Feds: Militia members sought to spark uprising [We now know what the Feds did, link plus my commentary]


From all the information I have collected this is my assessment.

After the Pale Horse video surfaced last year in the MSM the Feds sought to set him up and his group hutaree up in a manner that would result in the biggest propaganda run possible. That article above claims that the feds infiltrated hutaree and could shut them down at any time.

The feds know that they THEMSELVES are at some point going to provoke a war in this country and one of the ways to coheres and intimidate the public into siding with them is to have these kangaroo courts convict people of "sedition" or "trying to provoke civil war" so that when Waco #2 or OKC #2 happens the military / globalist propaganda machine can lie and spin it that our side the American patriots and freedom lovers intentionally created a situation to demonize the loving feds and start the war when in fact it couldn't be farther from the truth. It will be just another event in a long line of their treasonous acts but that time it will start the ball rolling. They create cover story's right in front of us in hopes that at a later date they can use it to prove their new lies.


If you can't accept that you will be painted as the villain or enemy when their next event happens and if you can't accept that most of Joe public will buy into it and believe them QUIT NOW!! LEAVE, SIGN UP FOR YOUR NORTH AMERICAN TRAVEL PASS!! If your that stupid that you don't understand how things are going to play out please do us all a favor and stop pretending to be a patriot or freedom lover. You will be much better off with the rest of the bobble head retard public.

I doubt that they are ever again going to be able to round up a handful of militiamen like they did this weekend. They are charging those they caught with basketball scores ... you know life sentences ... almost same sentence as if you where to actually carry out the crimes alleged. I see it as death ether way. Life in prison is death to me. They have shown giving up and flying the white flag doesn't make a difference. Who would ever willingly give up to get a life sentence, the last place you want to be is in jail when the war starts. If the US goes bankrupt I wouldn't count on them letting you out because they can't afford to feed you ...... And if you go to jail and the globalists win, well you can ask yourself for the next 50 years why you didn't fight.

From what I've found out Hutaree is innocent, a group that was really planning to kill cops that was as heavily armed as they were would never logically give up without firing a shot if you believe the feds nonsense story. Reality is that everything in the indictment is a total fabrication, they may have had an informant in the group that was told threatened or paid to make false statements.

I find it very very hard to believe that anyone truly on our side would ever try to kill a bunch of kops to start a war ... that sounds like something a fed would make up.

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Comment by Billybob Cornfed on March 30, 2010 at 8:28pm
I could not agree more Laser Shadow - I was asked this morning about my views on him and really had to strain to be positive - thanks for the info - I guess going with my gut feeling is always right!
Comment by TheLasersShadow on March 30, 2010 at 8:12pm
Today listening to Alex Jones I'm losing all respect for him and his analysis. He doesn't seem to know his ass from a hole in a ground when in comes to the militia. He is now actively demonizing the Militias in this country in main stream media propaganda style. I no longer consider him trustworthy enough to report the weather let alone on the news. The man has his own perverted view of what the militia should be and anyone who doesn't fit his insane views (militias should start soup kitchens, that they shouldn't wear camo when training in the woods for escape and evasion, that they should buy beer trucks and wear beer delivery uniforms) is called a fed, I'm not kidding just listen to the bullshit he spewed today March 30, he just spews total speculation brainwashing and propagandizing his naive listeners to his opinions. It seems the Alex Jones "restoration" movement is the only legitimate view point in the country to him and all others are weak minded fools or feds.

You simply can't trust Alex Jones anymore the guy talks about shit he has no clue what hes talking about and passes it off as fact when its only his delusional views he made up. I think he has read Edward Bernays "propaganda" one too many times and turned into a full on propaganda artist with no scruples, anything he believes he makes true to his listeners whether or not its true. There are feds in certain militias, YES thats true some have been infiltrated but the overwhelming majority are not and it would be a waste of time to do so as they don't break the law. Some have been outright set up time and time again but because the enemy attacks you does not mean you should just give up. I believe when this war goes hot Alex Jones will be one of the movements worst enemy's propagandizing us, beating us into submission of his views and dogma. His slander and attacks of Hutaree are off the chart he really has no flipping idea about who he talking about. Pale Horse may be challenged but the rest in the group don't deserve the treatment they are getting, instead of slashing the throat of fellow patriots and throwing they to the wolves as Alex is doing we should be protesting their arrest and trumped up charges. It seems we are seeing AJ's true colors now... Yellow stained with brown overtones.
Comment by Ironsides on March 30, 2010 at 7:58pm
Jeff, I studied and taught eschatology and theology for 20 years in the former Children of God, now called The Family International.

