Homeland Security - Stasi for the 21st Century

The Department of Homeland Security and police forces label anyone who they disagree with - or who disagrees with their policies - as "terrorists".
Don't believe me?

Well, according to a law school professor, pursuant to the Military Commissions Act, "Anyone who ... speaks out against the government's policies could be declared an 'unlawful enemy combatant' and imprisoned indefinitely. That includes American citizens."

And according to an FBI memo, peace protesters are being labeled as "terrorists". Indeed, police have been terrorizing children, little old ladies and other "dangerous" people who attempted to peacefully.

And a 2003 FBI memo describes protesters' use of videotaping as an "intimidation" technique, even though - as the ACLU points out - "Most mainstream demonstrators often use videotape during protests to document law enforcement activity and, more importantly, deter police from acting outside the law." The FBI appears to be objecting to the use of cameras to document unlawful behavior by law enforcement itself.

And the Internet has been labeled as a breeding ground for terrorists, with anyone who questions the government's versions of history being especially equated with terrorists.

Now, the state of Missouri has labeled as terrorists current Congressman Ron Paul and his supporters, former Congressman Bob Barr, libertarians in general, anyone who holds gold, and a host of other people.

In other words, anyone who disagrees with the "acceptable" way of looking at things is a terrorist.

How is law enforcement's use of the label "terrorist" different from Stalin or Mao's use of labels such as "enemy of the state"?

...The USA has extradition treaties across the globe which enable those deemed criminals by the US government to be kidnapped by their neo-Stasi collaborators in many countries. This development makes every one of us a terrorist - it doesn't matter whether you live in Detroit, Dartford or Diksmude - the criminal cartel which pose as governments have everything in place to make you disappear into a gulag from which you may never reappear.

Wake up! This is as serious as it gets.

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