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EXPLAINING Bills Of Sale, Bills of Exchange also known as BOE

Some of you will get this; others will not, for those that do, kudos to you, help your brothers who do not! See, I’m different than most people, because I don’t care what the price of gas is! In fact, I don’t care what they charge for anything, and you shouldn’t either!!!!! Do you really want to get these guys? How about, get them, help them and make a difference not only in your life, but in everybody else’s too??? HERE’S HOW!!!!

See, every transaction that you people do everyday, whether it’s buying gas or gum, YOU DO WRONG! You do it wrong because you do not understand CREDITOR, DEBTOR relationships, OFFER and ACCEPTANCE, and even MONEY itself!

All of you guys to a one, at every till you go to, do it wrong, you set your property (purchase) down on the counter and the clerk rings it in and then announces the amount of the charge. Then what do you do? You reach into your pocket, wallet or purse and volunteer payment..........without ever having been obligated to do so!!!!!!!! Yeah that’s right, you heard me right!

You’re missing something so elemental that it boggles the mind! You walk out of the store bitching about the price......of gas.....or whatever; AND YOU WERE NEVER EVEN BILLED FOR IT! YOU WERE NEVER PRESENTED WITH THE BILL! They told you what the charge was, they always do, but they never give you the BILL!

See, quite simply, without a BILL, there is no obligation! PERIOD! So you say, “How does this help me?” How can this be? Why would they leave out something like that if it was important? Won’t they just give me a BILL and what then? Listen up!


There are many reasons for this ranging from the fact our company CANADA is insolvent, operating in receivership, and the crap that you call money that you traded your sweat for is really a debt instrument!!! But I don’t want you fret about any that right now for the purpose of this essay.

First of all, you need to know what a BILL is, and what a bill is NOT! An INVOICE, or STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT is NOT a BILL! Do they say BILL on them? NO! They say INVOICE, or STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT or CHARGE, not BILL! Now an INVOICE, or STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT simply describes what was sold, how much it was sold for. It does the same the clerk does, it simply announces what the charge is, BUT IT IS NOT THE CHARGE!

A bill is: An unconditional ORDER in writing, addressed by one person to another, signed by the person giving it, requiring the person to whom it is addressed to pay, on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in money to or to the order of a specified person or bearer.

Okay, you got that? Are you ready for the bomb? The reason they don’t give you a bill, is that if they present you with a BILL, then you can settle with your signature, and a notation on the bill
- “Consumer Purchase”!

Did you get that? If they give you a bill, and even if they fail to complete it, or sign it, you can simply accept it, sign it and give it back to them! Don’t believe? Check out the so-called ‘laws’ of CANADA.


57. (1) Every party whose signature appears on a bill is, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, deemed to have become a party thereto for value.

Consumer Bill to be marked
190. (1) Every consumer bill or consumer note shall be prominently and legibly marked on its face with the words “Consumer Purchase” before or at the time when the instrument is signed by the purchaser or by any person signing to accommodate the purchaser.
Effects where not marked
(2) A consumer bill or consumer note that is not marked as required by this section is void, except in the hands of a holder in due course without notice that the bill or note is a consumer bill or consumer note or except as against a drawee without that notice.
R.S., c. 4(1st Supp.), s. 1.
I think you should be getting very excited by now! This is telling you that if you sign the bill, you gave it value! It’s telling you that your signature IS the money! BY signing the bill, and returning it to them, you gave them value! It says, “In absence of evidence to the contrary”. Where is that going to come from?

Who on planet earth can provide proof positive that your signature has no value? That’s actually a slander of credit because your signature DOES have value, PERIOD! Nobody can provide proof to the contrary, EVER! The bank accepted your signature as having value on your mortgage, did they not? They accepted your signature as having value on your car loan, did they not? They let you take the car didn’t they? What does everybody want from you all the time? Your signature!!!!

Okay, I know that you have more questions, I know you’re wondering, and especially those of you who are merchants yourself, “If I just give them my signature on the Bill, how do they get their money?”