Evangelical philosophy is that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah for the descendents of Abraham, Shem's children. It's been so many years since I was involved in all this, that I can just give a basic nutshell of the Endtime picture.

Jesus's crucifixion was a ruthless execution if there ever was one. Jesus' life was a thorn under the skin of the pompous Scribes and Pharisees from the time they caught wind of his ministering to people throughout Israel. I guess he didn't look like the macho power-drunk tyrant they expected for their Messiah.

When a guy named Lazarus had been dead for three days, Jesus went into the cave and raised him back to life. When the Scribes and Pharisees learned of it, they organized to get rid of both of them; they sure didn't want any kind of evidence that there was some magic Messiah and evidence of what he could do.--Jesus wasn't Hitlerian enough!

After three years of teaching and ministering to people who would definitely spread the information around, this alternative news-media became too powerful for the Scribes and Pharisees' news-media to keep a monopoly on public education.--And that has alot to do with why they needed to get rid of him once and for all.

Before I go any further, I want to emphasize that every atheist is fully convinced what they believe in.--And I am not interested any more in trying to change in how they think about God, Jesus Christ or Christianity. I'm just going to try to answer your question about the Endtime.

Alot of atheists reckon that if anything pertaining to Jesus was real, it would be provable via sccientific research. Such research is impossible, because the secular education system will not allow such objective, independent peer-reviewed research to be conducted.

If after saying this, some future prospect is are ever considered, I would not even trust it; the secular control-freaks would undoubtedly concoct fake experts to commence and cleanse any data of anything which would deviate the conclusion they want to reach.

That said, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. Now the thing which fanatical prophesy teachers never seem to understand, is that througout history, and even during his three years with the disciples, never was a prophecy expected to be recognized before it happened.

Every prophecy ever delivered by anyone was only understood, after it had been fulfilled. That's why when I was kicked out of The Family in 1990, I threw everything down the drain, and have just gone on with my life. I haven't flushed God, or Jesus down the drain. I communicate with the Lord from when I get up 'til I crash for the night.

Jesus got up from his grave, and spent 40 days on a solid campaign showing himself to people who would go viral with what they witnessed. He was recognizable, which means his immortal resurrection body was partly spiritual, and partly physical. He showed the scars of where the spikes were driven into his wrists, and into his heart to finish him off.

Jesus was disguised at times, which indicates that his resurrection immortal body is changeable.--Also, he was seen passing through solid doors and walls!

When he ascended to Heaven, alot of people were there to witness the event.--And forty days later something Jesus told the disciples happened. The Holy Ghost descended upon all of them. When the religious leaders of all the twelve tribes of Israel executed Jesus, they rejected the Messiah who had been predicted hundreds or thousands of years before.

Last year when I watched the Zeitgeist movies, they quoted Egyptology as a historical source to declare that during four different periods of time, each culture predicted the coming of a savior and a resurrection. Their axe to grind was to convince people that all these saviors and resurrections in different cultures is bullshit.--But guess what!:

What hit me square between the eyes was, that probably means that God foretold of the one event--not four! So, for all the atheists who claim how unfair God is to all the populations who never heard of Jesus, and never learned the Gospel of Christ--checkmate! They all learned that God was going to send Jesus, but the big-shot Cultural leaders rejected Christ.

Whereas Salvation was originally intended for the Children of Israel, after the Holy Ghost descended, Jesus has been omnipresent to whoever believes in Jesus by faith. Today, Jews refers to all the descendents of Abraham, and throughout history many Jews have recognized Jesus as the son of God--the Messiah!

