Disturbing Developments Within the US Since 1947 Part IV

1947 Pivotal Year For Mankind Part IV


In the year of 1947 a monumental change occurred in American governance and the existence of the Security State that would begin the murder of individual freedoms as we know it. Some would speculate that the threat of future wars, the increased need for secrecy and surveillance, and even mysteries such as the UFO controversy shaped the world as we now know it. The response chosen by the most powerful nation on earth would set the tone for the future and our ever eroding freedoms once guaranteed to us by our founding fathers. 

Extinction of privacy 

Today we have more than 300 million known security cameras posted in stores, banks, intersections, and even public parks. New technology has even brought about "Smart Street Lights" capable of photographing and listening to conversations while recording the content. Drones or UAV's are now prevalent among law enforcement agencies, the military of the world, and even private sector companies monitoring employees and company events. The earth is orbited by more than 4,000 artificial satellites used to evaluate the topography, to find resources, to collect weather data, and simply to spy! There is virtually little if any personal secrecy when TV's are now fitted with reverse observation capability, phones can be used as GPS locators, and even the video cams on laptop computers can be viewed by unknown hackers spying on the private owner of the merchandise. 

Looming threats 

Since 1947 these perplexing realities now loom as a result of the security measures that were legislated at that time to counter a new dangerous existence of "Cold War" and perhaps even the Roswell Incident once the probability of alien contact had been contemplated. 1947 served as a deliberate time in which the OSS recently transformed into the CIA among several other national agencies now correlated intelligence data extracted from former German POW's using these sources as well as scientific assets who could be exploited for the supposed good of a peace loving world. Yet, as we know, the cessation of hostilities after a World War did not end bloodshed as China faced a civil war between the Nationalists under Chiang Kai Chek and the Communists under Mao. 

Perceived threats 

The question of why UFO's represented a national security threat goes back to 1942 and the infamous "Battle of Los Angeles" in which nervous shore batteries on the coast of California shortly after Pearl Harbor fired more than 1,700 anti aircraft rounds at a hovering elliptical object that drifted above American aerial defenses in the LA area and went unscathed under intense fire. The incident was so serious that General George C. Marshall had to issue a report to President Roosevelt that many felt was not as factual and ominous as what really transpired. Photos that were examined clearly showing that artillery shells fired at the unknown object were detonated before even making contact with the mystery craft's surface! This indicated perhaps some type of force field protecting the UFO. Was it this incident or the appearance of hundreds of "Foo Fighter" sightings during battles in World War II considered to be possible top secret projects suspected by not only the Allies but even the Axis Powers who could not account for glowing airborne objects spotted by aircrews in the midst of hostilities?

Tightening noose 

The year of 1947 was the precursor of freedoms lost, secrecy on an unprecedented scale, and a questionable contradiction to the Constitutional rights of American people! The reasons could span from the need to preempt the possibility of future serious conflicts to responding to new threats never imagined before. Could the advent of UFO sightings that demonstrated technical superiority and unclear intent that also made such issues of security classification, personal freedoms, and intelligence gathering to new levels of infringement upon human rights seem inevitable! The widespread testimony of well-trained commercial and military pilots to the sightings of unconventional aerial crafts that out performed America's best fighter aircraft would certainly be a case for alarm. 

The ominous question of capability 

The threat of Communist aggression, the race for technical superiority, and the sudden appearance of a new unclear threat to the defense of American air space certainly presented a new challenge to the imagination of the American public while demonstrating a possible threat to the competency of the US Air Force. Charged with the enforcement of national security sightings of inexplicable aerial phenomenon appeared inexplicable and raised disturbing possibilities not well received by those elements within the US Government Deep State. This may have been responsible for the deaths of such men as former Defense Secretary James Forestall who died of suspicious circumstances in the following year supposedly as a result of "Operational Fatigue". According to authorities Forrestal reportedly leaped to his death from the nation's most secure military hospital - Bethesda. According to Author, John A. Keel, the same Secretary of State, who upon learning of the Roswell Incident ran through the White House screaming " We're being invaded by flying saucers!" later diagnosed as suffering from depression. Forestall was found dead! it seems this was the damning leading edge to the legacy of year of 1947 well on it's way to controversy.


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