Free Political Prisoner Ben Gilroy - Yellow Vests Ireland

Political prisoner Ben Gilroy, spokesman for the Yellow Vest Ireland movement; member of Direct Democracy Ireland and candidate for East Meath constituency was recently jailed on an alleged contempt of court for three months on 17th January 2019. 

It's no secret the banks have always had the corrupt politicians in their pockets. Yet we tend to overlook the judicial system, which too is full of corrupt judges, barristers, lawyers and court officials, whom many are also Freemasons.

As a collective their sole purpose is to protect "their own", alongside the banks, conglomerates, governments, and the MSM - from those seeking justice.

Often innocent people with no previous criminal record who so happen to be unfortunate enough to end-up in such places as police stations, courts and prisons and whose cases can go on for months or years, have long been targeted by ruthless banks, that the number of victims who have suffered such heavy-handedness - runs into their millions worldwide.   

It was reported that Gilroy (centre) had been found in contempt three times, though we all know how easy it is to be found guilty of contempt of court and particularly when a defendant doesn’t think their voice is being heard – or that they may speak out of term, such as when Gilroy rightly stated he felt “threatened by members of a semi-secretive society (Freemasons) wearing wigs and black cloaks” who believe they are “superior to other members of society” and who “act in a clandestine fashion to hide their criminality”.

In two of these previous findings of contempt, Gilroy avoided imprisonment by apologising to the court.  So those contempt charges have been dealt with and over.

Though they had to find a way to silence Gilroy, as it seems not only is the judge and AIB concerned about Gilroy’s rise in popularity, more so is the Irish government and his connection to the Yellow Vest movement that is taking France to the brink of civil unrest – that they are shit scared the same may happen in Ireland – and the UK.   

The third contempt should be quashed as its invalid; Gilroy was ordered to do 80 hours of community service, though it’s said the High Court heard Gilroy failed to complete the community service.

However, this is incorrect, as Gilroy was happy to do community work, though he couldn’t because one of the court documents incorrectly identified the title of AIB, this is an error of the court and bank in question and there’s nothing Gilroy could have done to alter the situation.   

The judge should have simply ordered the incorrect paperwork to have been amended and re-sentenced Gilroy to the 80 hours community service and not to have sent him to jail instead.

The Irish government, the courts and AIB are worried about the likes of Gilroy whose YouTube videos expose bailiff thugs in black facemasks and paramilitary style uniforms, illegally (they often use ‘fake’ court papers and arrest warrants) trying to evict tenants from their homes.

That in addition to his involvement with the Yellow Vest movement, - many of us believe this is the real reason why Mr Justice Brian McGovern sent Gilroy to prison for contempt of court and nothing to do with his failure to complete his community service.

To continuously make Gilroy look like the villain here, the legal profession, banks and media have accused Gilroy of being a 'serial litigant', yet completely overlooking the fact that Gilroy is an anti-eviction activist, who often acted as a "McKenzie Friend", – the term for a non-legally qualified person who assists another in court, thus Gilroy helped and represented many people whose homes were at risk of being repossessed - instead of the banks and the courts allowing the defendants to remain in their homes and workout a repayment plan.

Besides, it’s irrelevant how many times Gilroy had brought the banks to court, said to be 16 High Court actions, for as said it's obvious he would be going to court each and every time he helped someone else fight their case in court.

So you can take the serial litigant accusation with a pinch of salt, as can you with the alleged contempt of court for all he was doing was speaking the truth.

In addition to being sent to jail, and without any evidence whatsoever, the judge also banned Gilroy from AIB (Allied Irish Bank) headquarters and from acting as a "McKenzie Friend", for he ruled it was “probable” that Gilroy was taking payments for acting as a McKenzie friend in breach of the rules of court. 

The ruling to ban Gilroy from representing those in need of his help, arose from a case taken by AIB against Seamus McQuaid who was being helped by Gilroy.

Though it's obvious there's clearly no evidence that this was the case as otherwise it would have been presented in court and the judge wouldn’t have had to ‘presume’ such a probability.

AIB had alleged (that we can safely assume they have no actual evidence) Gilroy prevented AIB from recovering the debt from McQuaid by helping him to move his assets into a “trust-fund", for were there such evidence, then I am sure Gilroy would have been facing more than just a contempt of court charge.   

Yet in order to help stop ordinary folk from taking the banks to court, another judge, Mr Justice Robert Haughton, said; “It is a feature of Mr Gilroy’s successive written and oral applications to the court that he repeatedly pursues the same arguments that have already failed, and are bound to fail again”, - though this is without doubt a bias judgement and done so to help protect the banks, and to stop Joe Public from taking legal action them.   

Though this is not true that Gilroy pursued the same arguments, and irrespective if he did, as each and every case is separate from each other and “Mr Smiths” legal argument is going to be different than that of “Mr Jones”.  All cases have to be heard, and if the facts are proven not to be the case, the defendant loses the case, - yet they are still entitled to a legal argument and hearing.   

