How Trump is Beating the Witch Hunt

The Bungling Trump Safari Catch Him If You Can

Sixteen months into the Trump presidency and the left doggedly pursues their prey, an Oval Office Executive they hate simply for winning! Their negative prognostications were all wrong, their false accusations were like flies on a carcass in the Savana, and the US economy continues to grow. Just today it was announced that US unemployment is at a 44-year low in sharp contrast to the Obama years. Especially for Blacks and Latinos, who are experiencing the shared prosperity of job growth. Another of the Democrat Party falsities was that the Presidents successful tax cuts would generate huge deficits, but the federal government is taking in record revenues. This proves that our government does not have a shortage of income, but rather a lack of spending constraint!

Drunken hunter

Robert Mueller, former FBI Director and point man pursuing President Trump like a drunken white hunter sitting in a basket atop an elephant too unskilled to spot the stealthy tiger is according to former Inspector General under President Reagan, anything but competent. In his time head of the FBI during the 9-11 disaster asking those around him why do the terrorists hate us? A man who botched investigations that resulted in defendants being exonerated thanks to his sloppy work and flimsy evidence, has done more to bolster the innocence of President Trump than perhaps more than the lack of evidence they have been able to find.

Cutting deals

With President Donald J. Trump pushing China and other foreign trade partners to give the US a better deal and allow American companies to do better in the international trade markets he has made friends with the Chinese president even as the US Navy challenges the presence of the Communist pressure on shipping lanes in the South China Sea. With Russia currently generating an economy less than the US state of Texas, it is hardly conceivable that they will put up a serious challenge in Syria as they are unable to fund such expeditionary activity. They are now calling for a hearing from the UN in order to study the situation when in truth, they are trying to slow down the sequence of events they very likely began.

Deeds outweigh the lies

Much like President Reagan whose measures were responsible for rescuing the US from a steep recession in the 1980’s Donald Trump has emulated similar economic tactics that have revitalized American free markets and the growth of commerce despite the lies of his antagonists who will never cease the flow of disinformation and their unrealistic hopes of taking down the President! Never before in US history has a candidate for the presidency much less sitting president been so hated by the Democrats and had so much tax payer money wasted on frivolous prosecutorial probing that has yielded nothing! The smoking gun clearly lies among the Democrats starting with Hillary Clinton, her staff, James Comey, former FBI Director, and a host of DOJ and federal agents who violated the FISA Court guidelines and conspired to try and keep Donald Trump from getting elected. From illegally unmasking innocent Americans with unprecedented numbers to destroying evidence the Democrats are literally sitting on their own powder keg of criminality!

Useless attacks

Still the US media with exception of Fox news among TV networks has worked hand in hand in an incestuous role of trying to make biased and vindictive editorializing appear to be reporting when instead it has been a steady stream of attacks. When there have been those who have commented that journalism in America is dead they need only look as far as their own TV set and the 99% of the major news networks obsessed with dredging up the most petty allegations from some of the most questionable witnesses of despicable character from drunks to porno stars, it has been a litany of ineffective squawk!

Nothing new

Former FBI Director James Comey’s new book has already come under attack by the normally leftist biased media as being absent of any revelations and paltry in terms of content. James Comey tries to hit back at President Trump with personal remarks that border on childish. Just as the left has tarnished itself in its all-out smear campaign against the President, James Comey has revealed his own flawed character along with a prelude to the legal issues he will no doubt face for refusing to prosecute Hillary Clinton who had committed grievous violations of the law.


What Democrats and leftist groups have done in their frenzied pursuit of Donald J. Trump has inflicted much more harm than any advantage they might have attained. Not to mention the fact that they are further diminishing their voter base as Americans are tired of the incessant lies and attacks when the President is achieving many of the goals he promised his constituents he would deliver while citizens take home more of their money and see a thriving economy in the wake of 8 years of decline under the ineptitude of the Obama White House!

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Comment by Deep Space on April 13, 2018 at 9:02pm

Not paranoid. I'm glad the zionist warmongering psychopathic NWO turds are swirling down the drain. The US is trillions in debt and their fake petro dollar scam is blown. 

Comment by Diana on April 13, 2018 at 8:43pm

Doc Vega:  That was why I posted that meme...things are not going as planned for the democrats, because Trump appears to be 5 steps ahead of them.

Comment by Doc Vega on April 13, 2018 at 7:50pm

Diana this President is smoking out the lies of the Democrats and their unholy alliance with the media! he may seem brutal or rash, but he is exactly what it will take to eradicate these vermin!

Comment by Doc Vega on April 13, 2018 at 7:48pm

Deep Space Dude don't be so paranoid! Remember how the Soviets were alarmed by Reagan because they considered him to be a Cowboy. Same thing applies with Trump. The Ruskies don't have enough economic where with all to fund military action on protracted scale! I promise you! Just chill!

Comment by Diana on April 13, 2018 at 7:07pm

Comment by Deep Space on April 13, 2018 at 3:54pm

... by starting WW3...

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