding that he won’t name any names. “I can’t go in to (sic) detail… if I did, nobody would hire us.”


Beyond just paying people to show up, Swart told NBC Los Angeles that sometimes clients want more. “Yes, I have scripted it on some occasions,” he said.


Last year, Personal Liberty’s Sam Rolley interviewed Swart. Swart admitted:


Yes, we do designate specific crowd members to approach members of the press and of course we tell them what to say. Sometimes it’s just a list of talking points, while some campaigns give us an exact script. More often than not, they want a specific type of person to approach the press to get a certain point across.


Read the story, “For some campaigns, political rallies are just commercials… complet...,” for the whole interview and more on staged politics.


And here are copies of letters from one talent agency looking for actors for a “smear video against Donald Trump.”


Americans are the most propagandized people in the world. Most have no clue.


And it’s not just in political races. The crowds that have been outside fast food restaurants “protesting” for a higher minimum wage were mostly paid actors and some out-of-work union thugs, not real fast food workers. This is true of most “spontaneous” protests these days. It’s all astroturf lobbying.


Donald Trump  used fake crowds at his campaign launch, though  he doesn’t need them now. The “reality TV” star has plenty of his own fans. Fitting, given America’s current “reality TV” culture.


Until people wake up and quit providing “legitimacy” to this failed system of American politics, nothing will change. I have told you before that politicians and their hack handlers are wordsmiths and master persuaders. It’s all salesmanship 101 (Trump is a master salesman), and the American people fall for it hook, line and sinker.


Whoever wins, you lose. Politicians are politicians under any brand. They are paid and pensioned by Washington. Where do you think that their loyalties lie?

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