The Moon Is Stationary & Why We Can't See Darkside

Far side of the Moon, allegedly photographed by Apollo 16

It's alleged "The Dark Side" - "Far side of the Moon" is the side/hemisphere that "always" faces away from Earth. 

Others too have wondered about this phenomenon and in our opinion this has nothing to do with the "official scientific explanation", such as it's due to the question of tidal-locking, libration, illumination or the periodic light and dark we see as the phases of the moon change, - but all to do with the fact that if the moon is to be spinning around the Earth and at the alleged same speed as Earth, then why the hell can't we see both sides of the moon at some stage or another - or at least appear to be blurred in vision?   Surely this suggest the Moon is not actually rotating.  Think about it, and especially after reading what's said below.

Animation of the Moon as it cycles through its phases. The apparent wobbling of the Moon is known as libration.

Recently released by NASA, who notes that humans had never seen the far side of the moon (often called the "dark side," though it gets plenty of sunlight) until 1959, when the Soviet Luna 3 captured the first-ever images and have now released the most recent of photos taken by the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) which allegedly captured a series of test photos with its Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera. From its lofty perch 1 million miles from Earth, EPIC looked on as the moon transited our planet. 

The above photo is better observed on the original source linked below; - as you will notice Earth rotates and yet the Moon remains stationary, backing up my theory that it is indeed stationary and locked in fixed orbit with Earth, otherwise why is the Moon not spinning? - After all it was allegedly photographed a million miles away!


Even though we cannot really agree with the “Flat-earth” theory and particularly with its present argument, we can see why some folk may believe this as it is possible the earth is more elongated at the equator than it is at the poles.  Perhaps more Horn-Torus shaped.  Yet this another debate and only mention this observation due to our analysis of the Sun, Earth and Moon and how they appear to us down here on earth.  

Sometimes people refer to a New Moon as a “dark moon” because the moon is fully in shadow as viewed from Earth and we can’t see it, but that’s not the same thing as the dark side of the moon.  The side of the moon facing us during a New Moon is the same as any other moon phase, such as a Full Moon when we can see the entire face.

Experts agree; “…it would seem logical to say that at any one time we can only see 50% of the Moon's surface, if the Moon was flat.  Yet they argue that even though this would be correct, “we” (them) know the Moon is a sphere - or is it?  They say it’s the spherical shape of the Moon that hides the area close to the perimeter and we can only see 41% of the Moon’s surface at any one time.  Even though the same side of the Moon’s always faces us, we do see a bit more than half of its surface.  Overtime, because of librations, we can see up to 59% of the Moon’s surface. “

“Relative to the Earth, the Moon makes one rotation every 29.5 days.  That so happens to also be the time it takes for the Moon to complete one revolution around the earth. “They” say this isn’t a coincidence and that in the past, the Moon used to rotate much faster than it does now.   But over millions of years, the effect of the Earth’s gravity has slowed down the Moon’s rotation until it became gravitationally locked (tidal-locked) to the Earth. - And that is due to these reasons we only ever see the same side of the Moon.”  Source:

  • Yet we don't sit easy with this nonsensical explanation, for if the Moon was spherical in shape and spinning around the earth in a "locked gravitational" state of being, then perhaps it cannot really be spinning at all and is more suspended in space and locked into some kind of magnetic gravitational field with Earth - and why we don't see it spinning from earth or space.
  • Is it possible that the planets are in fact stationary objects spinning in orbit in a gravitational locked magnetic field from one another?  And not spinning objects rotating in a locked gravitational field.   Or are the planets spinning more slowly than we have been led to believe? - Or does this just apply to satellites - such as the Moon? 
  • Despite all the scientific and astrological arguments stated here and accepted to be a fact, - that were you to look up, down, or sideways at any spinning object like that of spinning basketball and were we to have drawn the outline of the continents on Earth with a marker-pen on its surface, once spinning the ball you would no longer be able to visually see these drawings due its rotational spinning and that is too fast and for the eye to see.  As the basket-ball came to a slower spin and gradual stop, you would of course be able to make out their outline and completely and clearly see them once it came to a halt. 

  • Now, it is due to the rotation and distance being too close to our eyes is why we cannot make-out or see the drawn-on continents on the ball, and the further it went away from us, the slower the spin would appear and it would get to a point and were it would look almost stationary and where you should be able to make-out that the basket-ball or planet was in fact rotating and that you could now see the outlined continents.  However, surely you would still be able to make out that the object is actually spinning/rotating in front of your very eyes and therefore be able to view the whole outer surface of the "object" as opposed to continuously seeing the one side of it. 

