When serving a warrant, police are supposed to knock and announce their presence and purpose to the occupants of a residence.  This is called the “knock-and-announce” rule; it is based on the “reasonableness” requirement of the Fourth Amendment and codified in Texas and other states’ laws.


Current U.S. Supreme Court case law (Richards v. Wisconsin) holds that before police may serve a warrant using a no-knock, surprise entry of a residence, they must either have a no-knock warrant approved by a magistrate or be able to articulate “exigent circumstances” at the scene that lead them to believe the safety of persons would be endangered by their knocking and announcing.  Knock and announce has always been a fundamental rule in 4th Amendment jurisprudence and its exceptions rigidly restricted.  In Texas, that law is now under attack.

I being an X Law Enforcement Officer disagree with the No knock Warrant because it in dangers Law Enforcement Officer’s lives, and the Occupants Lives. Law Enforcement should be an example to the Community, and not act like common thieves when executing a Warrant. They should be above this practice,  and act like Professionals, possibly saving their lives or the occupants of the house. I understand sometimes evidence is lost when you knock, but that’s better than someone losing their life.  

The Administration’s of most Departments are encouraging these practices and putting their citizens and Officers in harms way with little regard for their lives! I was one of the few that stood up to this practice, and probably why one of the reasons I’m no longer in Law Enforcement.  You see when you stand up against the Brotherhood you become the black sheep, and then they go on a witch hunt to get rid of you

We can only hope and pray that a jury will find a Defendant NOT GUILTY for defending their home, and create case law against this dangerous practice. Next time you get summoned for Jury Duty don’t get angry because this is your chance to make a difference. Through Jury Nullification, and creating new case law you will help other Victims who their homes have been invaded by an  ever reaching Law Enforcement Community.

This is also a gross disregard for the 4th Amendment, and the American people’s right to feel safe in their own homes. This Nazi mentality has to stop, but if we as a people do NOTHING that’s exactly what’s going to happen! NOTHING!

I know I worked for these people I know how they think. Most of them are Arrogant, and think they know what’s best for you and your family.  It’s time we start complaining more to our Local Cities, and County Agencies, and if the Mayor doesn’t replace a police Chief that’s violated his Office then replace the Mayor! If the Sheriff in your Community does not respect the Right of Citizens, and the U.S. Constitution VOTE him out of office! I know this is harder than it should be with these Zombie Masses that’s why there are Websites like this one to try to WAKE THEM UP!

Here’s another article about one of these incidents that occurred in Killen, TX. There’s way too many of the stories in America now!

Man Charged with Murder After Killing Police Officer in No-Knock Raid

9694920_sPolice in Killeen, TX lost one of their police officers this past Friday after serving a “no-knock warrant” on possible narcotics charges.

No-knock warrants have been used with greater frequency by police over the past few decades.

These military style raids of private homes and businesses are meant to surprise occupants so possible offending parties don’t have time to dispose of evidence before the warrant is served.

No-knock warrants are different than standard search warrants in that they allow law enforcement to force entry into private property without advanced notification.

Often times the only requirement is that the police identify themselves upon entering the premises — and not a moment sooner.

Obviously, the main risk of no-knock warrants is violent confrontation. Since police are forcing entry into homes in the same way criminals would, residents often panic and fire on the intruders. Thus, the risk of casualties is much higher.

This appears to be what happened to now-deceased officer Charles Dinwiddie who was met with gunfire instead of surrender when he forcibly entered the home of Marvin Louis Guy last week.

The details of the night haven’t all been pieced together, but according to the official report, it does not look like officers gave Guy any advance notice of the search warrant.

When officers arrived at the 1100 block of Circle M Dr. to serve their no-knock search warrant at 5:30 in the morning, they forced entry and didn’t give Guy or an unidentified female time to prepare for the officers’ arrival.

Once the officers entered into his home through the window, Guy opened fire on the intruding officers, striking Dinwiddie in the face and hitting three other officers in the process.

Dinwiddie later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital and was pronounced dead on Sunday.

Even though police entered Guy’s home unannounced (like any common criminal)… and even though Guy was reacting in self defense… it hasn’t stopped prosecutors from issuing a three million dollar bond for his release.

He now faces charges of three counts of attempted capital murder.

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Comment by J. Patriot on September 19, 2014 at 7:52am

The homeowner has a right to defend himself, and the grand jury should have never indicted him! Unfortunately that's the one's they like now unprofessional young punks with a badge and a gun and NO BRAINS!  

Comment by Less Prone on September 19, 2014 at 7:05am

Defending yourself is a natural reaction when someone enters your home by the window at night. As you said the police was unprofessional indeed and can only blame themselves for what happened. The homeowner's action was justified.



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