Dream – I Didn't Leave the Gulf in Time

Dream – I Didn't Leave the Gulf in Time

June 24, 2010
By Javier Keefe
Unleavened Bread Ministries
David Ells’ notes in blue

To the elders of UBM [Unleavened Bread Ministry] and the brethren and servant’s of our Lord, from Javier on the morning of Thursday, June 24, 2010:

Brothers and sisters, please hear what the Lord has said through all ages and is saying at this time we are in. There are so many witnesses and evidences of the times we are living in that we should heed the warnings and abide in safety. As in the many witness from the Bible and history, if we ignore the method God wishes to warn, then we may be given into the hand of the beast.

As you all know, the call to go to the wilderness is not an unfamiliar word or a new word.
I believe that what we are seeing is a call to Christians near the Gulf coast to leave for a personal trip to the wilderness because of a local problem that will become national. This is not the general world call to the wilderness tribulation, which will come later. It has been spoken to us through God’s messengers for many years now, even decades. The warnings of judgments to come on America are not only future coming events but are present and persistent in nature. The Word says that the Lord is slow to anger and slow to wrath. That cannot be misunderstood as lacking wrath and, although God has put things off as He did for Nineveh, allowing people time to repent, there was a time when He ultimately fulfilled that wrath.

We can look at the signs the Bible gives for warnings to flee to safety. Dreams have often been that sign throughout history. God speaks through signs of shakings and word of warning is given through His servants to his people before He allows something to come down on man in judgment. The Lord holds His servants accountable to speak the warning. If the servant does not speak the warning, blood is on the watchman’s hand, but if the warning is given blood is on the hearers own hand, if he doesn‘t heed Ezekiel 33.

Here is a dream I had the morning of Thursday, June 24th. It was so vivid and shocking and sobering that I shook myself awake and I continued shaking after I was awake.


It was made known to all of the brethren that they would have a signal to pass on and share with one another when it was time for us to flee our individual dwellings into our wilderness dwelling. It was said that whenever someone received the warning they would pass it along to the other brethren and so on; the word would be passed along and through this method a chain of warning would be made and given to all concerning the message of warning to flee to the wilderness for safety. It was known that the message of warning would be acknowledged by the elders, specifically David, and from him the time to flee would be given and the message of fleeing would make a link and received and passed on, so no one was left out of the warning from God through His elders and many servants.

I heard out of David’s own mouth as I was standing right next to him, “Ok, it is time to go; we’re leaving.” I was excited to finally hear the word to go and then he, with everyone else ahead of him, got on the road and headed out of the city. I thought, “Well surely I will have enough time to go back for something and easily catch up to them because they were just now leaving.” I got back to my house and picked up my belongings. I saw and talked to other UBM brethren, telling them that it was time to go, the warning to flee had been given and they said, “Yeah, I know. I’m just picking up a couple of last few items.”
As in Kevin’s dream, people were more interested in their “things” on the beach, which could easily be replaced, than they were with obeying the Lord.

The house was actually scampering with a couple of UBM brethren who were passing along the signal that it was time to go but everyone already replied that they know -- they already got the signal -- they were just gathering up some last things and they would quickly be on the road out of the city and easily catch up with David and everyone else.

I saw that everyone continued to give the signal to each other that it was time to go, even after they all already had received the warning to flee.
When the Lord says “go,” leave immediately with whatever is necessary. I felt uneasy because the signal to flee had caused a stir in many other people who became frantic. Everyone, not just the believers all around us, were interpreting the signal to flee. So the whole area began to get restless and crowds formed and noise increased. The noisy unbelievers excited by the believers' warnings will begin to close the door. The Red Sea will begin to close in on the old man of Egypt.

A woman in a military uniform showed up and saw the commotion and interpreted the signal of warning to flee and knew that many were about to leave. She called out and suddenly more military people showed up. Suddenly, a large glass fixture was put up in place around the city and everyone inside the glass was being accounted for.
Glass represents the unseen spiritual forces of captivity exercised by God over the forces of darkness to separate the obedient from the disobedient. I told my UBM brethren, "Quick, let’s just drop everything and go." I didn’t wait for their response I ran out the house and headed for the road out the city. On my way, the military woman said to me, “Stop right there. No one is leaving the city.” I looked up and saw the glass fixture around the city. The city here is spiritual Babylon or Egypt we were fleeing from, as in Garrett's dream with the soldiers trying to stop us. (I knew it was impenetrable. I interpret the glass as invisible [or spiritual] restraint). However, the exits were also barricaded with armed guards and heavily armed vehicles. No one was even allowed to approach the exit.

Although there was a lot of talking, I didn’t hear much English being spoken by the military personnel and I knew that these were not U.S. uniforms but a mixture of military uniforms. I knew they were mainly speaking German and Russian. I then heard and saw lines forming as demands to line up were spoken and this was basically the only English I heard. There was no discussion, only the words "line up" coming from the armored vehicles and from the megaphones to all around us. I saw other UBM brethren walking around, looking for an escape, just like me. I thought, I don’t care if I have nothing, if I only have the shirt on my back I would trade it all to get out of here. I was so upset with myself for entertaining the thought that I had more time after the others left and David was the last one on the road.
Others have had dreams that I was the last to leave and the door would be closed behind me. The door was shut behind him. I couldn’t believe I talked myself into believing something was worth going back for or that I could catch up with them after they left the city. There was no witness or scriptural evidence to believe that I could go back; actually, just the opposite is there but I still wandered off. Lots wife looked back and was turned to a pillar of salt. Salt is a preservative. Her warning to us was to preserve us.

My whole life changed. I knew I was now for captivity because I wavered on the warning that I had been told of for so long and that right when it was time to go I didn’t take the word quite seriously enough. I just kept thinking, oh, Lord, I’m sorry. Please give me a chance to take this warning more seriously with a ready mind and right spirit and I will.
Rev.13:10 If any man [is] for captivity, into captivity he goeth.

They started separating people into lines, according to their belief and leadership role in the 'Christian' faith. I knew right there the first test was already on hand and that I was now being called to be a martyr for Jesus Christ. I had to overcome this fear because I knew my salvation and trust in Jesus was now no longer in word but would be in deed, even unto blood.

This was a whole new world I was living in. I was now being prepared in my spirit, soul and mind to die at any moment through sufferings and persecution for my Lord and that, although I 'missed the Boat,' I could not fail this great trial. I was looking all around and every believer's eye that met my eyes spoke to me the things that I was experiencing in my spirit. We didn’t say a word because the spirit had fellowship one with another -- deep cried out to deep and we started encouraging each other in silent prayer and meditations. I stopped getting more and more upset with myself and started acknowledging my future, nodding to my brothers and sisters that it would be all right, that we must keep the faith and God will do even that for us. But in the back of my mind I was still saying, I wish I had heeded the warning more earnestly, because I knew it was God’s warning and not man’s that I ignored. This is what hurt most of all and why I was shaking so passionately.

I was asking the Lord what the “signal” was for us to leave the Gulf coast spoken of in Javier’s dream. Then, as I was telling some of my family that they needed not to worry about their things but escape for their lives, a weather forecaster showed a tropical depression coming into the Gulf, likely as a hurricane. He showed arrows going straight into Pensacola. I pointed to this, saying it was a sign or “signal” we have received in dreams and visions of the time to flee before it dumped toxic chemicals from the Gulf upon the coast and people would not be able to breathe the fumes. A great spiritual and physical storm is coming now against the coasts, along with martial law.


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