Migrants :: Naive Political Suckers — Bad Move!

They want to come to America ... for all the "opportunities" America historically represents, and will vote en masse for the politicians who "helped" them do so ... bad move!

Their political 'benefactors' have it in mind to turn America into EXACTLY what the migrants want to get away from ... and their migrant naive (and illegal) votes will will help their 'benefactors' do so. So they gained an illusion but no results ... bad move!

So then, understandably, they will get angry (like in Europe!) ... but (as in Europe) they will focus that anger on the wrong people (regular people) ... not the liars; those politicians / NGOs / Soros Foundations operatives who hoodwinked them in the first place and who are protected/insulated from the consequences of their treason/stupidity/duplicity and the lies they tell to achieve their political objectives ... bad move!

Outside of highly dense population centers (Democrat strongholds of welfare-dependent voting masses), actual, productive 'Americans' who love their country, history and values, will not passively stand by like their disarmed European cousins are forced to do. So it's only logical that if angry migrants act out as they are doing in much of Europe, raping women & boys, committing any number of violent acts they will find out, the hard way ... they made a bad move!

That being said ... the political benefactors (Democrats and RINOs) of the unlawful migrants will be pushing, ever harder, to disarm Americans and to destroy and/or subvert the GUARANTEE of the 2nd Amendment ... so that Americans (in their 'progressive' dreams) will be reduced to the same level of disarmed helplessness of their European cousins ... bad move!

Real, hard-working, productive Americans are the ones Japanese Admiral Yamamoto spoke of ... the "sleeping giant" ... people to be feared, especially when they are pissed! They are the Conservative/Libertarian and classic Liberals ... not the rabid 'progressives' (Leftists) incubated in the psychologically poisoned "educational" system and the welfare-dependent enclaves on the coasts primarily. The Japanese military knew, all those years ago, that pissing off good Americans would be a ... bad move!

Side Note: Admiral Yamamoto acknowledged: "Peace Through Strength" ... "The best defense is a strong offense" ... and, of course, 'an armed man is a citizen; a disarmed man is a subject.'

Proof of things: Americans on the "right" are the responsible ones AND largely the gun owners. Even in the Mainstream Media it's undeniable that those folks have 'held the line' in the face of the emotional, hysterical, rock-throwing lunatics on the Left ... they have shown patience and "tolerance". If the armed "Right" were as undisciplined as the SJWs/Antifa etc on the 'Left' ... not one of those progressive lunatics would still be walking around today.

"An armed society is a polite society" ... if the Left wants push a break-down of 'society' with their ongoing antics of societal disruption, they will "own" the consequences of their own actions ... bad move!

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Comment by Modern Feudal Serf on January 21, 2019 at 10:37pm

Agreed, Raz ... well said!

Comment by Raz Putin on January 21, 2019 at 10:30pm

All good people must now be more diligent than ever at holding that line.

The weeks and months ahead will bring many more wide scale provocations from the Demonazis and their master.


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