An Assessment Of The Wikileaks Data ~ Where'd This Shit Come From Anyway?

Wikileaks, following much media fanfare (reason for suspicion right there) has just released a huge number of documents supposedly leaked to WikiLeaks and no other websites'. The media is denouncing this as a threat to the United States while US politicians wring their hands and wonder when they will be free of the curse of the First Amendment and all that troublesome nonsense about Freedom of Speech. Many observers think this is a propaganda set up and that neither Julian Assange or WikiLaeks should be taken at face value. After all, Julian Assange keeps insisting there was no 9-11 conspiracy and the 9-11 truth movement a "distraction." Apparently Julian Assange has patented conspiracy and nobody else may expose one except himself!

Of course, there is really not that much that is new in this latest dump. Like prior WikiLeaks dumps, most of it is old news mixed with some rather dubious claims. In his last such dump, Julian Assange included a claim that Osama bin Laden is still alive and controlling Al Qaeda. Of course, it is well documented outside the United States that Osama bin Laden has been dead for many years and that Al Qaeda itself is a fake front group created to hoax Americans into endless wars of conquest, much as the fictional Emmanuel Goldstein was used in George Orwell's "1984."

In yet another infamous propaganda attempt, WikiLeaks tried to claim that weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq, justifying the invasion. No such weapons were ever found.

As for the present batch of documents, again it is a rehash of stories already known to the blog-o-sphere. Even those people who did not know US diplomats spy on their United Nations counterparts did not find it surprising or in any way a new idea.

So what is the real purpose of Assange's little charade? Propaganda.

Propaganda is like rat poison. 95% of it is tasty, healthy food. But the purpose is to get you to swallow the poison. The same is true of the WikiLeaks document dump. The bait are all these old stories which we already knew about, used to convince us that the entire pile is "tasty, healthy food," except that it isn't. Buried in the pile of delicious, albeit past the expiration date morsels are the bits of poison which the US Government knows you will no longer accept at face value from the controlled media, but hope you will eat if handed to you by a con artist posing as hostile to the government.

So, given that 95% of the current WikiLeaks is really old news, as a public service I will point out the bits of poison that Julian hopes you will eat.

1. Iran is bad so you should all want to kill them.

2. Saudi Arabia is bad because they are funding Al Qaeda so you should all want to kill them.

3. North Korea is bad because they gave really long range missiles to Iran for Iran to put their nuclear warheads in, so you should all want to kill them.

4. China is messing with your computers, so you should all want to kill them.

That about sums it up. Oh yes, there is nothing negative about Israel in all these diplomatic messages, an impossibility given the lethal Israeli attack on the Aid Flotilla last May. That suggests who Assange really works for.

If WikiLeaks were really bad, why doesn't DHS, which did not hesitate to takeover dozens of domains this last week for copyright infringement, not take over WikiLeaks domain for "National Security?" Clearly, the US Government wants you to read the "leaks!"

Wikileaks IS the Pentagon and the CIA.

This crap is the largest propaganda dump the Pentagon and CIA have ever taken and believe me, I'm going to need a really BIG diaper to throw it all away when I'm done.

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Comment by Marklar on December 8, 2010 at 6:10am
Well, at the very least Assange is a self-imposed gatekeeper. He says he has a store house full of dirt that will be released upon his untimely death. If it's so hardcore what right does he have to keep it from the public in the first place? Especially considering what Wikileaks is SUPPOSED to be.

BTW James, in the next leak release you'll find out that I'm not really an Elvis impersonator, I just wear the outfit to remind his family members that he's dead.
Comment by truth on December 4, 2010 at 6:10am
UFO's, whats next Leaked Gov Elvis sightings?
Comment by truth on December 4, 2010 at 6:09am
There is no question in my mind that this is a total nwo scam. Try this one out too.
Julian Assange, a man on the run, sat down for a few minutes Friday morning to answer questions from the public via the website of The Guardian, one of the five news organizations who helped Wikileaks leak confidential U.S. diplomatic cables.

In the chat, Assange revealed himself to be bitter over the governmental reaction to the leaks, proud of the work he is doing and the
organization he created, and wary of UFO conspiracy theorists. He also
claims he deliberately set up to prove their alleged lack of
real support for free speech.

Here are some of Assange's responses to questions:

In the event of his or Wikileaks' untimely demise

"The Cable Gate archive has been spread, along with significant material from the US and other countries to over 100,000 people in encrypted
form. If something happens to us, the key parts will be released
automatically. Further, the Cable Gate archives is in the hands of
multiple news organisations. History will win. The world will be
elevated to a better place. Will we survive? That depends on you."

His vision for Wikileaks

"I always believed that WikiLeaks as a concept would perform a global role and to some degree it was clear that is was doing that as far back as
2007 when it changed the result of the Kenyan general election. I
thought it would take two years instead of four to be recognised by
others as having this important role, so we are still a little behind
schedule and have much more work to do."

Leaks about UFOs

"Many weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a
pot-plant. However, as yet they have not satisfied two of our publishing
rules. However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of
the cablegate archive there are indeed references to UFOs."

Alleged threats to his life

"The threats against our lives are a matter of public record, however, we are taking the appropriate precautions to the degree that we are able
when dealing with a super power."

The source of the leaks

"If indeed it is the case, as alleged by the Pentagon, that the young soldier - Bradley Manning - is behind some of our recent disclosures,
then he is without doubt an unparalleled hero." dumping Wikileaks from its servers

"Since 2007 we have been deliberately placing some of our servers in jurisdictions that we suspected suffered a free speech deficit inorder
to separate rhetoric from reality. Amazon was one of these cases."

On Australia, his country of birth and citizenship

"I am an Australian citizen and I miss my country a great deal. However, during the last weeks the Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard, and
the attorney general, Robert McClelland, have made it clear that not
only is my return is impossible but that they are actively working to
assist the United States government in its attacks on myself and our
people. This brings into question what does it mean to be an Australian
citizen - does that mean anything at all? Or are we all to be treated
like David Hicks at the first possible opportunity merely so that
Australian politicians and diplomats can be invited to the best US
embassy cocktail parties."

Being the face of Wikileaks, which has many anonymous members

"I originally tried hard for the organization to have no face, because I wanted egos to play no part in our activities. However this quickly led
to tremendous distracting curiosity about who and random individuals
claiming to represent us. In the end, someone must be responsible to the
public and only a leadership that is willing to be publicly courageous
can genuinely suggest that sources take risks for the greater good. In
that process, I have become the lightening rod. I get undue attacks on
every aspect of my life, but then I also get undue credit as some kind
of balancing force."

"Destroying the New World Order"


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