My Dear Child - The Teachings of a Parent

My Dear Child

I have brought You forth. To You, obligated to nothing and no One, I reach to form a bond. I will take My responsibility to guide You well seriously, for You shine in My heart. I will teach You Ethics and those are the rules that found a society. From that I will have given You the rules that most of Us live by (they are the only Laws), but the powerful here Now don't. Amongst Us who are not powerful, but plugging Our energy into the systems that give the power to the Ones that don't, these rules will keep You cared for if kept.

The Laws are three only. The first one is that We do not hurt or kill anOther of Us without the Other, an Adult - otherwise We do not do it at all, agreeing with full knowledge of the whole proposition. This does not mean verbal "assault." Sticks and stones will break Your bones, but name will never hurt You when You understand that it is You who control what You feel about such things. When a verbal thing "hurts," You have a choice to change that by one of two ways. By choosing to not think of it at all - because You feel things based on what You are thinking about - or You can choose a different way to think about what They said. Like... How rude. Doesn't speak much of THAT One. Heh. Or... Better keep an eye on that One. Or whatever seems to serve Ethics, because when You serve Ethics and You're not a psychopath, it feels very good and the memory will be delicious the rest of Your life.

If You're a psychopath... Well, it's psychopaths in control here and that is why legalities are served and not Ethics.

The second Law is that We do not take or damage anything, and that includes this planet as a whole, that does not belong to Us. Though the planet belongs to You, for having come forth here, and You are therefore entitled to walk/travel anywhere You choose freely as long as You choose Your behavior within these three Laws, so too does it belong to All of Us. Therefore, We must choose behavior that is Ethical relative to keeping it as pristine as is Humanly reasonable to expect, unless statistically All of Us, fully informed (and I mean fully - anything less does not pass the Ethics test), agree that some technology would solve for a problem that needs to be solved for. The Ones in power break that Ethical Law in many ways...

The Ones in power here have created a "trust" that Most here know nothing about, many centuries ago now, declaring Each of Us "incompetent" or "dead," and have thereby taken Our planet from Us, building systems that hide this fact and founded in it. And that leads to Law number three. We do not defraud One anOther.

I have given You these Laws. You choose what You will do with this information. Understand that Your choices of behavior affect the choices of behavior of Others. A wise One chooses to walk within these lines, these Laws. A better One chooses to be vigilant of breaches, reaching out to help solve for any They see if They have any power to do so. This is part of the Betterment Ethic. I give it to You as well, and would be happiest if You choose to step up to it.

When You hold the Betterment Ethic, You seek to make things better for All by Your choices of behavior.

I have also given You information on the fact that the world that You came into is run by Ones who do not choose Ethics to operate by. Sadly, this is the way it is Now, but We Humans have a choice to keep it this way or change it. I will show You things I have written describing how We can do that, but for now I just want to focus on the Ethical whys.

Because You have no obligation, having been born here, to follow any of the "laws," and I put that in quotes because none of them are Laws, but every one a statute, act, bill, code, regulation, mandate, order, and so on and so forth, You would best seek ways of doing things that are Ethical, irrespective of this legal system that They put in place. Do not ask if anything is "legal," ask if it is Ethical. Ask if it promotes the Betterment Ethic.

I will not focus on a "work ethic" because that was an idea the Ones in power came up with to ensure the Human energy They needed to make a profit. It is a slave's creed. In it's place I have given the Betterment Ethic, and with that, I would be happiest if You do the work here You enjoy the most.

If You were to take this information, unrestricted by the limitations the Ones in power here keep on Us now, You would create awesome Betterment, but for Now, apply it as You go from this day forward, and We stand a chance of succeeding in making that change.

And... When enough of Us know We CAN create better here, We WILL. I humbly hope You choose share what I have given, and will be here to help if I can, guaranteed. Explore Your world and I will watch, accepting Who and what You choose to become. I have faith We will choose well together.

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Comment by Anti Everything on April 26, 2016 at 7:47am

Not sure but I think you may appreciate this little ditty

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