Well first let’s look at the definition of MONEY………as defined by the laws of CANADA!
Financial Administration Act

Definition for: Money: Money includes any negotiable instrument.

Definition for: Negotiable instrument: Negotiable instrument includes any cheque, draft, travelers cheque, bill of exchange, postal note, money order, postal remittance and any other similar instrument;

From this you can see that money is very obviously more than what YOU thought it was. I have underlined bill of exchange in the above because that’s what you’ll settle with if they give you a bill, or if they do not!

What if they refuse to provide a bill? Then they have admitted to no obligation!

If they refuse to give you a bill, you can now take out a blank piece of paper, fill it out as a bill with them as drawer and payee, leave the signature line of the drawer blank so they can sign it if they so choose, write accepted for value and returned for full settlement across its face at an angle, sign and date it at that same angle and hand it to them and leave, they are paid! You gave them an asset item. If they threaten to call the police, YOU CALL THE POLICE! Claim the cop as your witness in his capacity as PEACE OFFICER, and explain the facts, that you have presented them with MONEY in accordance with the laws of CANADA, that they have refused to provide you with a bill. STAND YOUR GROUND! Do not accept any unsubstantiated legal opinions from the cop, HE DOESN’T HAVE A LICENSE TO PRACTICE LAW!!!! If they give you a bill and you accept it, sign it and return it to them for settlement, and they refuse to settle, they are admitting that their offer had no value and have slandered your credit!

I know that your minds are full of questions right now; many of you even thinking that this has to be fraudulent, or a loophole that they will invariably plug! My answer to that is NOPE! I have studied this for ten years now and have done it with nearly everything. It works, and is quite real and very lawful and they cannot plug it up! You merchants out there are still wondering how to get cash out of this and believe me, there are ways, just too much information to go into here for the purpose of this essay.

But just imagine that I gave you a check and you took it to the bank, the bank took the check and then came back and told you that it wasn’t worth anything, but kept the check!!!! Can you now come back to me and accuse me of not paying you? NO! You accepted hearsay at the bank; you did not put them to the proof of it and in essence forgave the debt at your end! What you do with your fiduciary is your problem, not mine! The oil company is the same; they can’t return it to you as that is evidence of dishonour which discharges an obligation, “refusal of tender of payment discharges an obligation”. And they can’t prove you didn’t give them value because of the laws of the Canada!

Again, there are a myriad of reasons for all of this, more than what could be explained here. In your case, the bank won’t tell you anything because you are operating at the bank as debtor because you begged for an account (applied) when in fact; they were making an offer that you should have accepted. Then you accepted a copy of the agreement allowing them to keep the top blue ink copy, in essence making yourself the debtor and are thusly being treated as a debtor, and so on, and so on! The people don’t understand creditor/debtor relationships, “My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge”

I encourage you not to accept anybody’s unsubstantiated opinions on this, hell, don’t believe me!

Go find out for yourself! Learn and understand that our company CANADA is in bankruptcy re-organization, it’s broke! The stuff you call money is monopoly money, it represents debt, the OPPOSITE OF MONEY! We create all value; all of the value comes from us and our signatures, pledges, promises etc. Because of the bankruptcy, money is no longer backed by gold; it’s backed by you and me! YOU ARE THE BANK IN FACT!!!!!!!!!

If this all seems like a lot of effort to you, too complicated, too controversial, or whatever else you might be thinking. Then you’re not seeing the big picture and you’re not seeing the possibilities. Think of this, think of going through this one time, and maybe even having a hell of a time with it!? But imagine having never having to worry about the price of gas again as from now on, you pay for yours with your signature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just think of learning to understand this process and apply it to your mortgage and everything else!!! Imagine the freedom! It is yours, and it is within your grasp! You can learn and understand this; you’re not stupid are you?

I see people everyday turn their nose up at this and walk away, maybe working for the rest of your life and giving it away for free is easier? I watch you people everyday, you all walk to the till like sheep for the shearing, doing and believing because that’s all you have ever known and what you saw everybody else doing. But are you a lemming, or a man/woman? Do you think that at some magical point in the future the price of gas is going to go down? That things are going to get better?

