Obama’s Pharma Care Debacle

It’s absolutely puzzling to me that there are those in this country that actually believe that Obama’s Health Care Reform is actually a good thing for this country. While there is little doubt among any semi-intelligent American that health care is desperately in need of reform, I simply cannot believe that anyone with a semblance of intelligence could stand by and support this specific reform. I honestly don’t believe that any of our elected officials, Democrat or Republican, have the capability of true reform.

As the Health Care debate began in earnest more than a year ago, did it escape all of the main stream media’s attention that the first concessions were made to the pharmaceutical industry? On the very next day after Congress passed HR 3200 (Health Care Reform) this was the response from a pharmaceutical insider group: “The reform package will extend insurance coverage to some 32 million more Americans, adding millions more paying customers into the health care system. That’s expected to be a big bonus for drugmakers: Goodbye to postponed refills and never filled prescriptions. Hello to better treatment and higher drug sales—for the newly insured.”(Underlined text is from the original document…not this author).

While there are some incredibly idiotic citizens within the United States that might actually believe that increased access to drugs is a good thing, this is the farthest thing from the truth. How can there possibly be true health care reform when there is not one mention in this Bill regarding nutrition? While physicians no longer learn a damn thing about nutrition in med school, there is absolutely no doubt that nutrition, GOOD NUTRITION, is the cornerstone to true health. Meanwhile, President Obama and the Democrats are signing deals with an ecstatic drug industry that can’t wait for all of their newly signed on victims.

Drug makers have recently been in the news regarding the researchers that they pay-off to sign ghost written studies that are fabrications, or better yet, outright lies. Johnson & Johnson, one of the thoroughly happy pharma giants chomping at the bit to reap the rewards of Obama’s “health care reform”, is in the news for paying off pharmacy benefits managers to prescribe their drugs over others. These are the companies that we are entrusting our health to? Can we trust a government that cuts deals with pharma?

The natural health community was recently involved in a battle over a little known Bill proposed wrongly named “The Mother’s Act”. Politicians in this country are well known for naming Bills that make Americans totally unaware of their true agenda, take “The Patriot Act” for example. Totally unpatriotic yet sounds like something that any American would expect their elected official to vote for. The Mother’s Act is no different. This horrific Act is simply a way for psychiatrists to gain access to every new mother. As we all know, a new mother’s hormones are completely out of whack and I can’t think of one mom that wouldn’t qualify for a prescription given the ridiculous and blatantly non-medical guidelines of psychiatry. With Obama’s Health Care reform, this Act is alive and well and now law.

Health Care reform means a boom for big pharma, simple as that. As more Americans gain access to statins that are poison, high blood pressure medications that are useless and uncalled for, by-pass surgeries that can be fixed with chelation (yes, a medicine) and psychotropic medications for all Americans that can’t seem to realize that life simply has its ups and downs. What will happen as more Americans become drugged into submission or violence? Consider all of the school shootings over the past two decades: name me one child shooter that wasn’t on medication. Name me one mother that has killed her children that wasn’t on a psychotropic drug. Compounding pharmacies that actually personalize medications for those that need them will be affected by this new Health Care Bill as well, with strict and unnecessary regulations. This issue is something that had been rectified but then reborn with this atrocious Bill.

We are in for a world of hurt with this “reform”. Americans must unite and demand true reform, taking action that tells our politicians and the medical establishment that we refuse their allegiance to those that will poison us and keep us sick for their profit margins. We must demand true health reform that looks at the core issues of natural health. Drop your processed foods and your addiction to “just taking a pill for your ills”. Grow up and demand action or suffer the consequences of a president and Congress that has sold you out.

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Comment by Curt Linderman Sr on April 4, 2010 at 10:58am
I feel the exact same way Michael. On my website I have many accounts of the WHO and pharma doing this on a massive scale. Those that think this is simply about profits are woefully disengaged from whats really going on. This is about depopulation and control. This is the same thing going on with Monsanto annd the rest of the bio tech ag corps.
Comment by michael t noel on April 4, 2010 at 1:17am
Hey curt,their wont be medicare,its done...They wish to slowly poison us, and depopulate us, and sterilize our children................
Comment by Curt Linderman Sr on March 30, 2010 at 9:40pm
But isnt medicare going broke as well? I dont know if there really is any reasonable alternatives or solutions to this problem.



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