However, when Christ arose from the dead, the Ark of the Covenant disappeared from the Holy of Holies. The high-priests were so embarrassed, they lied through their teeth that it was stolen. The next place you read where the Ark of the Covenant is, it is in the Heavenly City, New Jerusalem. John the beloved saw it in Revelations 21-22!

Is there any evidence of this stuff?--Well, check this out:

When they tried to murder John the beloved, they boilled him on four different occasions in oil.--Guess what! He died of old-age on the island of Patmos, because they couldn't kill him.

Anyway, Jesus' resurrection ended the Mosaic Law, because nobody could keep it. Everybody is imperfect, which is why God sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins.--So, if we accept Christ, we don't have to pay for our own sins.

With the end of the Mosaic Law, and the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus can be everywhere. Salvation is no longer exclusively for Shem's descendents, but to whoever receives Christ.

Bible prophecy teaches that at some point in history, there will be a messiah, the macho muscle-flexing terror the Jewish leaders will bow to. He will be the ultimate man of their deepest asperations to establish his kingdom in their favor.

Throughout history, Satan has been free to come and go between Heaven and the Earth.--However, that is going to change one day!

In the middle of a 7 year reign of the Jews' messiah, he/she/or it will receive a deadly wound. When his deadly wound is healed, several events occur:

Satan, who has been omnipresent, will be cast out of Heaven. He will rise in the body of the messiah, to become the AntiChrist! During the next 1,260 days he will be bound to one place, possessing the messiah.

Anyone who rejects wearing the Mark of The Beast will not be able to buy or sell anything.--And will be marked for death!

During that 3 1/2 years, 42 months, 1260 days, the Bible says God will prepare a refuge in the wilderness for The Church. God will somehow provide for his people, regardless of the shit-head AntiChrist!

Most Christians are unaware of one thing, though, that all the plagues of wrath which are unleashed on this planet during the Great Tribulation, are aimed only to attack those who receive the Mark of The Beast.

Jeff, what is happening right now, is that enough real Christians are fed up of the icky-sticky goo-goo image Christians are expected to live up to. We need to keep enough room for us to live our lives like anybody else, during this physical life. So, the Founding Fathers intended to get away from the Dark-Ages, and it is a good place to keep for the free-world!

At the end of the Great Tribulation Jesus is going to be seen world-wide, and his feet will touch down on the Mount of Olives. Every Christian who survived the AntiChrist's hell-hole for 1260 days will ascend, and their bodies will change into immortal bodies which escape the death process.

A remnant of Jews will be shocked to realize the real Messiah, and realize how deceived their people have been since the Roman Empire. Also, all the millions or hundreds of millions of Christians who have been dead througout history will pop from their graves, and ascend to meet Christ in the air in resurrection immortal bodies.

Everyone goes to Heaven. 75 days later, Christ returns to the Earth with armies to give Satan, the AntiChrist and their followers exactly what they deserve.--And I'm going to stop there.
Comment by TheLasersShadow on March 30, 2010 at 7:00pm
@Ironsides, http://www.michiganmilitia.com/ is not representative of anyone but themselves. They Copyrighted the name Michigan Militia, they are a bunch of lame idiots with media whore leaders.
Comment by TheLasersShadow on March 30, 2010 at 6:48pm
Comment by truth on March 30, 2010 at 6:44pm
Militia Probe Included Undercover FBI Agent



An undercover agent was part of the federal investigation of a Michigan-based Christian militia group that allegedly planned to spark an uprising against the government by killing police officers, court documents show.

Evidence presented to the grand jury in federal court in Detroit included photographs of Thomas William Piatek, one of nine people indicted Monday in connection with alleged criminal activities by the militia group, known as Hutaree, in southeastern Michigan.

The grand-jury exhibit included sworn testimony of a law-enforcement officer that Mr. Piatek "is the person known by a Cooperating Witness and an undercover FBI agent to be the person who participated in the criminal violations" detailed in the indictment.