Whatever your thoughts are, you have to agree that they never give you a bill, and hopefully that starts you asking questions that you’ll find the true answers to. One thing that I will tell you that is a key to your success, is NOT to accept unsubstantiated opinions from anybody, especially lawyers, they have sworn an oath of secrecy not to reveal much of what I have told you here, so if they tell you something contrary to what I’ve told you here, demand that they provide you a certified copy the law, code, rule or statute that they are relying upon along with a copy of their bar card and number and sign it! I guarantee all you’ll see of them is heels and elbows! God Bless brothers and sisters, go get em!

Further explanations :

Firstly I'd like to point out an omission in that essay on Bills of Exchange and that this a Bill should have the words "Consumer Purchase" written on its face as well. (This is in regard to the first blog he put out on the subject - above)
The section of the act that inquirer is referring to regarding the acceptance of the BOE, I interpret like this. If “I“ give you a cheque (payor or drawer of the promissory note) and you take it to my bank and the bank dishonours, you cannot scream at the bank and sue the bank for not honouring the cheque. Indeed, the Bills of Exchange Act says that the payee’s (you – one who is paid by the BOE) recourse is not against drawee (bank), but against drawer (me), so you'd come back to me and inform me that the bank did not honour the cheque, and of course that's how it's done.
So now that makes sense, "the bill of itself does not render the drawee liable on the bill". So, what does? My contract with the drawee!!!!
If you bring the dishonoured check to me, I settle with you, and then I go and scream at the bank for breaching their fiduciary duties and our agreement by not honouring the check!
I've discussed this at length with many other like-minded people for years and there is still dissension on this point. Does one need to obtain an agreement with the Secretary of the Treasury prior to writing these? Yes or no? I think that the answer is a bit of both because when you sign a promissory note at the bank for an alleged loan you are accessing this account and the bank draws on it, but that is the bank and not you directly. The bank obviously has an agreement with the treasury for this to occur. Though, the BILL still is a valuable negotiable instrument, notwithstanding you’re not having direct agreement with the Secretary of Treasury. You see my point.
Also, the vendor can write it off and get the tax credit and their ignorance on how to negotiate the item is really not your problem! In other words if I have been paying my employees with cash and then one day give them a cheque and they have not seen one before and don't how to negotiate it, they cannot come back to me and claim that I did not pay them. I did pay them, their lack of knowledge is their problem, and they can't turn it into my problem!
The fact is, that via the sin application, you granted Power of Attorney to the government to access that account in exchange for benefits, and I think that probably has to be rectified. They require the access in order to provide you with the benefits that you have requested, but you have also granted them the POA, which as we both well know, they translate to ownership of YOU!
While my essay was intended to wake up a few more people and hopefully royally stir the pot, I hope that anybody who desires to pursue this does their research prior to taking action. I believe that someone knowledgeable in court procedure could force this through. Though generally it's going to be an uphill battle, and I believe is NOT the correct way to do it. The banks simply will not allow it happen too many times as their very existence is in the balance!
If you are a bit of a greenhorn at this, then you need to do much more study before attempting this. I've attached the UNCITRAL, (International bills of exchange) which is far easier to understand than the BOE Act of Canada, for study purposes.

Eldon’s note: The latter part explains why I suggest that it be used ONLY on government bills.

