American military advisors began arriving in Vietnam in 1955-56 during the Eisenhower administration. [1]   Even today in 2011 virtually every single member of the military whether the Army, Navy or Air Force are Freemasons, – or belong to a very similar covert secret societies, clubs or fraternities, so much so is their involvement they can’t seemed to go anywhere in the world without setting up camp and opening their lodges wherever they happen to be based.  American military and civilian personnel wanting to join the ‘Craft’ were referred to BiakNa-Bato Lodge No7, Free and Accepted Masons [F & A.M.] in Manila.  For many years Freemasons wishing to join the York and Scottish Rites, or the Shrine, had to travel to Manila in order to join these appendant bodies. However, Brethren were also visited ‘in-country’ by degree conferring teams from Okinawa.  On the 4th December 1966, 37 Master Masons belonging to 25 different Grand Lodges sent a petition to the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, requesting a dispensation to form a Craft Lodge at Saigon.  On the 4th January 1967, this dispensation was granted.  The Lodge was approved by Grand Communication on 23rd April 1969, and on the 6th June 1969, constituted of Saigon No188, F & A.M., Saigon and the Republic of South Vietnam. [1]

     Though permission to operate was never granted by the Vietnamese government, did went ahead anyway, and because of this it was decided ‘to never involve’ the local residents in the Lodge.  However, perhaps because of language problems and other inconveniences, two Vietnamese nationals were eventually allowed to become members.  Due to not having a permanent Lodge, the Lodge used to assemble in the conference room of the BMK/BRJ Construction Company; and finally the Lodge rented the top floor of a three story apartment building in downtown Saigon, and where it remained until 1975.  It’s alleged the Lodge met at the American Embassy, though no records prove this.  The general membership consisted mostly of American and Filipino workers employed by the many construction companies.  One personal communication states this Lodge alone conferred the degrees on five candidates per week, [1] fifty two weeks per year, for seven years = 21,840 members, – its times like these I wished I made white gloves and aprons.   It conferred its last degree on the 19th April 1975, eight days before the fall of the country.

     There were numerous Masonic organisations all over Vietnam including the Square and Compass Clubs; known as the Gia Pinh, at Ton Son Nhut Air Base, the Da Nang, the Na Thrang, and Freedom Hall of Da Nang, the Chu-Lai Square Club No1187, and also the Hiram Club, located at Can Tho, along with at least two Shrine Clubs.  These were the Oasis Shrine Club and the Mekong Delta Shrine Club, also located at Can Tho.  These Shrine clubs held monthly meetings at the Dai Nam Enlisted Open Mess until military restrictions forced them to seek other quarters and they then met at local restaurants:

    The National Sojourners [a Masonic organisation for members with the rank of Warrant Officer and above] had several chapters in-country; Tropic Lightning No499, Long Binh No500, and the 4th Infantry Division No501.  Also present in Vietnam was Saigon No409, Heroes Camp Captain J. Parker, chartered in 1955, and Corps Camp Heroes of 76, chartered in 1966.  At the rate of one province per day falling to the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army, the Communist forces made their final attempt to capture Saigon in March 1975.  On the 29th April, 1975, at 22:45, President and Brother Gerald R. Ford commenced Operation Frequent Wind, the final departure of Americans from Saigon.  On the 30th April 1975, at 07:53, the Light of Freemasonry, with the last C H-46 helicopter, carrying the last 11 Marines away from what was left of the American Embassy in Saigon was shined no more. – Source: Freemasonry in Vietnam by Mark E. White MPS.

   And now it’s happening in the middle-east, and Africa will soon see many more micro-wars as the Military Industrial Complex has also invested billions of dollars, and are hoping to drum up some business, they would no doubt also like to see countries such as Saudi Arabia beginning to use up some of their hardware.  In 2009, civil war in Northern Yemen between Yemeni forces and Shiite Houthi rebels spilled over into the neighbouring border region of Saudi Arabia, and the possibilities of the conflict growing is increasing as various other countries are said to be involved, e.g. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.  On the 17th December 2009 US warplanes fired cruise missiles at what officials in Washington claimed were – al-Qaeda training camps in the provinces of Sana’a and Abyan.  Other reports suggest that the airstrikes were carried out by Yemeni Mig-29 aircraft, probably helped by US intelligence, or that cruise missiles were launched from warships offshore.  Officials in Yemen said that the attacks claimed the lives of more than 60 civilians, 28 of them children.  Another air-strike was carried out on Christmas Eve. [2]

     Then on the 3rd January 2010, the US and British embassies in Yemen closed for security reasons after an alleged failed plot to bomb a plane in Detroit and after reports of eight individuals planning an attack on the embassy itself.  One was allegedly arrested with a suicide vest, while three others were killed.  The four others are meant to still be at large.

