My Early Published Work (Inventions That Increase Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence)

Reading all the bad news all the time gets tiresome, after a while. Have to solve problems at some point, not just report on how we're totally screwed. Take heart, though, there are those that are working on solutions to the big problems. Like emotional dysfunctions, and age-related cognitive decline. Our overlords HATE anything along these lines, much as they hate cognitive-enhancing drugs (nootropics). These are my first two articles on my first inventions. One is a headset that stimulates a brain part that is central in the process of giving and enjoying affection, and in being compassionate (keep in mind that acetaminophen decreases compassion). It does so by way of a blue LED positioned over one eye, and an electromagnet that excites the cerebellum midline, at the base and back of the brain. It uses a complex audio signal recorded on CDs, and it plugs into a headphone jack.

The other is a high-power mid-infrared LED that is used over the cerebellum midline. It can be used over most other body parts (not the open eye, or a painful stomach, etc). This specific wavelength is effective in many cases of pain of various kinds. Mid-IR light upregulates 24 genes involved in healing, it increases blood flow to the area of application, relaxes chronically-tensed muscles, stimulates the growth of new cells of all kinds, as well as capillaries (the smallest blood vessels). I was the first to apply mid-IR light to the brain. After word got around, three scientists in Britain made a helmet lined with small LEDs that strongly improves Alzheimers patients. Now there are hundreds of such devices which have been shown to be effective in everything from Parkinsons to Traumatic Brain Injury, etc (see links at bottom). The IR light and the magnetic headset are what are known as "Mind Machines" - Wiki - Mind Machine

Mid-infrared light, by the way, has much the same effects as Viagra. It releases nitric oxide, a vasodilator, in the blood. This drastically increases blood flow in the area of application (nudge nudge wink wink nothing more said). I can vouch for this effect, and so can a few of my exes. It can also increase the tactile sense (sense of touch). It won't give anyone a heart attack like ED medications, though, because it doesn't flood the body with vasodilators.

Recently, I made a quantum leap in this field, and now have a system that has profound and breathtaking effects on brain function. More to come on that when I have secured funding to verify my results and have intellectual property rights.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an advertisement. I haven't been in business in a long time. I still build them (IR single LED devices and arrays) for people that need them for pain, etc., on occasion, but I've been focused on medical research for many years, which has yielded some stunning breakthroughs.

“Chasing the Elusive Worm: Neurotech & the Cerebellar Vermis” b...

Above link: My 1st published work, in 2003, in the Audio Visual Stimulation Journal, a trade publication. Regarding my first invention (I no longer sell these, and the contact info has all changed). A non-invasive stimulator of the brain part involved in socialization and affection, the cerebellum. It uses time-varying complex magnetic fields. and modulated blue light. The renowned Developmental Neuropsychologist, James W. Prescott, thought that this and my later such inventions were nifty ideas, and sent me a large box of technical info from his and Dr. Robert G. Heaths research (He developed implantable electrical stimulators, the first such devices) to aid in my research. It was very popular, and people reported positive results. A simple version can be cobbled together by anyone with basic electronics assembly skills. It's important the magnetic field, delivered through a phone pickup coil ($2 at an electronic surplus house), be anything but monotonous. The mind control expert who sits on the board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (provides expert testimony in trials to discredit child sex abuse victims), Dr. Michael Persinger of Canada, developed a similar machine that instead stimulates the amygdalae, the centers of fear and aggression, and marketed it as a tool for enlightenment. My device induces vivid, cathartic dreams, and increases activity in the cerebellum (verified by a research scientist who did an fMRI test for me).

Just A Light - The Euon - Audio Visual Stimulation Journal

Above link: First article (page 3). The mid-infrared light (880 nanometer LED, 170 mW/Steradians power). Mid IR light regenerates tissue. It's better to take a high dose of Folic Acid a couple hours before use,  to help with new cell growth. And to have all the necessary nutrition as well. The increased blood flow and cellular metabolism add elements, as does tissue regeneration. Other terms for Infrared tissue stimulation are LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) and LEDT (Light Emitting Diode Therapy). Below image - OD-663 880 nm wavelength LED.

IR brain stimulation subsequent  to mine -

brain infrared light stimulation - google search

Pubmed - Infrared Brain Stimulation

EU Patent Database - Infrared Brain Stimulation

google image search - infrared brain lllt (Low Level Laser Therapy)

IR Light and Traumatic Brain Injury

IR Light and Parkinsons

Alzheimers Helmet

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