Blockbuster: The Secret Cohen Investigation, Why the Public Only Got “the Sideshow”

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…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

[ Editor’s Note: Some might ask why VT had not put this out before now. The reason is…that time is not right. Good things can happen when the timing is right, and bad things can happen to people when the timing is bad.

Having mobsters for friends can be dangerous

It is easier to push a car faster when it is already rolling, more so when you get over a hill and on a downward incline, and easier yet to run the car off the road into a tree.

We are nudging the car toward a nice big oak tree with Gordon’s missive below. Whatever anyone out there thought they knew of Trump, is in for a big surprise. It is bigger and badder than anything reported to date.

And the worst part of it, the most dangerous, Trump is just a front man pimple in all of this. This massive ongoing criminal enterprise (something the RICO statutes were created to deter) could never have kept going on the scale that it did without the US’ massive investment in various security orgs being compromised. Who has the juice to do that…the Israel Lobby, the folks that ran Jonathan Pollard? Who was able to turn so many heads and have them look away when this flagrant activity was going on right in front of them?

It’s not about Cohen. It’s not even really about Trump. It’s about bringing the whole gang down from A to Z, including all those that helped and protected them. The US security orgs will have some soul searching to do.

Take this all in below. Read it twice, as you will need to, and think about why Mueller has been so quiet in the midst of all the taunts not only from Trump but from “helper” Mr. 911 Rudi.

When you are getting toward the end of reading this, ask yourself how much Rudi would have known about all of this. What did he do, not do, and why? To take this mob on, the real one, is going to take some major public support to push it. It will take a full court press to get over the finish line.

“They” will be fighting for their lives, and be willing to do anything to save themselves. What would we be willing to do to save ourselves, our families? And without further ado, I pass you on to Mr. Duff’s interesting missive belowJim W. Dean ]


Will the real Godfather please step forward

– First published … February 28, 2019

VT published an advance copy of the opening statement given by Cohen and was threatened by the White House, albeit lightly. Had Cohen been on the phone, there would have been screaming.

OK, here’s the deal. Some of what I am giving here is already before the House and was discussed today behind closed doors. Some of it wasn’t. Thus, send this to your congressional representative or, rather, closest non-mob owned representative, if you are in a GOP district. The entire GOP is mob controlled, as this hearing has proven out.


Note that I am an RNC member since 1987 and have worked on more elections than anyone but Jimmie Carter, my last being the recent Nigerian “experience.” I have been a real political consultant, politics not terrorism or dirty-tricks, from Pakistan to Serbia, across Africa and through Latin America. America is now the worst of the lot.

We begin:

President Trump has hundreds, if not thousands of people under NDA or NCNDA agreements, non competes and non disclosures. Here are a few gems:

