John Kerry sounded much like a football coach chastising a rookie, who gets laid out at midfield by a 255 pound linebacker.   "Man up Nancy, my momma can take a hit better than you."

On Wednesday, State Secretary Kerry, told the Today Show( you know that show that can never get enough of a cat getting tangled up in yarn), that Edward Snow den should "man up, and come back to the United States."

Essentially daring Ed to come on back, "we'll have you on a flight today," and face your maker. According to John, 'a patriot doesn't run away.' Uh, they do when they face espionage charges for simply exposing government corruption. But hey, at least Kerry called him a "patriot," and not a "29 year old hacker." I guess they are willing to scramble a jet for a 29 year old patriot.

While Americans are starting to warm up to the idea, that "hey Edward is not a traitor - Washington leadership is," the real pressure should be from the voters to tell these tyrants to offer Snowden clemency. But, you know as well as Snow den...probably not happening. I just don't see that conversation coming up at the white house dinner table.

Then as the rookie is pulled off the field by way of a stretcher, Kerry like the Mike Ditka he is challenged Snowden to; " trustthe American system of justice." Whoa, now I'm starting to begin to wonder if Kerry's botox treatments are starting to affect his thoughts and lip service.

Is he talking about the same system that kidnaps people from around the world without charge and tortured without end?

It's time to "man down" the rhetoric. The real damage done to the country are the endless wars, expensive interventions, hard earned tax dollars fueling bloodshed around the globe. Americans are tired of being broke, while supporting globalist war addictions. Americans are fed up with the erosion of civil liberties all under the guise of "keeping us safe."

It's time for Americans to embrace the whistleblower and criminally prosecute the real enemies... the war criminals.
Derek Wood at 7:08 PM

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Comment by D.S. Wood on May 29, 2014 at 1:45pm
Right RA, what happened to the Kerry who protested Vietnam?

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