The court had to briefly unseal the indictment, issued Tuesday, March 23, in order to correct Mr. Piatek's middle name, which had been incorrectly written in the arrest warrant and indictment as "Edward." The indictment was publicly unsealed in federal court Monday.

A spokesperson at the FBI's Detroit office declined to comment on the undercover agent and any role such an agent may have had in the investigation. A spokesman at the Justice Department in Washington also declined to discuss specifics of the investigation.

Infiltration is a common tactic for law-enforcement officials targeting militia groups. It has been widely used to get inside domestic extremist groups, which have in the past proven easier to infiltrate than Islamic terror groups.

In recent months, the FBI also has used one or more undercover agents or employees to carry out sting operations against suspected Islamic terrorists. Hosam Smadi and Michael Finton were both arrested last fall by the FBI after they conspired with the help of undercover agents to blow up public buildings with car bombs packed with fake explosives.

Hutaree planned to kill an unidentified local law-enforcement officer in April and then attack local, state and federal officers who came to Michigan to attend the funeral, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan said in a 12-page indictment.

Seven members of the group were arraigned in federal court in Detroit, one was arraigned in federal court in the Northern District of Indiana and the last was arrested Monday night. Those arraigned were ordered held without bond until further hearings this week. Federal agents made the arrests after weekend raids in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

The indictment said Hutaree had practiced attacks and other military maneuvers for more than a year, and had planned to use homemade bombs like those used against U.S. forces by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bombs were the key part of the alleged plot to attack the funeral of a law-enforcement officer, the indictment said.

After that attack, the group planned to retreat to a remote "rally point" from which members would resist an expected response by the government, sparking what Hutaree's alleged leader, David Brian Stone, hoped would be a wider uprising against the government, the indictment said. FBI agent Andrew Arena called Hutaree "an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society."

The group, whose name means "Christian Warrior," according to its Web site, didn't respond to emails. The Web site said the group was preparing for "the anti-Christ" and expected to "one day see its enemy and meet him on the battlefield." The site quotes scripture passages alluding to battle and the sacrifice of lives for a greater cause. The group used tiger-striped camouflage uniforms, the indictment said.

Security officials in Washington have been watching the rejuvenation of the militia movement with unease for the past year. Some of the same conditions that last led to a surge of militias in the early 1990s—a tough economic environment and a Democratic administration in the White House—prevail today, investigators said.

The election of Barack Obama as the country's first African-American president has galvanized some white supremacist in parts of the militia universe. Domestic terrorism from armed groups not connected to Islamic ideology is possible, said Lydia Khalil, a counter-terrorism researcher at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

Heidi Beirich, director of research for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Ala., said Hutaree has a MySpace page listing more than 300 "friends," some of which are members of other militia groups.

Monday's indictment named Mr. Stone, 45 years old; his wife Tina Mae Stone, 44; and his son Joshua Matthew Stone, 21, all of Clayton, Mich.; Mr. Stone's other son, David Brian Stone Jr., 19, of Adrian, Mich.; and five other men from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. The indictment said they conspired to engage in armed conflict with law enforcement officials.

Joshua Matthew Stone was arrested by federal authorities in Hillsdale County, Mich., officials said. He was arraigned Tuesday before a U.S. District Court magistrate and was ordered held without bond until a hearing Wednesday.

At the courthouse in Detroit Monday, a woman who identified herself as the elder Mr. Stone's ex-wife and David Brian Stone Jr.'s father, said that she left him "four or five years ago" after she felt he'd become dangerous. "When he went from handguns to big guns, I said, 'Enough,"' said Donna Stone, 44, of Adrian, Mich.

Andrea Harsh, a friend of Donna Stone, said from her trailer in Adrian about 75 miles southwest of Detroit that she had once been engaged to the elder Mr. Stone but found him to be too violent and "I got out." Ms. Harsh said, "He makes it sound like he's out to promote Christianity. But he's not in it for Christ, he's in it to make a name for himself." She added that he "thought he could hide from the government."

According to those women, Mr. Stone lives in a pair of attached trailers at the corner of two dirt roads. In the yard Monday, thee dogs were chained in the yard near an SUV.

