HUSHING RUSH and his respone to Obama: note i don't listen to this guy or like him.


Some Limbaugh Affiliates Self-Censor Inaugural Comments

*** DOZENS OF STATIONS CENSORED LIMBAUGH ***(not that i care its a prescient)

During a strangely divisive, downbeat and depressing inaugural speech by incoming ruler Barack Obama, non-believers hoping for an alternative perspective from Rush Limbaugh were disappointed to find some affiliates suppressing his comments.

Though Limbaugh's plans to provide a real-time reaction to Obama's oratory were spelled out to stations more than a week in advance by Premiere Radio Networks, at least a few (and perhaps many more) chose to self-censor his remarks.

In addition, El Rushbo himself alerted fans to his plans during yesterday's program:

RUSH: A programming note for those of you who are affiliates on the EIB Network, just as a reminder we are going to carry the immaculation tomorrow. We're going to carry the Immaculate Inauguration, the swearing in and the speech, the inaugural address by Barack Obama. There will be live commentary as we are known for here on the EIB Network during the immaculation address itself. However, ladies and gentlemen, I don't think at this point in time that we are going to stick with coverage of the parade. I mean we could do that, and I could describe for you the bands and the circus acts and the clowns and so forth that I see on television coverage, but I mean you could turn on the television for that. We will cover the inaugural address and we'll play it by ear after that to see where we go. I just want you to know, we'll be carrying it from start to finish, and whatever commercial time-outs, commercial breaks that are necessary to skip, we will skip tomorrow in order to bring to you the immaculation address of Barack Obama from beginning to end.

Near EQ HQ, Boston talker WRKO and WXTK-FM on Cape Cod both turned their backs on Rush's lucrative audience, from which they have profited for years, most likely to suit their own political agendas. At our regional media site, we have documented WRKO owner Entercom's far left Obamist political leanings for over two years.

Based on a carefully-worded email to listeners sent last week, we were anticipating the possibility of a suppression effort by WRKO.

We've also heard from angry KFI / Los Angeles and WPTF/ Raleigh listeners who experienced the same troubles. (UPDATE: see comments below for indications from listeners in other cities)

Instead of hearing Limbaugh's no-holds-barred analysis, disappointed listeners experienced relentlessly-upbeat live network feeds. In Boston, his show appeared to be joined in progress at about 12:38.

Subscribers to the Rush 24 / 7 premium service were able to listen via Internet audio streaming.

As 58 million Americans are confronted by the stark reality that a creepy political-religious cult has taken over the country, Limbaugh is providing one of the few remaining opposition voices. That stations are already beginning to engage in Chinese-style self-censorship provides a chilling early example of the coming battle to save free speech in America.

Limbaugh Claims He’s Being Told ‘To Bend Over, Grab The Ankles’ Bec...

Last night on Fox News, host Sean Hannity sat down with right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh to discuss Limbaugh’s “general thoughts” of President Obama and his new administration. Limbaugh seemed agitated at the fact that “a lot of people right now just — they’re absorbed in the historical nature of this, first black president and so forth.” “That is wonderful. That’s great,” Limbaugh said. “But I got over that months ago after he won the election.”

Limbaugh kept going with the racial theme throughout much of the interview. “He’s not black…he’s a human being,” he said. And while he claimed that the “drive-by media” only “care that he’s black,” Limbaugh added, “The fact that he’s African-American, his father was black, to me it’s irrelevant.” But Limbaugh later revealed what seems to be the true nature of his feelings on Obama’s race:

LIMBAUGH: We are being told that we have to hope he succeeds, that we have to bend over, grab the ankles, bend over forward, backward, whichever, because his father was black, because this is the first black president.

This isn’t the first time Limbaugh has thought of bending over and/or grabbing ankles to express his opposition to what he seems to perceive as progressive threats to his conservative ideology:

– Limbaugh on support from African-Americans and gays for progressives: “Democrats will bend over, grab the ankles, and say, ‘Have your way with me.’”

– Limbaugh on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s (R) so-called “Troopergate” scandal: “This is pure sexism in Alaska on the part of these old boys trying to get rid of Sarah Palin, and she didn’t put up with it, and she didn’t bend over and let them have their way.”

Indeed, it appears Limbaugh is having a tough time here in the opening days of the Obama administration. Not only does he want Obama to fail, he also fears Obama will “make it easier” to hold former President Bush to account for any misdeeds he may have committed in office.


This guy really has a thing for that phrase .... I mean once, ok but if every thing is about being (excuse) ass raped by the media and the obamanoids, rather than cry about the new Christ and the media love fest... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Telling me your having things shoved down your throat isn't a new thing to most of the people who arn't mentally retarded and to even call the public retarded is down grading the term and the people with it.

Most everything the media pushes has a socialist agenda, get over it rush and wake the hell up!

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Comment by 7R33SandR0P3S on January 23, 2009 at 4:14am
Sorry but I don't listen to Limblow either, Butt,......Anyone can simply "turn the dial".
Unless Rush chooses to take his show off the stations that censor him, he just has to put up with the corporate controllers. He may have to just go to the free internet and join the fight against the NWO and the Obama ministry of information while the platform still exists. That is just the way it is in the information age.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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