Benghazi Consulate Attack real or not real? What do the pictures tell us?

US Embassies have signs. I pretty much want to say, “DUH”. Note the examples in the beginning of the photos shown below. Now, the burned out building photos are supposedly of the consulate in Benghazi. There are no signs on the walls. Now, look at the images of the debris. Do you see anything American burnt? Do you see a bad picture of State Department officials gone wild? Do you see Obama? Do you see Hillary Clinton? Do you see anything that says, “American ….”. Do any of the vehicles have Diplomatic signs? Does anything in any images you have seen of the Benghazi attack show you it’s an Embassy or Consulate? I have been to at least half a dozen consulates and Embassies in my life, and they have a ton of “official” looking signs, documents, memorabilia. It smells as American as Apple Pie and baseball.

I want some proof there was an attack at an American Consulate in Libya. So far, I have one rude comment from someone on facebook who said, “I worked there”, but when asked to give some proof, they got offended and stomped off like a two year old saying it was beneath them to provide “proof”. So, if you have an official document showing the Benghazi Consulate, please post it. We have conflicting news account of where the Consulate actually is in Benghazi. So, I need a nice picture. If you are in Benghazi, please go to the front gate, take a dozen pictures of the Consulate sign and burned out building in the background. So far, all I see is a building with a swimming pool.

US Embassy in Cairo

US Embassy in Manila

US Embassy in Yemin



Benghazi Consulate image shows charred room with a desk that has no burn marks. How did this desk survive the flames? Does this make sense? Or do you feel like you are being duped? Do you question anything the media shows you?


what is your assessment? It has to be better than the crap were being told on tv

was this a consulate or something else? 

911 was an inside job ~ which 911 are we going to refer in the history books? 

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Comment by Sweettina2 on November 6, 2012 at 2:32am

Right on Suzie!  Not long ago, I cant remember what situation it was; but, I think it was this one.  In the vids and pics it looked like holy hell going on with fire everywhere.  I started looking good at the pics and I see buckets spaced here and there with fire in them.  It looked staged.  I wasnt feeling well so I turned the computer dont know where it was.  The Arabs have known for a very long time about Israel, they have suffered their attacks for generations.  You got it, Al Qaeda was a CIA invention. I've seen the vids were they are training Bin Laden. When the Zionists are done with their lackeys they often kill them.  Saddam was another they used then killed.  But I do know he was an evil man.

Comment by suzie on November 4, 2012 at 11:45pm

all i can figure is Libya has been a place the unites states has lied about for a long time~ Its all part of the occupation of the middle east and between the united states, england & Israel  we have made a mess of there worlds.  what may have started out as trade (oil mostly) has tuned into taking over.. with wars and hell for so many people. People are trying to figure out what happened in Benghazi. No one knows the whole truth but dealing guns to Al Qaeda to help us take down other Regimes is apparently dangerous.  We are told Al Qaeda is our enemy yet we train them and use them to fight covert wars.  That was no consulate it was a CIA deal and we created Al Qaeda ..  maybe the missing link is revenge for what we did to Gaddafi and attacking on 911 was a message...

especially since we are now being told it was a planned attack..

I think every one in the world knows 911 was not done by Al Qaeda accept the american people.

Until we start looking at Israel and stop blaming Muslim "extremest" were all just going around in the stupid circle ~ 

Comment by suzie on October 25, 2012 at 6:47pm

I wonder what the "mission " was in that dump that had no prominent sign but apparently lots of Graffiti ~


Comment by Nathan on October 25, 2012 at 1:15pm

An Embassy is a permanent diplomatic mission to a country and, as some of the pictures show, will be identified prominently with a sign.

A consulate is more or less a branch office of an embassy and is not always id'd as such; esp in a volatile theatre.

The US upgraded our diplomatic mission to Embassy status, in Tripoli, in 2006 (if I remember correctly)


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