On Saturday night, federal agents arrived at the Adrian apartment of Brittany Bryant, Ms. Harsh's daughter and the fiance of David Brian Stone Jr. The younger Mr. Stone had recently moved into the apartment, Ms. Bryant said. Authorities came in with their guns out, she said, and spent about three hours searching the premises, taking, among other things, Bibles, her cellphone, notebooks, a camouflage military jacket and a belt buckle reading, "God, Guns and Guts."

Ms. Bryant said her fiance "did very little" with the Hutaree group. She said he recently got a job at a factory and "was just trying to get his life together."

Saturday afternoon in Sandusky, Ohio, federal agents swarmed a trailer park. Two residents said their two dogs started to bark as federal agents with guns piled out of a yellow truck marked SWAT. They soon emerged with Kristopher T. Sickles, 27, one of those charged Monday, in handcuffs.

The Monks said they'd never met Mr. Sickles, but talked occasionally with his wife, Kelly. "He looked normal to me...nothing stood out about him," Mr. Monk said. Reached by telephone Monday, Ms. Sickles said her husband of three years is "innocent" and "had no idea that any of this was going on."

Also on Saturday night, federal agents showed up in Whiting, Ind., at a two-story brick home where Mr. Piatek, 46, had grown up, neighbors said.

Amanda Behrens, manager of Gusto's Pizza next door, said the tall, lean Mr. Piatek frequently wore Army fatigue pants and combat boots, "but I never suspected he would do anything dangerous. It just seemed like he had a hobby of military stuff." She trusted Mr. Piatek enough that she felt comfortable working night shifts alone because he pledged to keep an eye on her.

Mr. Piatek wasn't home for the raid, but was arrested early Sunday in Clarendon Hills, Ill. News of his fate has rocked Whiting, Indiana, which remains the largely Catholic and Eastern European neighborhood it was decades ago, said longtime resident Melaine Kaminsky, 51. "This doesn't happen in our town," she said, adding that she heard of the raid of Mr. Piatek's home within 15 minutes of it happening. "This is the real deal, this is scary. It's all everybody's talking about."

Write to Keith Johnson at keith.johnson@wsj.com, Lauren Etter at lauren.etter@wsj.com and Timothy W. Martin at timothy.martin@wsj.com
Comment by Jeff on March 30, 2010 at 5:18pm
Robert, you haven't been reading the Qa'ran or the paying attention to American Christian fundamentalists like Sarah Palin and several million others that believe in the End Of Times. People have mentioned it right here but fail to elaborate or answer my questions regarding it.

I believe it's scary to share the world with people that believe we need wars to bring about a resurrection but we share our world with just such people and they're far more dangerous then Ahmadenihad who you don't know the first thing about. If he's a Muslim, and he is, he believes in peace.

And if his last dozen speeches at the UN are any example that's just what he believes in but I'm certain, without doubt, that you haven't read any of them.

In fact, you probably believe he said he wants Israel wiped off the map.
Comment by Robert D on March 30, 2010 at 3:58pm
Note : this is another Southern Law Poverty [ ie klan watch etc ] inside job someone would have to be pure stupid to really think killing some cops would really result in any damn thing but a man hunt [ on the killers] this sounds ridiculous!!; if in fact we are really being told the truth . Sounds like trumped up Waco type crap , or those guys in Arizona ? that were training in the desert , one of the top "members"
was a planted RAT , don't forget the third guy at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building building in Oklahoma , people saw him but the FBI / ATF would not admit to his existence for several years [they said that they were looking for him ] funny everyone else was on the TV Newspapers
And last but not least there is no christian scripture to lean on ; that if you make things bad that Christ will return ! There is a sect of Muslims called 12 dayers that believe that when everything gets really bad their savior madi ? will return , this is the nutty beliefs if the Iranian president , this is why he is the last person you would ever want with a nuke.
Comment by Jeff on March 30, 2010 at 2:58pm
Someone explain the End Time Roundup. I don't wanna miss a party.
Comment by Billybob Cornfed on March 30, 2010 at 2:55pm
Interesting - I agree

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