Another War for Mr. Obama is shaping up, this time in Syria

It seems inevitable.  And nothing we can do about it.  America seems headed for another war with another country that is no threat or a very tiny threat to the USA.  It has not been that long since we had a war in Libya, killing scores of people — men, women and children — and killing the national leader and even his family.  Does anybody know why the US and Mr. Obama decided to kill and destroy that nation?  I don’t think so, certainly not the average well-informed American.  We have no answers to why we created that little Hell on Earth.  Maybe because the Libyan leader did not cooperate with the elite of the World’s banks — that seems to be the most plausible answer.

So now it is Syria,  We arm the opposition, admittedly some of the worst characters of the Middle East.  Then we promote dissent, and the leadership responds as Obama and his regime knew they would react.  Then we tell them that we are going to go to War with them, killing many and disposing of the leader.  Maybe he will be buried at sea with no one able to ask any questions about it.

Clinton: Syria must end violence to avoid “catastrophic assault”  Rueters (UK) 08 July 2012

Now Russia is standing up to this madness and creating a little madness of their own.  Sending weapons and warships to little tiny Syria to stand up to Mr. Obama and crazy Ms. Clinton.

“Russia dispatched a flotilla of warships to Syria” - The Telegraph (UK) 11 July 2012

“Moscow Warns West of ‘Big War’ in Syria” – Ria Novosti (Russia) 05 July 2012

This little tiny country may turn into a major event, and Americans don’t even know why in the Hell we are doing anything with this little nothing of a country.  Why can’t we just leave them alone?  Give ‘em a hand if they need it, but generally why don’t we just butt out?

Sign in one of the protest marches in Syria

What if we had a little disturbance in a place like Detroit? (I think we have plenty of disturbances there).  Is it then OK for China to threaten the Michigan governor that he must resign, and then supply any crazy fringe group with weapons to cause dissent, and then threaten Michigan with war and carpet bombing, killing scores of Detroiters?  Isn’t that essential for Chinese interests?  Will Chinese troops marching around Michigan be the next logical step?  I don’t think the average China citizen would understand and agree with that.  What’s the difference with Syria?

In our nation’s Constitution, it is very clear about Wars.  Anyone with a decent command of English can understand it fully.  It says Congress is the only one that can declare a War.  Period.  Not the President.  Not some Hollywood actor.  Not the Governor of Michigan.  Only Congress.  But Congress does not stop this violation of the supreme Law of the Land, the same Constitution they all (including the President) swore to God and the people of the World that they would uphold and protect.  Did that Oath mean nothing to all of them?  Just because we have violated this Constitution in this way since the mid-60′s, does that make it OK for Mr. Obama to do it now?  And for Congress to ignore this violation of the Law?

American “Peace Keeper”

All of my adult life — and now I am a pretty old guy — has been spent as an American with his country at War.  I even participated in one in Southeast Asia, in another war that no one knew why we were fighting, that was started by an incidence that proved to be a total lie.  Over 55,000 young American guys just like me died in that crazy conflict.  And millions of people in that small country were killed.  And for what?  To protect American interests?  Was Vietnam about ready to invade Fresno and go on a killing spree?   Well, that same scenario of an absolutely stupid war (and we have all known this for a long time) has been repeated over and over again over the next 50 years.  Killing and mayhem.  All for supposed American interests, with no legal declaration of War as required by our supreme Law of the Land, commanded by all of our various presidents.

When Mussolini took over Italy, he violated his constitution and started Wars in little countries all over Northern Africa, disposing leaders and killing scores of people.  When his reign was over, Mussolini was portrayed in history as a criminal Fascist that deserved his hanging.  What is the difference with this Obama guy?  What is the difference between Syria, and the little Kingdom of Ethiopia in the 1930′s?

“Kill one person, it’s called murder. Kill 100,000, and it’s called foreign policy.”

Let us all think about what each one of us can do to stop this horrible system.  To have America’s leaders obey the Law and to work to make America a good place to live and grow a family and find inner peace.  If even just 10% of Americans did something —- that’s over 35 million people — the US federal government would have to change.  Just obeying the Law of the Land would be a good start.

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