The Moon's orbital path around the Sun (grey line) as it accompanies Earth in its own path around the Sun (blue line) is always convex outwards.

  • The following is the main explanation as to why can we only see one side of the moon from Earth?  It's alleged that we all know that the Earth rotates on its own axis, so theoretically, the Moon should also do the same, ("NASA" actually say "should", not "does") allowing us to get a full view of the planetoid.  Why are we limited to seeing only 50 percent? It alleged that the speed at which the Moon rotates has led to this particular phenomenon.  Millions of years ago, the Moon spun at a much faster pace than it does now. 

It goes onto say; however, the gravitational influence of the Earth has gradually acted upon the Moon to slow its rotation down, (slowed down, then I would have assumed we would be able to see the Moon rotating) in the same way that the much smaller gravitational influence of the Moon acts upon the Earth to create tides.  This influence slowed the rotational period of the Moon to match that of its orbit – about 27.3 days – and it is now “locked in” to this period. (Note that to observers on earth a full moon cycle takes 29.5 days. See Understanding the moon phases).

  • It goes on to say, to us, this is a total contradiction - and if anything it's the other way around: "If the Moon didn't spin at all, then eventually it would show its far side to the Earth while moving around our planet in orbit.  However, since the rotational period is exactly the same as the orbital period, the same portion of the Moon's sphere is always facing the Earth."

Computer artwork of the Earth and the Moon

  • Hold up!! That doesn't add-up and why we don't agree; for if the Moon didn't spin, and like we are suggesting (yes of course it's moving in orbit around the Earth and Sun) - then it would remain in a stationary position and how it presently appears to us and why we only see the Moon's side that faces Earth.  Were it spinning, then surely we would continually see both sides of the Moon's surface as it rotated, it's crystal clear and we can see all it's entire surface looking at us from what appears to be in a stationary position and locked in orbit around the Earth. 

Expert’s state: 'Another interesting fact is that actually a little bit more than half of the Moon's surface is observable from Earth. Since the Moon's orbit is elliptical, and not circular, the speed of its orbital travel increases and decreases depending on how close it is to our planet.

The rotational speed of the Moon is constant, however, – and this difference between orbital speed and rotational speed means that when the Moon is farthest from the Earth, its orbital speed slows down just enough to allow its rotational speed to overtake it, giving observers a small glimpse of the usually hidden area. The term for this "rocking" motion of the Moon is called libration and it allows for 59 percent of the Moon to be seen in total (over time).

Finally, one reason that the far side of the Moon is frequently referred to as the "dark side" is because many people mistakenly think that it never sees any light from the Sun. In that sense the term "dark side" is wrong and misleading.  It's alleged, since the Moon is constantly rotating on its own axis, there is no area of the planetoid which is in permanent darkness, and the far side of the Moon is only completely devoid of sunlight during a Full Moon – when the Sun is facing the Moon with the Earth in between.

  •  Again we cannot agree with this statement, - yes we can accept the fact the planets rotate-travelling around the Sun, though we are not so convinced the planets or planetoid's spin on an axis like we have been led to believe and instead they are stationary objects - "suspended" in space due to each planets gravitational fields that "magnetically" keep the planets in their current positions. - And as stated before - perhaps this only applies to such objects like satellites such as the Moon.
  • Were you in a car travelling at 60mph, for the passengers and driver the vehicle is moving, yet feels like it's stationary in the sense that you can pour a cup of tea from a flask or drink from a can without it spilling it all over you.  Yet were you to look out of the window the surrounding objects would speed past them making it difficult to make-out what they are seeing as it will become blurred to their vision.  The faster the car was to travel, the more blurred the outside would become to them, yet for them inside the car it will remain smooth and almost stationary-like - though they are still in motion. 
  • So was the Moon spinning on its axis as we have been led to believe, then why can’t we see its rotation from Earth?

How is it possible that an "alleged" planetoid like the Moon is constantly spinning; - yet we only ever get to see the one side facing us and the darkside is always hidden away?

Surely it would only be like that were the Moon stationary but still moving around the Earth and Sun in the locked-orbit it presently is - and despite the argument that the Earth spins at the same speed as the Moon is why we don't see it spin/move - then why doesn't other photo's taken from outer space and way away from Earth - yet again they show no spin and the Moon always appears as stationary.

Also see: Flat-Earth Theory Solved!!

Don't forget you are Trapped in a Masonic World.

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