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On the 26th September 2010 an article was published on Malta Today newspaper on line. In it Karl Stagno-Navarra is interviewing EU Commissioner John Dalli. Again, as Dalli did many times before, he whinges and whines about the suffering he endured when he was falsely accused of corruption in the Mater Dei Hospital medical equipment tender. He also demands accountability and the resignation of those who he believes were involved. Being falsely accused is not a nice thing.

However, EU Commissioner John Dalli being the hypocrite he is, he seems to have a very short memory when it suits him. He has chosen to forget the false and malicious accusations that he made against Joseph Ellul-Grech on the 15th November 1999. On the 17th day of that month John Dalli falsely and maliciously brought formal criminal charges against Joseph Ellul-Grech. Dalli knew from the outset that Ellul-Grech was innocent and that there was a lack of tangible evidence to prove his false claims. Ellul-Grech was acquitted of all charges made by John Dalli on the 27TH October 2003.

On Sunday 3rd October 2010 Malta Today newspaper published another article confirming that EU Commissioner John Dalli had asked the Prime Minister to conduct an investigation against those who he claims were involved in the allegations made against him. Without having any tangible evidence he accused Ivan Camilleri (a Times of Malta reporter) and his brother Alan Camilleri (CEO of Malta Enterprise) of plotting to have him “politically assassinated”.

EU commissioner John Dalli is very experienced in political and character assassinations. He has spent the best part of his political career making false accusations against members of the opposition. In the case of the anonymous letters he had every opportunity to drop charges early in the investigations. However, being the vindictive person he is, he didn’t.

It is evident that John Dalli is once again making unfounded accusations as he did when he accused Joseph Ellul-Grech and the Labour Party of sending 20, 000 anonymous letters claiming to defame him. After a parliamentary investigation the Labour Party was cleared of any connection to this pathetic but serious crime.

The anonymous letters that were circulated round the Maltese Islands contained a copy of a bank statement of an off shore bank account in John Dalli’s name with a covering letter together with a copy of a newspaper article giving MP’s declaration of interests.

However, on the 16 and 17 March 2000 In-Nazzjon newspaper (John Dalli’s political party daily newspaper) published two articles confirming that the stationery used came from parliament and was purchased by public funds without using parliamentary procedures and without the consent of the Speaker of the House as obliged by law.

Why is John Dalli asking for an investigation into a crime that has been solved and the person (Joe Zahra) responsible jailed? Why is he not asking for an investigation into the anonymous letters case? That is far more serious and those involved were never found out. At the time John Dalli had made a public pledge that the case will continue until solved no matter how long it took or how much it would cost.

If EU Commissioner John Dalli’s intentions were serious and he was not implicated implicated in sending the anonymous letters, as is being alleged by Joseph Ellul-Grech, he would insist that the investigations would continue. Failure to do so indicates that not only was he the instigator of the letters but also that his off shore bank account was still in use at the time and undeclared in his Ministerial Declaration of Assets.

John Dalli accused Joseph Ellul-Grech of sending the anonymous letters in revenge because Ellul-Grech had reported to the police and the then Prime Minister (Eddie Fenech Adami) the serious irregularities that took place at Daewoo Malta Ltd., (no connection to Daewoo in Korea). John Dalli was Shadow Finance Minister and consultant for Daewoo when these irregularities took place.

At the time the company was insolvent. However, it was granted loans and overdraft facilities by Bank Of Valletta amounting to €47 million using very little collateral. Its clients were embezzled out of €3.2 (Lm1.5 million) million being hire purchase payments made by them to the company but not passed on to its bankers as they should have been. The company went into liquidation on the 20th May 2000 owing millions of Euros. John Dalli and the directors of the company denied the allegations that were made at the time. The authorities never conducted fraud and breach of company law investigations.

It is these cases that EU Commissioner John Dalli should be asking for a serious and impartial investigation into. However, he will never do so because he was the instigator of the 20, 000 anonymous letters. His false and malicious accusations wasted Police and Court time. In all civilised countries these are considered as criminal acts punishable by a prison sentence.

