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By: Justin Horne

      December 31,2011

                            Fortitude is the marshal of thought, the armor of the will, and the fort of reason.
                                                          Francis Bacon

My brothers and sisters, as we are stand on the precipice of sociopolitical, geopolitical, and acute change, in the fabric of our society, we must not wither. As the obstacles augment, so should our moxie. We, as a dedicated and fomented people, should form a united front to defeat the opposition at hand--the time has come. Two thousand twelve promises to be an ominous year for the folks who chose to live in the darkness of amaurotic dissidence, futility, and sensationalism. The cards are stacked against this sect of the populace because they chose to stay in their stupor of willful ignorance--the elite love these people. Try as we might, we can't save them all, but that doesn't mean we stop trying; furthermore, those who are in the know should not be an hindrance to another's revival. Braggadocian rhetoric, and acting as if you are the paramount authority of information does not make you clairvoyant, it makes you look like a pretentious asshole! As Shakespeare once said, "He knows best knows how little he know." If you think for a nanosecond that intelligence supersedes character, then you don't know...(insert expletive here).

                      Everyday we capitulate, or acquiesce to unconscionable laws, unreasonable searches, and egregious acts of cruelty among our people...score one for opposition. In a revolution, their is no room for cowardice, only action!  Mao would say power from the barrel of a gun--nothing wrong with having some firepower. I say, power comes from liberation of the mind. To our adversaries, our mind is a weapon of mass destruction...its destroying their plans for eliminating the "dysgenic stocks" as Margret Sanger articulated. Make no mistake about it: Everyone is considered apart of the dysgenic stock. Your race doesn't mean a damn thing to them! We need people power, not racial division--separatism from all sides needs to cease in order to win this war. Fight the man, not each other!

                              The primary target for the opposition is your mind! In other words, they want to eat your brain zombie style..literally! These scum want you to rot into a worthless pile of protoplasm. There weaponry consists of: fluoride in the water, the idiot box(and all its components), BPA(Bisphenol A) in all 90% of your can goods, pharmaceutical easing, etc,etc...this list can be another blog itself. They want myopic, docile shills! Deterring one's wills to fight and think is the first step into setting up a erudite utopia. People; we can't go through life catching punches, at some point we have to jab back. Bobbing and weaving punches isn't going to surmise either, defense without offense is useless. Fight back with information, until the time is right to fight back with something other than that. Fight back with insubordination. Fight back with a love of justice for all mankind. Fight back with a respect for the elderly. Fight with a zeal for nature. Fight back with a kind heart and never stop fighting--never!  As my main man Gill Scott-Heron would say, Keep the Nerve.

                 Peace and Love,

                   Justin A. Horne

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Comment by bryan l on January 10, 2012 at 3:04am

word is born!

Comment by suzie on December 31, 2011 at 6:02pm

Awesome !!  very stirring, i feel this talk in my soul and am in full agreement. Love, knowledge, peace, resistance is not futile! Truth, we all long for it, for in truth the answers of health & prosperity wait for all of us.  thanks for this beautiful post, it says a lot.  Last but not least HOPE was in the bottom of pandoras box.

I will keep the nerve...   gives a whole new meaning to   "you gotta a lot of nerve"  lets hope we all do!


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