  • We have reason to believe the current first lady, Melania Knauss, is under an NDA agreement and pre-nuptial agreement as well. We have reason to believe she has direct information on criminal acts including mob hits on Trump associates and requires credible protection. If the world learns the truth, this will be, perhaps, the most dramatic and shocking of all. This includes the safety and status of her extended family as well. We have no information we would care to divulge about her. I have spoken at length with someone who has XXXXXXXX and could not be more concerned as to the life someone has gotten herself into.
  • We know that at least 500 people have been threatened by Michael Cohen during his 10 years with Trump. The real number is far higher and the threats, according to our sources, are both legal and physical violence. Trump is a longtime mob associate through his lifelong association with Roy Cohn, real godfather of New York’s Kosher mob; but, additionally, his “Lolita express” team is Mossad protected.
  • Cohen needs to be debriefed on all threats, meaning every dealing Trump has had, since all of Trump’s dealings as a “cheat and con man” involve extortion, threats of violence and blackmail.
  • Toward that end, we begin with issues of Cohen’s dealings with the families of children Trump is alleged to have had sex with. This not conjecture – Trump has “settled” more than one child sex lawsuit or threat of lawsuit. Each one has to be looked at for the following aspects: Why wasn’t it prosecuted as criminal, which we saw in the Acosta coverup which Trump was involved in, keeping Jeffrey Epstein out of prison for life. On Trump’s similar charges, and Trump has been charged in civil court with child rape, why only civil? Who covered each of these up? How many does Cohen know about? How much was paid out? Were they killings, as is alleged in documents filed in New York charging Trump with child rape and coercion.
  • Beyond this, how many law enforcement and judicial officials were involved in the New York apartment owned by Les Wexner (owner of Victoria Secret/the Limited.) Wexner’s former personal assistant is a VT staffer, thank you very much. We have that kind of reach. We know everything he has done in his entire life. Recently Wexner met with Barack Obama and came to an agreement to stop funding mob-backed candidates. We pay attention.
  • Wexner and associated families in Columbus, Ohio have their own story, starting with Larry Silverstein and his dealings with the World Trade Center and his order to “pull down” Building 7 on 9/11, using, according to our sources, 4 or more WMD’s. No, we aren’t kidding and can offer testimony with proper protections.
  • Cohen was involved in furnishing financial information on behalf of Trump to hundreds of financial organizations, many tied directly to the US government and others. In many of these cases, these fake documents represent conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, and a bevy of other violations. Cohen has to be debriefed on every transaction, outlining who was cheated; and according to Cohen’s own testimony, everyone Trump dealt with was cheated.
  • We then return to the threats. How were each of these “differences” settled. When it involved banking and mortgage fraud with institutions of the US government, in criminal violation of US law, why were there no prosecutions? How did Trump do this, who helped him, who were the officials that “looked the other way” during thousands of criminal transactions, tax cheats, mortgage and insurance fraud, securities fraud, and let’s not forget the easy ones, Trump University and the Trump Foundation.
  • Every transaction of these two organizations is a potential criminal case.
  • Taking things broader afield, Cohen came onboard in 2007. Between late 1990 and 1997, according to CIA and US Senate sources, and we don’t mean “staffers,” the Trump organization was a conduit for illegal transactions involving cash stolen from Soviet banks, including but not limited to the Commercial Banks of Latvia, Leningrad, Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine. In 1991 I met with officials of these banks and later with US Senators representing the Senate Banking Committee, along with members of key “families” in the New York area and Canada. Oh, we took lots of photos.
  • Donald Trump was not at the meetings at the Pierre and elsewhere, but it is the understanding that funds stolen from the Soviet Union, billions of dollars, were split between GOP leaders, certain attorneys and members of Soviet organizations such as the KGB. By 2007, the relationships set up then would be in full force, where money stolen from the Soviet Union and from the Russian Federation was bled through the Alfa Bank, a certain bank in Queens with relationship to a Russian-owned bank in Cyprus, and into an organization currently referred to as the Khazarian Mafia. Many still call it the “Russian mob.”
  • Statements were made that Russian intelligence personnel, aided by former Spetznaz and RKM members released from the gulags would overwhelm New York’s organized crime families and terrorize the FBI. I was told the FBI would face better armed, better financed and better trained opponents than it would ever be able to deal with who would systematically, through partnerships in New York – many based around Trump but other groups as well – become a nation within a nation, above the law.
  • This said, based on Cohen coming onboard the Trump organization and its array of partnerships with “Russian oligarchs” directly tied to the biggest crime families controlled by Ukrainian born Semion Mogilevich – From Justice Security, August 30, 2018 by Craig Unger:

“Amidst President Donald Trump’s ongoing threats to revoke security clearances from various critics, perhaps the most mysterious person on his enemy list is Bruce Ohr, the Justice Department lawyer who has repeatedly been a Trump target for reasons that have never been clearly articulated. Ohr has never criticized Trump as far as anyone is aware, and has worked at the Justice Department as an award-winning civil servant for nearly thirty years in Republican and Democratic administrations alike.

It has been noted that Ohr had ties to the notorious Christopher Steele dossier and that his wife worked for Fusion GPS, which hired Steele, a former British agent, to investigate Trump. But there is quite likely another reason which could trouble Trump even more: Ohr’s job in the Justice Department involved facing off against Russian crime boss Semion Mogilevich whose operatives have been using Trump branded properties to launder millions of dollars for more than three decades.

If the FBI’s investigations turn toward Trump’s ties to Russian organized crime, which is entirely foreseeable, the president may be interested in trying to delegitimize those efforts as he has attempted with other aspects of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. What the public should also understand is how Mogilevich has served as an agent for Vladimir Putin’s efforts in the United States and abroad.

If one tracks Trump’s ties to Russia, the name Mogilevich pops up more than any single name, beginning in 1984 when alleged Mogilevich operative David Bogatin bought five condos in Trump Tower for $6 million in cash.

Over the years, no fewer than 1,300 Trump-branded condos were sold in all cash purchases to anonymous shell companies—the two criteria that set off alarm bells among anti-money laundering authorities.

In 2002, after Trump had gone belly up in Atlantic City, Bayrock, a real estate development company that allegedly had ties to Mogilevich, moved into Trump Tower and partnered with Trump—in the process bailing out the bankrupt real estate mogul and putting him in a position to eventually run for the presidency.