Hypocrites like Commissioner John Dalli always make promises because they know they do not have to keep them. That is why the investigations into the anonymous letters were never concluded as he had promised.

Like John Dalli, Joseph Ellul-Grech is exercising his legitimate right and asks Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi to conduct a proper judicial and impartial investigation into the anonymous letters case and the Daewoo scandal.

When Ellul-Grech was acquitted and after a parliamentary investigation the Labour Party confirmed that its members had nothing to do with the anonymous letters case, John Dalli being the arrogant person that he is and a proven compulsive liar did not have the courage to apologise. Now he has the audacity to whinge and whine about the suffering he endured when allegedly he was falsely accused.

The allegations made by Joseph Ellul-Grech against EU Commissioner John Dalli remain. EU President should ask John Dalli to resign his position as EU Commissioner pending investigations.

On Tuesday 14 October 2010 Bastjan Dalli, John Dalli’s brother, while giving witness in court where he is being accused of conspiring to traffic cannabis, stated that while he was in prison earlier this year he was approached by an unidentified person. Bastjan Dalli said that through the aperture of the cell door this person offered him release if he would admit that his brother EU Commissioner John Dalli was involved in the false report compiled by private investigator Joe Zahra.

Everyone knows that the apertures in the cell doors are large enough for the prisoner to see who is on the outside of the door. This is a standard requirement to ensure that the prisoners will not make false claims against any prison officer.

It is unbelievable how pathetic and stupid people get. This is not the first time that the Commissioner’s brother was on the wrong side of the law. In 1991 Bastjan Dalli was caught smuggling a container full of whisky, gin, vodka and rum. On the import documents signed by him the contents were declared as bottled water. This scandal became to be known as the “Water Miracle” referring to Christ’s ability to change water into wine. However, Bastjan went one better and changed water into liquor. Although this case took place almost 20 years ago and the evidence points to Bastjan Dalli as the person responsible, the case remains in court suspended indefinitely. Justice will never be done.

In the past Bastjan Dalli was also involved in the alleged importation of class “A” drugs and involvement with international drug smugglers. Despite the evidence to incriminate him he was never held accountable.

On the 15 October 2010 Commissioner John Dalli appeared on Malta Today newspaper again and on You Tube. On the two occasions he demands that his brother’s allegations should be investigated. Commissioner John Dalli states his “brother’s evidence reveals issues of democracy, a rule of law”.

EU Commissioner John Dalli described his brother Bastjan’s evidence in court this week as “very serious” accusations that reveal the “basis of how justice is being carried out in this country (Malta).”

Once again, John Dalli confirms his audacity and hypocrisy. It is evident that the brothers concoted a story between them. Without a doubt to distract the public’s attention from the real issue being that Bastjan Dalli’s witness is unreliable, mainly because of his character or lack of witnesses to support his statement.

Also, if Commissioner John Dalli finds his brother’s evidence “very serious” and the lack of investigating his claims “reveals issues of democracy, a rule of law” and the “basis of how justice is being carried out in Malta”.

This is very true because John Dalli’s brother has got away with many crimes that he was involved in. Also, Commissioner John Dalli was linked to many scandals for which he should have been held accountable for.

There is also the case of the false and malicious accusations he made against Joseph Ellul-Grech. It is without a doubt that Commissioner John Dalli was the person who organised the mailing of those 20, 000 anonymous letters claiming to defame him.

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Comment by George Pieerepoint on October 12, 2010 at 12:05pm
Like most Maltese citizens I remember these cases very well. Maltese politics are so corrupt that neither of the main political parties should be allowed to govern. I have no doubt that Joseph Ellul-Grech and his family will never get the justice they truly deserve.

Commissioner John Dalli should have made a public apology a long time ago. Being the arrogant person that he is he will never do so. He should be ashamed of himself. I support the call of Commissioner’s Dalli resignation.


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