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Ford Foundation, a philanthropic facade for the CIA

"Between 1947 and 1966 the Ford Foundation played a key role in the network of US interference in Europe through the subvention of magazines, scientific programs and non-communist left-wing organizations. The largest philanthropic organization in the world was in fact providing a respectful facade for CIA financial and contact operations. This role was even more possible by the fact that the same persons designed and directed both organizations. Below you will find the first part of our research on the cultural aspects of the Atlantic interventionism."

It's all a big scam. Rene A. Wormser; Foundations, their power and influence

The tax exempt foundation were established just for the purpose of what their name says; tax evasion. And destruction of the American society that would finally succumb into socialism (today).


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Comment by Less Prone on October 12, 2017 at 2:42pm

Had Charles Lindberg taken over the foundation would have been in good hands.

Charles Lindbergh - Bankers Bury an American Hero

"Charles Lindbergh is an example of why there are so few positive role models depicted by Hollywood movies. American heroes must first receive the kosher stamp of approval. We live in a de facto Communist society and all "entertainment" is agitprop."

Influenced by Rothschilds, well you know what to expect.

Comment by Diana on October 12, 2017 at 1:40pm

From the book ”Final Warning: A History of the New World Order” by David Allen Rivera, p 116:

In 1936, with his son Edsel, [ Henry Ford Sr. ] established the Ford Foundation as an inheritance tax dodge, which he saw as a plot to take money away from Americans; and for his family to retain control after his death. An enemy of the establishment, Ford wanted American hero Charles A. Lindbergh (who supported the conservative 'America First’ movement) to be the Director of his Foundation, but Lindbergh refused. Ford, and his son Edsel, died before the Foundation’s leadership could be placed in safe hands, and control passed to Edsel’s widow, and grandson Henry Ford II (who later married into the Rothschild family), who brought in such 'insiders’ as William Benton, Dr. Robert M. Hutchins (who became Associate Director), and Paul G. Hoffman (who became the Chief Administrator).


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