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Confirmed: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did escape

Just doing some semi related research into some German relics and came across a German woman who has been living here in the USA for q few years and her Father was a high ranking German officer during WWII.

I asked her if she heard about the "theory" that Hitler had escaped. She emphatically said Hitler escaped according to her Father, who was a German officer.

This information coincides with other evidence or lack there of that Hitler escaped on a U-Boat to Buenas Aires/Paraguy/Uraguy in South America. 

It was stated that the American intelligence(Probably G-2 or OSS) sine it was 1945 wanted to get all his information as it relates to Operation Paperclip.(Not sure since Verner Von Braun was the lead scientist in question then)

When asked about a special book that connected the Nazi's to Antarctica and UFO's my source confirmed it as well without reading this book. 

I was also doing some research on "Secret Underground Bases/Cities"  and came up with interviews by Thomas Edwin Castello(2 of them 2-3 hours long total)  and

Once you have heard this information, it seems to answer "other" questions since I was in the U.S. Secret Service.

It does appear there was a Treaty signed in or about 1933 with "Aliens" for the mutual exchange of information and allowances or exchange of "HUMAN DNA" for technology. Aliens apparently occupied this planet long before us and in some instances, confirm Biblical accounts too.(angels etc..)

I will stop here and continue to dig on this latest information.


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Comment by John Carman on April 1, 2013 at 9:37pm

Just a note to tell you all that I never trust anyone or other sources until I start to read them and figure out what they are "speculating" about. I like to hear it straight from people who have nothing to lose or gain and they have no "hidden agenda". It seems here in the United States, we are being controlled thru medias that is already controlled. I like to talk directly to humans that were actually there or saw something or family members of actual witnesses who have nothing to gain by lying but more by telling the truth. I am going to continue on with this and see if I can get more solid evidence. (This is easier than proving Elvis is alive an living in South America. Another interesting story too)   

Comment by John Carman on April 1, 2013 at 9:20pm

Okay, I understand now. We are all on the same page I think. You have further informed me of more facts as well too. Thanks! That is what this forum is really about anyway. Educating others and helping to educate yourself too. I think the people on this forum are probably more intelligent and understanding of what really goes on. The problem is they are not serving in our countries highest positions,...yet. Some others that profess too mkuch about the Bush Family just get annoying after awhile, cause they sound like a broken record.  Hell, I can tell you some things that will further confirm what you already know.(Including the Cocaine filled hanger in Ilopango  El Salvador discovered by my buddy former DEA agent Cele Castillo. He actually tried to tell GHW Bush and he just walked away ignoring him at the Rose garden in the White House grounds at an awards ceremony. GHWBush was probably in Dallas that day in November 11, 1963 too, among others. The list keeps expanding cause I am doing all kinds of "related" research on FBI as well.

Comment by DTOM on April 1, 2013 at 8:09pm

@ John Carman - at no time did I dismiss the 'theory' that Hitler/Braun escaped, please see my first post where I link to the excellent Red Ice Radio episode that features British journalist and author Gerrard Williams making the case with his recent collaborative investigation with Simon Dunstan that resulted in - Grey Wolf - The Escape of Adolf Hitler.

I'm also well aware of the relationship between the Bush crime family and the Third Reich (and have been since 1993)

I am however dismissive of the dubious content of - for reasons I have stated before.

Sites like this, do nothing but pollute serious investigation...but hey, if someone buys the theory that Rose of the Golden Girls is Liz Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Mountbatten-Windsor...that's not my concern.

It's something of a generalization to say Eire supported the Nazis.

Tell that to the tens of thousands of men from Southern Ireland who volunteered to join the British armed forces. (10000 died, serving in British uniform. 4000, who had deserted from the Irish defense forces were persecuted and punished - Emergency Powers Order No. 362 - on their return -

(All men from Ireland, the South (Republic) and Northern Ireland, who served in this way were volunteers - just as they had been in 1916, at the time of the Easter Rising).

De Valera played a game of neutrality throughout the war.

Allied pilots who bailed out/crashed were often escorted to Northern Ireland, German were arrested, spies were interned. The Cranborne report covers Anglo-Irish colloboration during WW2. The OSS's Edward Lawler, who was the liason with Irish Intelligence, spoke of complete assistance from the Irish Authorities in 1943.

In contrast, De Valera offering his condolences to the German minister in Dublin, for the the death of Hitler, was more a matter of observing diplomatic protocol, than a sign of sympathy for the Third Reich.

To this day, Dev's actions during 'the Emergency' remains a controversial and touchy point in Ireland.

Some have even gone as far to allege that De Valera was a British agent... -

Comment by Less Prone on April 1, 2013 at 7:48pm

Government = govern-ment = mind control

govern = control

ment = mind

Governments are full of hypocrites. That's why I don't call the current governance hoax a democracy but hypocracy instead. It is a system where the most fluent lairs thrive and prosper.

