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Gordon Campbell and Peter Mansbridge at 2010 Bilderberg‏

Gordon Campbell and Peter Mansbridge at 2010 Bilderberg‏

Gordon Campbell is commercializing B.C.'s fresh water so that multinational
corporations can export hydroelectricity to California....

/FYI... an interesting story about Gordon Campbell's 4 day visit
with the Bilderbergs (the wealthiest people in the world) at a
meeting in Spain, at BC taxpayers expense. He's over there selling
off our province. What an outrage!!! The comments below the article
are worth the read too. /

Campbell's Bilderberg adventure remains mysterious

Why was B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell hanging out with global
billionaires at the 58th annual Bilderberg Meeting in Sitges, Spain?
And why didn’t he tell the world he was going?

After all, he went to a beautiful place, made some new friends, and
the food had to be good. But Campbell hasn’t posted even a tweet’s
worth about it on his *Facebook page*
Isn’t that something social media is for? To tell your friends about your
latest neat trip?

A *photo*

in today’s Guardian newspaper shows Campbell among a covey of other
official Bilderburg participants. He was there with other political
figures including the finance minister of debt bedeviled Greece
(George Papaconstantinou), two past architects of U.S. war policies
(Henry Kissinger and Richard Perle), and Larry Summers, top economic
advisor to U.S. president Obama.

The list also includes powerful heads of giant multi-national
corporations including Microsoft, Coca-cola, Google and Goldman
Sachs International. The annual meeting of the Bilderberg group is
secretive and by invitation only, and therefore ready fodder for
conspiracy theorists.

The Georgia Straight first *reported*
on June 6, that Campbell was on a "leaked list" of Bilderberg
participants this year.
(The Tyee today found the same list on the
Bilderberg *website*

On Sunday, The Vancouver Sun gained what it termed a "brief
interview" with Campbell, noting the premier would "not go into
specific detail about what was discussed." Campbell did say, "We
talked about the economy, we talked about trade, we talked about
health care and the challenges that health care presents to all
economies with the changing demographic."

"We talked about how is it possible to feed the world and what are
the barriers that are in the way of us actually accomplishing that

"Everybody is connected now with international trade. Everyone will
be affected by what happens with the European currencies and that's
a significant issue everyone is concerned about."

UBC professor of international law Michael Byers, a federal New
Democrat who has run for Member of Parliament in Vancouver, would
like Campbell to be more forthcoming about the goal and results of
his four days spent with the Bilderbergers, paid for by citizens of B.C.

"One doesn't need to be a conspiracy theorist to be concerned that
the Premier of B.C. is attending secret meetings with the power
brokers of global capitalism, including Henry Kissinger and Peter
Sutherland, the chairman of Goldman Sachs International. These are
people who see countries as commodities, available for take-over and
trade -- along with their natural resources -- without regard for
the interests or opinions of their citizens."

Byers added, "The parallel with Paul Gross' 2004 CBC drama ‘H20’ is
particularly disturbing. There, the Bilderberg Group engineered the
rise to power of a Canadian prime minister -- and the incorporation
of Canada into the United States -- in return for the
commercialization and export of Canada's freshwater. Gordon Campbell
is commercializing B.C.'s fresh water so that multinational
corporations can export hydroelectricity to California. So what's
the quid pro quo? Does it only come later, in the form of lucrative
positions on the boards of Bilderberg-associated companies? Or has
some of it already arrived?"

Maybe CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge will have the story. He attended
this year’s Bilderberg meeting, too, along with fellow Canadians
Indigo Books chair Heather Riesman and TD Bank Financial Group
Deputy Chair Frank McKenna.

/David Beers is editor of The Tyee./

* *Filed in **Federal Politics*
<>*BC Politics*

* *Best comments*

*this ultra wealthclass...*

of corporate power must think they`ve won the ultimate lottery when
our own little man gordo shows up and gives away the property and
any chance of an economic future for the foolish rubes he and his
corporate paymasters hoodwinked into electing this turbo-neocon
regime in victoria that treats the common property of bc citizens
like their own private property.

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*If BC Taxpayers Footed His Foray ...*

We should hear all about it.

It's rather disgusting that Campbell was shilling solo in Spain. I
thought he'd closed all of those deals during the Olympics.
As for Peter Mansbridge, can one call him a journalist anymore?
Which is why I truly fear the planet's future.

When you have journalists complicit in world domination by a group
whose whole existence is to keep the rich, rich, the rest of us
peons face an increasingly polluted, corrupt and unstable world.

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*Wonder if the mass-media*

Wonder if the mass owned-media will ask where Gordo has been and what was
talked about when he gets home? Naw; they don't have the gonads.

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*I'm sick of this constant*

I'm sick of this constant silly yakking about "conspiracy
theorists", by self imagined superior minds.

"Conspiracy theory" is an expression made up by professional mind
benders, like the idiocies of "consumers" and "wealth creation", to
divert attention from the facts and sordid realities to make people
who question these secret get togethers by the biggest criminals of
the corporate mafia, ridiculous.

The word "conspiracy" originates from the Latin "cum" = "with" and
"spiro" = "breathing" = "breathing together", which means that all
special interest gatherings, religions, political parties, etc. are
bona fide conspiracies.

The ruling classes of the world, through history, have long
discovered the simple physical fact that "wealth can not be created,
only taken" and always have used their imaginary, or violence
induced powers to "take" as much as they could, while covering up
their actions with religions and ideologies.

In other words, when the sole purpose of a group is to "take", it is
criminal conspiracy, even if taught in our universities as "economics".

The Bilderbergers and the Trilaterals, also NAFTA, "globalization"
etc. are criminal plans and organizations to "take" everything they
can, and the sole purpose of their gatherings is conspiring for
legalized grand theft, while calling it "competition".

The politicians are attending these secret meetings to get offers
for the sale of their countries and peoples in to subservience and
slavery, while calling it "freedom" and "wealth creation", and most
important, to collect the best post politics directorship offers for
their efforts.

If these actions aren't conspiracies, what the hell are they ?

What's the difference between conspiring to rob a business, or to
destroy family farms and control the world's food supplies, while
calling it "free trade" and "free enterprise"

Ed Deak.

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