My question: That relates to a cheque on a specific bank where one has a contractual account, but doesn't seem to relate
directly to a 'bill' signed by the debtor, and annotated "consumer purchase"?
May 4th 2007 reply to Eldon
It does because it is drawn on the treasury. Because of the bankruptcy, everything comes from the treasury! The Secretary of the Treasury of the Province is in fact the drawee. The province holds the security. While they hold the title as trustee, they cannot cloud the title or encumber it anyway nor are they holder in due course. But they have issued "title insurance" on it thereby making "best use" of your property until you come along and declare best right and interest or take it out of the warehouse. The title insurance has insured it for potential future earnings, losses etc. so that by the time you are eighteen you are covered for anything that you could ever do several times over, as they have underwritten it again and again and again.
Your signature IS the money, PERIOD! Section 57(1) BOE, you sign it, you give it value. I get this all of the time by people asking how to monetize them. The fact is that they are already money as defined by the laws of CANADA (Financial Administration Act definitions). They are money in fact, the problem is that the banks don't want this to happen. As I have said, their very existence is in the balance. Then to start with, nobody has a bank account where they could enforce the bank into negotiating one of these things because:
When you went to the bank to open the account, you went to a business making offers, i.e. accounts. Then, you sat down and they gave you an APPLICATION!!! You just got switched from the creditor to the debtor! You are now begging for something that they offered rather than accepting their offer. Then, to compound things, their APPLICATION was chock full of THEIR terms which everybody accepted verbatim without negotiating one single item, which they signed and then accepted a copy, leaving the top blue ink original with the bank. They're debtor, debtor, and debtor!!!! Last but not least they opened a "retail deposit account" rather than a "personal deposit account" (As defined in the bank act as "For purposes other than business")
See, the point is that nobody is in a position of creditor in the first place; everybody acts all the time as the debtor. This is so entrenched in our society that people think you mad if you attempt to assert your rights as the creditor! It's absurd!
Anyway, if one reads about the 'allonge' and understands it fully, you see that there can be a second item endorsed specially with the words 'aval', or 'as good as aval' attached to the bill. This is the guarantee/warranty! It is the WARRANT FOR PAYMENT. The BOE act says very little about it, but it is explained better in UNCITRAL, section 46, I think?
Anyway, if think about it, where does the note that you sign at the bank for a loan draw on? The treasury! The bank has no money. There is no money! They are bankrupt, and there are laws in place that prohibit the bank from lending other depositors money or even their own money! So it has to come from you! It is your note that funds the entire thing! Always!
I've attached an old letter that I wouldn't use anymore, it's terribly outdated, but it's a good tool for awakening people about money. I've also attached the Affidavit of Walker Todd, which is self-explanatory once you read it as regards money of exchange and money of account.
Hope this helps.
Eldon’s note: If you wish to do further in-depth study of how the Bill of Exchange functions,
ask me (by e-mail) for the UNCITRAL file.

Bills of Exchange Act:

UNITED NATIONS Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes, 1988

UNCITRAL Section 46:

1. Payment of an instrument, whether or not it has been accepted, may be guaranteed, as to the whole or part of its amount, for the account of a party or the drawee. A guarantee may be given by any person, who may or may not already be a party.

2. A guarantee must be written on the instrument or on a slip affixed thereto ("allonge").

3. A guarantee is expressed by the words "guaranteed", "aval", "good as aval" or words of similar import, accompanied by the signature of the guarantor. For the purposes of this Convention, the words "prior endorsements guaranteed" or words of similar import do not constitute a guarantee.

4. A guarantee may be effected by a signature alone on the front of the instrument. A signature alone on the front of the instrument, other than that of the maker, the drawer or the drawee, is a guarantee.

5. A guarantor may specify the person for whom he has become guarantor. In the absence of such specification, the person for whom he has become guarantor is the acceptor or the drawee in the case of a bill, and the maker in the case of a note.

6. A guarantor may not raise as a defence to his liability the fact that he signed the instrument before it was signed by the person for whom he is a guarantor, or while the instrument was incomplete.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Upon receipt of an Invoice, Statement of Account, Charge, Assessment or Citation, send a copy
to the “Drawee”, the maker of the alleged debt, along with a request for a Bill signed in blue ink by an officer of the government agency or corporation alleging the debt, and state:

To: _____________ Date _____________
“I wish to settle this account promptly. Please send me your bill which has been signed in blue ink buy an officer of ______________, and showing the amount of money owing, within 20 days of the date shown on this request. Your failure to comply within the allotted time for presentation of your bill properly endorsed shall be proof positive that the alleged debt shown on your __________ has been cancelled or made null and void.”


[Write as signature]
I, commonly called __ (given name) ___ of the _______ family for
___ (the name printed on the invoice, statement of account, etc.) ___


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