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Conspiracy Cards Forced to Close - Now Resurrected

There was once a brave and ingenuous web site exposing the pervert governance of our society; its manipulation, propaganda, abuse, and the perverts in charge of this madness. Why was the site conspiracycards.com taken down? Intimidation, lack of funds, illness, death? The site was well thought of with a business concept that could have made its owner rich, but. The taking down of this site is a proof that we should continue the work with this concept.

We are now resurrecting this brave site. Perverts in charge beware, the exposure continues, but don't soil your pants yet, because this is just the beginning. And your money and evil rule won't stand the test of time. Realize that all deception starts with self deception. And in the end we are all one. What you do to the others you ultimately do to yourself.

CONSPIRACY CARDS RESURRECTED remember the grain of salt, some of these are only to open conversation.

It's all in the cards

Whatever your opinion of the conspiracy theories, they very often turn out to be conspiracy facts. The mere idea, "after thousands of years that our rulers have fought their way up the ladder of power and plunder with greed, cunning, deception, back stabbing, poisoning, and murder they now all of a sudden turned out to be philanthropists and altruistic builders of a better world for us all", is absurd.

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Comment by Less Prone on May 30, 2018 at 5:07pm


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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...

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