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John B. Wells Fired From Coast To Coast AM for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview




John B. Wells has one of the most recognized voices in America, but unfortunately a million Americans will no longer get to hear his melodious voice on Saturday nights on what was his popular Coast to Coast radio broadcast.

The following is an exclusive print interview I conducted with John B. Wells on the evening of February 5, 2014. Why was this ever-so-popular host let go by some unidentified powers that be in the corporate structure at Coast to Coast?

On the surface, the firing of John B. Wells made no sense. However, as we peel back the public veneer that is Coast to Coast, the firing of John B. Wells was inevitable.

The Glory Days of Coast to Coast Are Gone

In days gone by, Coast to Coast was once the flag ship of the alternative media, which captured 500 stations in late night radio when the show was hosted by Art Bell. Bell blazed a trail that nobody had ever traveled before, as he brought subjects to the mainstream airwaves that was unprecedented in both its subject areas and its depth of coverage.

Bell’s meteoric rise to unprecedented popularity in late night radio continued unabated until Premier purchased control of the show for $8 million dollars. That is when the trouble began for Bell in terms of retaining editorial control of his show. When Art Bell relinquished control of his program to corporate interests, Premier and ultimately Clear Channel, Coast to Coast was never the same as the show took a turn and became reflective of “the corporate message”.

The Corporate Structure of Coast to Coast

One cannot fully appreciate the termination of host John B. Wells as the “Saturday night guy” on Coast without having some understanding of the corporate structure which came to dominate the show when Art Bell relinquished control of the show.

Premiere distributes Coast to Coast for its parent company Clear Channel Communications. Clear Channel has a long and well-known history of censorship and extreme retaliation for those who do not abide by the corporate line.

Clear Channel was once a major supporter of the George W. Bush candidacy for President and they tolerated no dissension within the ranks. They were responsible for the dramatic fall of the Dixie Chicks for espousing their anti-war views with regard to the war in Iraq. And in a case of extreme censorship, with regard to a case that I have some firsthand and personal knowledge of, a popular Phoenix talk show host, Charles Goyette was blackballed by Clear Channel for similar anti-war views. Charles was actually dismissed from KFYI radio when he was the number one radio personality in Arizona and the entire Southwest. When it comes to these corporate entities, having great ratings does not insulate one from being fired. Popular talk show hosts are expected to be the guardian of the corporate gate and as you will soon read, Wells is an oracle who quotes Voltaire and tells the truth, but he was a poor night watchman of the corporate controlled gate. Wells discovered that deviating from the company line (i.e. telling the truth) shortens the professional life expectancy of its top entertainers.

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Comment by Nobody Will Observe on February 16, 2014 at 6:10pm

It would seem fairly evident what side of the fence C2C is on. The whole shows premise has proven false.


ALL  Bigfootalienretards  ghostdemons no need to listen anymore.

Comment by John Taylor on February 7, 2014 at 6:05pm

Often I listen to C2C shows and came away learning nothing. It can not be said to be hard hitting or controversial. It best deals with non controversial or esoteric programs. I have become disillusioned and the hiring of John B Wells was a breath of fresh air. 

   Judging by the overwhelming support of John's new venue, many others think like I do. I will let my subscription to C2C lapse and stay with John Wells depending on how powerful his content is. I am optimistic that people like John will take radio in a fresh new direction.  

 I refuse to believe that radio is dead or having a near death experience. I feel that some tv formats like CNN is in trouble as well as print media. Radio is part of the alternative media and is experiencing a resurgence in interest. If you present the truth and deliver hard hitting content then the audience will follow.More and more people are waking up and the only way they can get truth is to turn to alternative media.


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