     Why all the sudden interest in this region, is it really because of al-Qaeda?  Or has that dirty word ‘oil’ anything to do with it, or is that just part of an overall interest.  Yemen is of great strategic importance, particularly the Aden port, known as the ‘gate to Asia’, and is just a spitting distance from East Africa, you can almost reach out and touch Somalia, to have American and allied forces based in Yemen, would logistically be a dream position for the West to have its military in order to deal with the middle-east, Africa and the Chinese problem, but there needs to be a reason or excuse for why our troops in the West should be there in the first place, and like North Korea is/was on the cards for a ‘military visit’ in 2011/2012 and beyond, so are places like Yemen, which is said to have more than 60 million guns, or is that a similar WMD kind of claim?

     It’s been said that covert operations have been taking place just off the coastline of Somalia, and where Somali ‘pirate’s’ are being employed to act as just that ‘pirates’, to attack and challenge whomever they can of the coast of Somalia, which is just across the Gulf of Aden and on the doorstep of Yemen, it’s alleged the ‘Somali Pirate’ attacks have been deliberately escalated so as ‘international’ condemnations will insist action be taken, and will therefore justify the presence of an ‘all nations’ fleet of navy’s being in the region of the middle-east, oh yeah, Iran is not far off on the Gulf of Oman.

     It’s also alleged, the real reason why the ‘China-Burmese’ government has loosened its grip, is because it’s been having difficulties to improve its influence in Sri Lanka and Burma to form new transport paths between the Persian Gulf, Africa and Middle East areas as naval paths of the Indian Ocean are believed to be the main artery that feeds the Chinese economic heart.

     The Freemasons have long been in Burma, the Rangoon & Ormond-Iles Lodge No 1268 [EC] operated there until 1969.  On the freemasonry-today website, Mr K. W. Bond states he was initiated into Freemasonry in Central Burma in Lodge Yenangyaung 4374, almost 52 years ago.  According to the masonic-lodge-info website, there are presently 9 Lodges in Burma’s as of 2011.  Burma is changing, after multi-party elections in 2010 ended 50 years of military rule, as the new charter gives the military an automatic 25% of seats in parliament. [3] National League of Democracy [NLD] spokesman Nyan Win, criticised the referendum: “This referendum was full of ‘cheating and fraud’ across the country; In some villages, authorities and polling station officials ticked the ballots themselves and did not let the voters do anything”. [See it’s going on all around us, this ‘so called democracy’, doesn’t exist, as ‘they’ the Masonic/Illuminati put into power whoever they wish].

     The constitution barred pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, from running in the 2010 elections.  However, Ms Suu Kyi had been detained for 15 of the past 21 years, and her house arrest term expired on the 13th of November 2010, and to many people’s delight she was released on that day, and I bet your arse not so far in this distance future she shall join another farcical ‘coalition government’, that are growing at such at rate I can’t keep up with them.

     China is reconsidering construction of 13 dams on the Salween River, but energy-starved Burma with backing from Thailand remains intent on building five hydro-electric dams downstream, despite regional and international protests; India seeks cooperation from Burma to keep Indian Nagaland separatists, such as the United Liberation Front [ULF] of Assam, [4] from hiding in remote Burmese uplands; after 21 years, Bangladesh resumed talks with Burma on delimiting a maritime boundary in January 2008.

     Burma has a high level of corruption, and ranks 178th out of 180 countries worldwide on the Corruption Perceptions Index.  The Military Industrial Complex have far too much financial interest to want to see the end of the fighting, bombing, occupying and supplying totalitarian regimes for them to want to stop.   Even more importantly, it’s in the interest of the West to prevent the likes of China and other expanding economies, who too have their eyes of the worlds resources, – so simply won’t be allowed to easily happen, and if it does ever come to it, a lot of bloodshed is on the cards before this transition of power can finally be laid to rest.  Wasn’t it Nostradamus in his Quatrain No 10-74 – that said the third antichrist; “…will be of the yellow race?”

     Though here’s also a real problem, as the West seems unable to stop itself and deal with it’s addiction to consumerism and for all things crap, and which has become a way of life for all of us, – we’re led to believe if it ends, so does the West as we know it, or so we’re told, though we really should be going cold-turkey and stop purchasing half of the shit that we do.

     But since we don’t manufacture, produce or make anything anymore, small businesses have been forced out of the Masonic market place and only the major players such as Tesco’s, Walmart-Asda, Morrisons, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Primark and alike purchase all the goods and supply us, and it is due to these reasons we have to get our goods and resources from elsewhere in the world, which means we will continue to pillage, rape, exploit, occupy and kick the fuck out of the weaker countries in the world. – Which in turn can only came back around again, though this time – we’ll be the recipients on the other end of the boot!

 Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World –

[1] The Philalethes –

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[4] “Burma Transnational Issues 2011, CIA World Factbook.a href="">>;.

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