And Ohr is not the only Mogilevich specialist who has been the subject of Trump’s ire. Last September, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page was fired from her position on Mueller’s probe into the Trump-Russia scandal after anti-Trump text messages exchanged between her and Peter Strzok came to light. (Strzok, a member of Mueller’s team with whom Page was having a relationship, was also fired.)

However, little attention was paid to what may well be the most interesting item on Page’s resume—her considerable experience prosecuting money laundering cases involving Russian organized crime, including working with the FBI’s task force in Budapest to prosecute a money-laundering case against Dmitry Firtash, the Ukrainian oligarch who partnered with both Paul Manafort and Semion Mogilevich.”

Did Trump’s mother trust him?

Back to business:

  • We have reason to believe, based on sources here and elsewhere, that Mr. Cohen has had dealings with members of the committee he is currently addressing, including and especially Devin Nunes, former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
  • We allege that it is quite possible that Mr. Cohen was directly involved in efforts to protect Russian mobsters tied to Manafort and Mogilevich, including Felix Sater and others, who have longstanding relations with the Trump organization. What does Cohen know of Nunes and other members of the House and Senate, of pressure made, of payoffs and blackmail?

From CNBC, 2 hours ago:

“Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and Felix Sater will testify in separate House Intel Committee hearings in March

  • President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen will testify before the House Intelligence Committee in another closed-door session on Wednesday.
  • Felix Sater, Trump’s former business associate who was a partner at one of Trump’s New York properties, will testify before the committee in an open session on March 14, Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said Thursday evening.
  • The Intelligence Committee also intends to call Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg to testify, a source with knowledge told NBC News Thursday.”

We continue:

  • Key to understanding Sater, a longtime Mogilevich top associate with strong ties to AIPAC, Israeli intelligence and key “philanthropic” figures within the American Jewish community (Sater, a convicted felon, was “Jewish Man of the Year” in 2012) is how the families that operated what was known as “Murder Incorporated” under Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Dutch Schultz, Harry Strauss, Martin Goldstein, Irving Nitzberg, Louis Buchalter, Emanuel Weiss, Harry Strauss, Philip and Irving Cohen and others became powerful banking families that currently fund the GOP. Ties to MDC Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio and all associates, public and private, including “family owned” FBI agents need to be addressed.
  • That investigation then needs to go to Minneapolis/St.Paul, where we have enough evidence to fill a moving van.
  • We then suggest that a quashed FBI investigation led by former FBI Agent Mike Dick, involving the above-mentioned crime families and their inheritors, including newer Russian associates, all headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, needs to proceed, including all relations between the Trump organizations and these families.
  • Related to this are movements of weapons and illegal intelligence devices, including weapons of mass destruction and sarin gas through Teterboro Airport. Mr Cohen needs to be asked about all Trump aircraft and what he knows of Trump’s travels and how he gets past customs, which is paid off. Cohen will require additional immunity when it comes to issues of smuggling gold, diamonds, bugging equipment, children used for sex and relatives of Kosher Nostra oligarchs who illegally relocate to Trump properties in New York and Florida. Roger Stone needs to be questioned on this also.
  • We return to the House Intelligence Committee and communications with key GOP members. Cohen needs to be questioned on this in open session so the American people will begin to know what they are dealing with, as it goes so much further.
  • The House will need to call on executives from Deutsche Bank, one of the Rothschild-run banks that owns the Federal Reserve (a secret), in order to outline the specific timing of their mysterious on-and-off book loans to Trump, which can be curiously tied to funds deposited by extremely well known organized crime figures. DB has been fined 4 times for this, billions of dollars, but the truth needs to come out, and Cohen knows enough to move this investigation forward.
  • We strongly suggest that the House call former FBI agent (US Army Colonel) Mike Dick, who will know about the operations at Teterboro airport and so much more that will involve Trump. We are told that the GOP ordered him murdered; and when that didn’t work, though Fox News reported he was “armed and dangerous,” Dick was cut off from all income and forced to work as an Uber driver…and this was America’s top “street cop.”

We are going to stop here. We could go on forever.

When we are done, two dozen “philanthropists” will be jailed; and the trail will lead to London, to Tel Aviv and begin to demonstrate how penetrated and corrupt every level of government is in the United States, from the county sheriffs in Florida that Trump pays off for human trafficking, to officials around the world.

  • Cohen needs to be asked about every murder, assault, rape, mysterious disappearance and kidnapping he has been involved in on behalf of Trump.

Keeping this secret from the public is an unimaginable disservice.

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