Perhaps if AIB and other banks were not so prolific in wanting to repossess people’s homes, there would be far less of these types of cases to be heard.

Banks, run by banksters that have long been exposed to be criminal entities disguised to the gullible masses as 'legit businesses. 

It goes without saying TPTB in Ireland and further afield are doing their upmost to silence activists such as Gilroy, whose support is growing by the day and especially since sending him to jail.

Ben Gilroy has stood as a Dáil candidate on two occasions for the Direct Democracy Ireland party. In the 2013 Meath East by-election and much to everyone’s surprise, he comfortably beat the Labour candidate and came in fourth position.

Ben Gilroy spoke of the peoples and Yellow Vest Ireland demands to the Irish Government outside Taoiseach office #Dublin #YellowVests;

  • As, recognition of the desire and right of all people to live, work and thrive in a safe modern and dignified manner.
  • A call to unity and action, in the form of a simple ‘yellow vest’ has rang out, across many nations.
  • We, the Irish people here today, recognize and acknowledge that call, and we gather with purpose and determination.
  • No longer, shall we accept, cold, cruel, bureaucracy as a legitimate reason to use force against those struggling to keep a roof over their head.
  • No longer, will we tolerate, corruption, cronyism and political deception.
  • No longer, will we allow, our People to suffer for want in this Isle of plenty.
  • In deference to all of the above, we insist action be taken immediately with the following demands.
  • We demand, Citizens initiated Referenda.
  • Immediate halt on all evictions and cameras allowed in all civil courts.
  • Leo Varadkar, declare a General Election & resign.
  • Cervical Cancer HSE staff responsible fired & Simon Harris resign.
  • Constitutional protection of Ireland’s water from privatisation
  • Medicinal Cannabis legalised immediately.
  • Prohibition on TDs from being housing Landlords or beneficiaries.
  • Return Ireland’s Oil & Gas reserves to public ownership.
  • An effective means to remove corrupt Gardai, civil servants & judges.
  • Immediate distribution of Food/fuel vouchers for people going hungry and cold.
  • Cap rent per bedroom to €400 per month.
  • Abolishment of the TV Licence.
  • Enforce full corporate tax rate on multinationals and collect revenues owed.
  • A Raise in minimum wage to actual living costs.
  • Abolish household charge and property tax.
  • He went on to say; “Irish People stand tall and proud, as is your right. Let this call to action spread across the whole of Ireland. Take to your streets, roads and Bridges. The time to stand together has come. The time to defend our children’s future has arrived. We are stronger than our divisions.
  • He lives in Johnstown and his background is in law. For several years now Gilroy has been actively involved saving family homes, businesses and farms from Banks, Vulture funds and financial vested interests.
  • He became a member Direct Democracy Ireland to try bring about the political process of giving the power back to the people through initiated referendum.
  • He states, as a TD (Teachta Dála, is a member of Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Irish parliament), that he would maintain a constant dialogue with constituents, in the spirit of Direct Democracy, pushing their interests above all else.
  • He advocates the following 'National Policies';
  • STOP Bondholder Payments: There is no legal liability for Irish people and their children to pay for private banking debts.
  • HALT all evictions nationwide, work for a solution with banks.
  • REDUCE Family Home Mortgages: A substantial write down of personal debt to keep people in their homes and stimulate our domestic economy.
  • ABOLISH All Taxes on Family Homes: “It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair to tax a person’s home” – Enda Kenny, 1994.
  • PROTECT Services & Allowances: Review all cuts made to essential services and people’s vital allowances.
  • CUT Business Rates: Reduce costs for business to help make them more affordable and competitive thus protecting Irish jobs.
  • CEASE State Asset Stripping: Keep water, oil, gas, forestry, fisheries and mineral assets and return these assets back to public ownership.
  • PREVENT the implementation of TTIP
  • END Fluoridation of public water.
  • ENCOURAGE community projects, with the community actively working with an garda Siochana as peace keepers.
  • PUSH for a bill of rights ensuring people have proper access to Water, Homes, Justice and Health.
  • SLASH TDS and top civil servants pensions, expenses and wages, and revisit past agreements so our cloth can be cut to fit our current circumstances.
  • Local Policies;
  • End Fluoridation of public water.
  • Hold county councils accountable to the constituents of my areas.
  • Oppose any further punishment of the vulnerable with austerity, in particular the old, sick, disabled and underprivileged in my area.
  • Lobby for decentralization of power making decisions to encompass more of the democratic will of the people of my area
  • Greater interchange and regular liaison between community representatives and the Gardaí, in regards to local issues.

Gilroy asked that folk vote for him in Meath East; “…so I may promote the common good, with due observance of prudence, justice and charity, while maintaining the dignity, freedom and rights of the people using a true democratic process.” - Ben Gilroy

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Comment by Exposure on January 24, 2019 at 2:59pm

Cheers Gralton - Raz Putin

Comment by Gralton on January 22, 2019 at 10:15pm

Good work Ben! Godspeed my brother!

Comment by Raz Putin on January 22, 2019 at 12:03am

In solidarity FREE BEN GILROY!!!

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