Germany Reaches New Level Of Enrichment - Nigerian Man Attacks Mother & Cuts Off Baby's Head In Hamburg

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Knife Murder Of The Jungfernstieg Shopping Area - Merkel's guest cuts off baby's head

By on April 15, 2018


Video: Man from Nigeria cuts off baby's head, police spokesman Timo Zill downplayed: "Offenders worked on woman"

Updated contribution from April 13, 2018

According to police findings, the rejected asylum seeker stood out with great force on the woman and her child together, so that one must assume a deliberate, as well as intentional killing intent. The child died because of the serious injuries immediately at the scene. The mother was seriously injured. The perpetrator was arrested. Frightening also the Hamburg police spokesman Timo Zill, who downplayed the brutal act in his word acrobatics after general understanding and literally in front of journalists of "the perpetrators worked on the woman," said.

The Hamburg police officers involved in the investigation are appalled by the downplaying statements made by their press spokesman Timo Zill and by NDR journalists regarding a disgusting act of bloodshed. With reference to a video from the eyewitness cell phone camera now Kripobeamter Ralf P. (name changed) turns to the editors and speaks literally of a carnage.

The suspect is a 33-year-old man from Nigeria. The Black African, Mourtula Madou, cared for by the Protestant church in Hamburg, had chosen the emergency call himself after the crime and was then arrested by the police in the Mönkebergstraße in Hamburg, a large shopping street in the city of Hamburg.

From minute 1:06 you can hear an eyewitness saying that the culprit has cut off the baby's head

(Video Source:

The black African suspect was then transferred after completing the first police action in the remand prison and will be presented on Friday a magistrate.


Mourtala Madou is arrested and is satisfied. The German and the baby are dead

The victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and her 1-year-old daughter died immediately on the spot. In the hospital, the 34-year-old German, who was allegedly married to the perpetrator, succumbed to her injuries.

The act occurred on the platform of the S-Bahn Jungfernstieg.

It is not uncommon for the Protestant churches in Germany to give rejected asylum seekers in Germany church asylum. The Protestant church in the red Hamburg, or also in red Berlin, are leading here, as regards the ignoring of official deportation decisions and grant again and again - despite clear legal situation and court decisions - rejected asylum seekers Kirchenasyl. Even in the case of the murderer of a young German on the Hamburg Jungfernstieg, the 33-year-old man came from the supervised sanctuary.


Protestant pastor from Hamburg looked after the Nigerian murderer from Jungfernstieg

20180414_110741 150w,
Victim Sandra P. and her 1-year-old daughter were brutally slaughtered by the Nigerian and should be a warning to young German women not to engage with immigrants who are culturally incompatible.

The murder commission (LKA 41) and the prosecutor Hamburg have taken over the further investigations


Blood also sticks to the Hamburg justice: Mourtala M. belonged to a group of migrants from Africa, who were deported in 2013 from Italy to Hamburg. The so-called "Lampedusa Group", which is still illegally residing in Hamburg, was not deported by the authorities, contrary to the law.

"Isolated cases" and law breaks of official channels in Germany

The man from Nigeria had his deportation appointment on Tuesday morning. Under the Dublin II Regulation, he should have traveled to Italy, where he first set foot on European soil. But since Monday evening, the young Nigerian lives in the Catholic rectory of the Church of St. Catherine in Ottenhofen, which was previously empty. He has applied for sanctuary. Thus, the asylum seeker can evade deportation for the time being. The church can accommodate "refugees" (*) without legal residence status on their premises. The church asylum is not welcomed by the state authorities , but generally respected , Judith Issig wrote in January 2016 for the "South German" and confirmed in their article 2 years ago that laws in Germany for self-empowered authorities and official churches no longer valid have.

(*) Quotes added by the editor

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