Comment by John Carman on April 1, 2013 at 6:29pm

Unless I get "backing" form rich people and attorney's, I'm doing nothing I haven't already done. Self realization is the best. Once you know the Truth, it will set you Free of all the other mess. Hopefully, it will help "open" the eyes of others. There are so many Lies and misconceptions that most people just "follow" and never challenge "authority". I did and it got me a little pain and heart ache. I will be 60 if everything works out right. I will continue to express the Truth. The same "excuses" are still being used by Governments, state and local as well as federal to keep all the People "pre-occupied" with meaningless issues like "Global Warming". Since proves otherwise and yet WE give some idiot named Gore a Nobel Peace Prize for it???  Peace! Here's a little something to help open your Pineal Gland:

Comment by Less Prone on April 1, 2013 at 3:37pm

Facts incriminating to the schemers behind the front men is useful information. However, we must remember that there is a lot of misinformation that can lead us to waste our time investigating misleading clues. Concentrate on the essential power structure, incriminating evidence, what have the criminals said, written or done. Another thing is what you should do with that information, maybe start a petition. Then there is your own survival to think about in the disintegrating society, get prepared.

Comment by Elyag Reed...We are Legion on April 1, 2013 at 2:52pm

Alright let's say we were Mislead and go back to the original John Carman posting - Hilter and  Eva did escape, according to some books and an old woman (Living) in USA - Secret undergroud bases - Alien DNA and Onward through I don't know what.

We seem to be dealing with a number of people that are Quite Dead while we are still living. So we ask you what is the Disinfo on the photos of the then Disney house overlayed onto the Hilter house or was it the same architect designing both back then Just so we can be Undisinformed and as well the overlay of Disney Mr. Hitler and Kermit Roosevelt photos. We even wonder about the Crest shown in the Disney window that matches the Hitler window.

Yes these are supposed to be Dead people so who cares - we wonder now about all the posting to prove that the Fake is Fake while we only ask that one considers if they could do all that 60 years ago - what can't they do now. With no bodies at any of the shootings - we have seen a number of Crime scenes and no viable evidence.

Again Motive - Control and it appears they have been succesful when these posts progress from the original subject.

We are Legion..

Comment by John Carman on April 1, 2013 at 2:41pm

Well, it appears there are some people trying to make fun of some factual information. If everybody remembers the alleged SKULL cap(with a bullet hole) that was collected by the Russian KGB/MKVD under Stalin, was later tested turned out NOT to be Hitler's as believed as it was one of the burned bodies, but that of a FEMALE. That's genetics for you. And other witnesses later that actually saw Eva and Adolf, etc..

There was a discovery channel special I saw that showed the long and drawn out process of the DNA collection form the skull cap and it was tested back in 2009/2010. End of story. No body,now accounts of his escape are slowly coming out as more and more German officials are dying. The plane trips U-2 Boats and escape. It was common knowledge by the FBI that there were dozens of U-2 Boats landing all along the East Coast of the U.S. Some are alleged to have dropped off millions of dollars worth of GOLD.

If you fail to look deeper into this and other related theories, that is your perogative. If you like former presidents Bush or not, there was a definite connection to the Nazi's and Bush Sr. and his Dad Prescott-Bush. No different than the connections to certain Royals in Europe or Ireland. Yes, Ireland supported Nazi Germany "on the side" as they say.

I know nothing about any "site" as someone was stating. I have been doing "other" unrelated research that happened to turn up on other subjects. 

The point is WE have been mislead and LIED to ALL our lives by OUR so called "Government" since before the CIA/OSS even existed, but more so now more than ever.(John-Former U.S. Secret Service TS clearance) 

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on April 1, 2013 at 1:44pm, hope your not basing facts from this misinfo site

Comment by Elyag Reed...We are Legion on April 1, 2013 at 12:41pm

It is good to be cautious about all that is going on around us. Our interest was perked when the first Sandy Hook coverage starting Looking Funny. So when we saw some of the parties ID'd as being in other events and clearly this is evident; even if just one of the parties is ID'd then some of the others are questionable until the whole event is questionable.

You may not agree, as we first had many doubts that were slowly put aside when we saw some of the same people in their other roles and their real names, in order to figure any of this out one would have to consider the motive. Once again Control..

Let whoever is viewing this exchange be their own judge when they see the same family members acting these parts - the Queen and the rest of it is not our concern. The Hitler house fraud is enough to prove the timeline on this family.

Yes, accepting even part of it will break down your past thinking but then go to his website and prove him wrong - not us or our interpretation.

We are Legion



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