By Kelly Grant 2012/12/27
Yet another panic-inducing buzz-phrase designed to create an emotional "crisis atmosphere" to gain public support for extreme measures about to be taken that no one in their right mind and up to their eyeballs in debt would ever have even considered. Like the "Too Big to Fail" Bank Bailout or the "Shovel-ready" Stimu-less, which you might have forgotten about if not for the expensive promotional highway signs placed there by the government. There's basically nothing happening here that's different from what has happened every year since overspending and borrowing approved by both Congress and the President has been tolerated as "normal" by the voters who elected them. It's just that now the accumulated interest alone on this borrowing has become such a huge part of our budget that it's crowding out funding for actually running the place.

So, we're now borrowing more and paying even more interest, just to pay the interest! Even so, the Government's budget is still being steadily increased to new unseen levels, and for the most ridiculous reasons. For example, the Government hired more employees than anyone else this year, while paying billions, even to hostile countries, just to be our friends, and ordering thousands of drone aircraft and over a billion hollow-point bullets to be used to control us Citizens right here in the "free" US. But no one in charge seems to want to cut or eliminate the spending that's keeping us on this insane merry-go-round. It's like a drunk trying to drink himself into sobriety.

But this gigantic burden of borrowing and paying all this interest is totally unnecessary, and here's why:

The US Treasury Dept. has the authority to print as much money as we need. Whether that's good or bad, what our government has actually been doing for more than 100 years is much worse. They/we are instead BORROWING it from the "Federal Reserve", which sounds like it must be part of our government, BUT IT'S NOT. It's just a private association of parasitic worldwide bankers intent on enriching themselves at the expense of every Citizen who pays taxes. Where do they get the money to loan us? By printing it themselves, of course, or creating it out of thin air electronically, only because we have actually ALLOWED them to do it, because THEY said we should!

They LOVE wars, no matter who's fighting, because that's when the countries come to them, hat in hand, to ask for more money. Closely allied with the "Council on Foreign Relations" and the "Trilateral Commission" (more official-sounding private cabals), they are deeply entrenched in every sector of our government and BOTH major political parties. For example, our own US Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geitner, comes from both the Federal Reserve and the Trilateral Commission. More like gangsters, they manipulate world events by "advising" the President and Congress in an "official capacity" that they don't really have, and the President and Congress actually listen to them and spinelessly do their bidding. In doing so, they have established their servitude not to us, the Public, as they swore, but to these parasites, and the secret societies they represent. - Kelly

PS- Here's a link that I believe has some good plain-sense info on this subject:

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