Below is an introduction from the user’s manual for text scrambling application R144. The application is free, fully modifiable, and will be sent on request on anyone interested.

Our privacy is challenged every day by electronic surveillance of communication, electronic transactions and location recording without our consent. Computers are compromised by advanced spying technologies inconspicuously transmitting data. However, we all have the right to maintain our privacy when we so desire. Intelligence agencies collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data gathered all the time don’t bother to inform us or ask for permission. Companies providing encryption applications are under pressure to make back doors in their software allowing hacking of messages and cannot be trusted.

Therefore, it is essential to have our own system to keep the private messages really private. We have nothing to hide but we have all the right to maintain privacy. The ever expanding surveillance of every day activities has crossed the line as exposed by the courageous NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden. The Big Brother described in George Orwell’s ominous book, 1984, has grown out of proportions and continues to grow with the lack of meaningful annoyance and resistance of the public. It is time to stick up the middle finger and defeat the Big Brother’s endless schemes to invade our privacy.

                      At the current form the text scrambler is made with Excel but anyone knowledgeable in matrices and programming C++ or other advanced programming languages is invited to develop the system further. The application is free to be used and modified. The only wish is to keep the key operating features of the key files and randomizable character set open for all users to modify in order to maintain the system at maximum level of security and privacy. Any developer of the system is urged to leave no back doors for the snooping agencies. Privacy is sacred.

This version or the modified scrambler can be distributed among the friends and family. The best way to do it is not by email attachment, but by handing it over personally. The scrambler does not need to be installed in any computer; it is enough to have it in a pen drive that can go with the user. The user only needs an Excel program to run it. Compatibility with Open Office work sheets has not been tested. It should be clear without saying that using Excel in a Cloud system over Internet completely exposes all you have been trying to keep private. Therefore, this application should be used with Excel, or Open Office, installed in the computer. This application does not affect or detect any spying equipment hidden in the computer.

In general, people would be wise to consider the personal information they post on the web. Many social networks, email services, online stores and other services have their shady links to intelligence services whose “business” in many cases goes far beyond of what normally is perceived as intelligence. Industrial and state espionage together with snooping to people’s personal lives is criminal but that is the soft side of “intelligence”. On the hard side there are “wet jobs” i.e. assassinations, and clandestine paramilitary operations, agent provocateurs, manufactured revolutions, drug business, extraordinary rendition, as well as blackmail, bribery and coercion of decision makers and public servants.

                      Crimes against we the people and the deterioration of the American Constitution are justified in the minds of the betrayers of humanity by hollow catchwords like the “national security”. All deception starts with self deception. Once again in history of humanity well meaning people are tricked to work and dedicate their lives for their own enemies. The criminal cabal running the show are manipulating the nations to give up their sovereignty and independence to a centralized and corrupt one world government. There is no place in that totalitarian system for nations or “national security”. It’s just one more illusion together with freedom and democracy, free speech or the American dream, a dream that once was but is turning into a nightmare. And it’s global.


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Comment by Not mainstreamer on January 14, 2014 at 7:36pm

(I have not studied this Excel workbook or Micheal Rivero on the topic)

How much time will a supercomputer need to solve: x + y = 100 ?

Answer = inf years, too many unknown. NSA is helpless against that kind of encryption. In the age of computing encryption itself is easy. When people start to use it NSA in the end will need more water than there is in US to cool down their computers.

Comment by Less Prone on January 15, 2014 at 4:41am

Yes, in general and in real numbers x and y can be anything from minus infinity to plus infinity as long as their sum in one hundred. In this application the limits are set from 100 to 999.

Comment by Not mainstreamer on January 16, 2014 at 4:23pm

x = the message, y = the code, 100 = the encryptic message

Example: sending account number

Encryptic message = 48230057399

Here NSA, knowing the method, can conclude the real message is some number that can be an account number. But to find account number they need the code. So they must locate the code - lets say that was by phone (audio) ... another job/department. Code could also be by snail mail, now they have a real problem, reading all snail mails, and putting it together.

Comment by Less Prone on January 22, 2014 at 7:02pm

All text scrambler files available for download on scribd

No more on 2016

Comment by Not mainstreamer on February 9, 2014 at 6:51pm

The password is set to 85 * 201 bytes = 17085 bytes

One cannot transfer 17085 bytes by voice, it has to be transferred digitally - memory stick is one solution. A memory stick can hold 16,000,000,000+ bytes. Just use all that storage as "password", or at least 200,000 bytes (hidden into an image?).  But then a programming language like Javascript or PowerBasic is needed for speed.

Comment by Less Prone on February 9, 2014 at 7:22pm

The figures you are referring to (85x201) are simply a limitation set by Excel and the application. In Excel and this application the password can be extended to 85 x 65535 = 5,570,475 characters. When the password is as long as the message, then it has the same effect as if it were infinite. It is the idea that is important here. I'm inviting people to the test the application and get used to the idea so that they can develop their own software based on C++ or other programming language. Go and download the files from Scribd  or send me email address where you want the application to be sent. A zipped file is just about 4M in size.

Comment by Not mainstreamer on February 10, 2014 at 4:32am

When the password is as long as the message, then it has the same effect as if it were infinite

That is a good point. When the key/password is larger than the message (100 times preferable) then the key becomes unsolvable (for supercomputers). For practical reason one will use the same key for some time, meaning 100 times larger than each message is best. This is something most people will comprehend. - they can do it themselves. NSA breaking "any code" is just pretense - they cannot.

Comment by Not mainstreamer on February 10, 2014 at 4:46am

C# and SharpDev as IDE are easy and free tools. Javascript is the choice that works on all platforms. Both have sufficient speed. C++ is a hell to learn.

Comment by Not mainstreamer on February 10, 2014 at 4:56am

If one can define program logic then getting coding done by will cost $200-$1000.. very timesaving because a professional do not need to learn a new language

Comment by Less Prone on February 10, 2014 at 6:04am

Not mainstreamer,

I believe the next logical step to improve the application would be the use of Excel macros and Basic language embedded in Excel. That would probably eliminate a lot of formulas repeated over and over again for each matrix element. I don't have time to do that. I have provided a prototype that works and is open for further development. Any other programming language capable of matrix operations would also do just fine. I'm developing the application to have larger mail matrix, from 85 x 201 to 85 x 1000 first and so on.


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