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Austerity in Europe "dismal failure": Joseph Stiglitz

The logic behind the above title is that the international financial system with its privately controlled central banks seek to improve Europe's finances. That is patently false. Their primary goal as parasites to their host countries is to suck as much wealth as they can by their money as debt scam and by transferring national assets into their pockets with often nominal compensation to the host. When there is no more to be stolen the secondary function of population reduction sets in going hand in hand with war profiteering and plundering of natural resources. Link to the article.

"Austerity policies in the euro zone designed to deal with the region’s financial crisis have been a “dismal failure”, Columbia University Professor Joseph Stiglitz said at the 5th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences, while Chancellor Angela Merkel called for repair of the euro “construction flaws” at the same venue."

Note that the ECB has done it's work of running down Europe in parallel with its sister the FED in the U.S. just splendidly for the international bankers. The "dismal failure" in fact is a phenomenal success. We are unwillingly and unknowingly at war, being attacked daily by the descendants of privateer pirates, usury bankers, and drug dealers, who proudly continue the tradition their ancestors started.

This has got to stop.

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Comment by Less Prone on September 2, 2014 at 6:45am

Piracy and usury were in the old times punishable by death. Should drug dealers who destroy the lives of their victims be treated any different? Death by drug addiction is full of decadence and horrors.


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